Hendricks Gin + Teacup Set £32.90 delivered + 6% Quidco @ The Whisky Exchange

Hendricks Gin + Teacup Set £32.90 delivered + 6% Quidco @ The Whisky Exchange

Found 17th Dec 2012
See comments below....cheaper at Waitrose

Just bought this as a gift - thought it was reasonable value as it works out only very slightly more than just a bottle on it's own from most places.
Included a gift card for an extra 50p so with the Quidco cashback works out around £31 delivered.

Not expecting this to get mega hot but thought it was worth posting for people who may be buying some Hendricks anyway as the set only seems to be available at a few places whereas many places stock the gin alone. It's a nice little set and obviously better value if you're getting a few things delivered. If you're not bothered about the tea set you can get a bottle with a free Monkey Shoulder Minature too for a little bit less.
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Pretty sure this is cheaper at Waitrose
My favorite tipple.

I've had a couple of these gift boxes before from Airport D/F.

Remember to use cucumber and not lemon or lime.
BAH! Good spot, too late for me but you may have saved others. Didn't show up when googling. Ha, still asleep, missed the description of it there.
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It would be quite close on price if you had to pay for a delivery slot with Ocado. If you have delivery pass or it is that price on the shelf in Waitrose then of course this would be more expensive.

It also suggests it is a PM with Tesco altough I didn't check.
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