Henckels Four Star 7 piece knife block set £145 delivered @ Harts of Stur

Henckels Four Star 7 piece knife block set £145 delivered @ Harts of Stur

Found 18th May 2010
Our cheap and cheerful kitchen knives were looking a bit k-nackered so I thought it about time to buy a decent set.

Been looking around and decided £600 on a set of Globals was just out of the question and I came across these Henckels Four Star 7 piece knife set. Have found them for over £250 at other places so thought I'd take the punt. RRP supposedly £317.

Well, they arrived today and look fantastic. Bargain for £145
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This is an 8 piece block but otherwise looks the same:

[image missing]

Very nice but still can't afford it
If it helps, this is a fab set of knives, I have had mine for over 10 years and still very happy. They will dishwash but are better washed by hand.
Fab knives. Will last a lifetime and a pleasure to use. TK Maxx always have individual Henckel knives which are worth picking up to get you started.
Mine will be staying out of the dishwasher. Nice to know they are 'dishwasher safe' but there's nothing worse than getting horrible rust marks on a nice set of knifes. If taken care of they should last 10 years (he says)
Excellent price if you are in the market and can afford them.

Heat added.
Maybe one day
Good deal!

In terms of value though better going to tkmaxx every so often and seeing their range. At least you get to feel the weight of them and establish which ones are best. A range of knife styles is often more useful - 2 different size chefs knifes and a cleaver is what I have, all premium ranges costing about £20 each but worth upwards of £40 each on amazon/web.
Haven't heard the phrase k-nackered for years
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