Henry HVR200 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner £80.82 delivered @ Tesco Direct

Henry HVR200 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner £80.82 delivered @ Tesco Direct

Found 29th Nov 2008
Compact and light at 6.6kg, this vacuum cleaner rolls almost anywhere cleaning carpets, rugs and hard floors. It has a 1200W motor with a 9L dust capacity and 260W suction power to grab the dirt and dust deep in carpet. The cylinder vacuum has metal tubes and on-board tools including 2 stainless steel extension tubes, floor nozzle, multi angle brush and a crevice tool ideal for cleaning skirting boards and between pieces of furniture. It has an 8m cord and 26.8m operating circle and unique cord rewind and storage system to save time.

This is listed £95.97
- VAT Reduction
£13 off 90 voucher (XXC7NM)
Tesco Free delivery promo (Orders over £50)

Total delivered 80.82£ go through quidco for possible 3% cashback.

Just ordered scehduled to be delivered on Monday!!
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voted hot
Henry is one of the best vaccum cleaners ever made. Hot price too.
Cracking deal that came just at the right time. I need a good hoover and I don't drive a car at the moment. £80 for premium delivery is brilliant.
Anyone ever see that film - "Henry portrait of a vacuum killer"?
Henry always manages to satisfy me
:x Thanks for re-posting my post, didnt have chance to alter the price now that the vat has gone down!!
Poor old Spod_girl!
good hover.
Bought one to replace the Dyson. Highly recommended and a good price.

Every time I see a good value deal regarding these superb vacuum cleaners I have to vote hot, as they are excellent. I must have read over a hundred reviews/comments before buying mine in April and pretty much everyone said that it was a great product. (have a look on Amazon at the star rating for the amount of reviews, I doubt you'll find better).

I own an upright 'bagless' cleaner which I use for quick clean ups, but when I need to do a proper job the Henry does the trick. Also I've noticed no loss of suction with the Henry even thought it does not claim to be of the 'cyclone' type, and the dust bag seems to hold absolutely loads of dirt.

I love my henry
I'm hoping for a [URL="www.amazon.co.uk/Paladone-Desktop-Henry-Vacuum-Cleaner/dp/B001GNTLGY"] Desktop Henry [/URL]for Christmas
but I wonder why the ]Pink one (Hetty) is more expensive?
ordered! with 10% staff discount
recently went for a bagless hoover... never look back , no buying expensive bags every month
may be a good hoover but need a bagless version
These are superb little hoovers. Sometimes bagless is nice, but nothing picks up all sorts of **** as well as the Henry does.
just ordered, absolute bargain
Always makes me laugh hilariously the eyes and mouth they put on it even after all these years. Kind of adds a little fun to vaccing.
My Grandparents have had one of these since the 80s. Still just as powerful a it was then and doenst loose suction (still!). It was £99 back then (more expensive than today!)
Just got rid of two vaxs, and replaced with a George (Wet and dry Henry) and the power is incredible in comparison.
The air brush spins at a terific rate compared with the others, and the design means that you can spend your time hoovering rather than emptying the canister and cleaning the filters to get the suction back. I doubt I will get a bagless again, despite the cost of buying them.
Brilliant machine great for rough jobs and tough as hell but the lack of a powered beater brush doesn't quite cut it on domestic carpets. Tested and proven fact. In most other respects not much can touch these, although putting the them away, with all the damn pipes every where is a bit of a pain.

I'm hoping for a … I'm hoping for a [URL="www.amazon.co.uk/Paladone-Desktop-Henry-Vacuum-Cleaner/dp/B001GNTLGY"] Desktop Henry [/URL]for Christmasbut I wonder why the ]Pink one (Hetty) is more expensive?

Didn't your mother warn you ?
Girls always cost you more :roll:
Henry's used to be the most reliable vacuum cleaners around, then for no reason they changed the power switch to one that has a tendancy to fail, although a replacement is less than a tenner. Why change something just for the sake of it?
Thanks just ordered one with the code for £13 off what a great deal everyones recommending it so i'm going to give it a go.
The 2009 model is £87 that has an eco mode...


Is it worth the difference?

New Model HVR200A "Quiet" Henry and Hetty with "Auto Save" energy saving feature.

The New improved "Quiet" 1200 watt "Henry" Vacuum cleaner with "Auto Save" Energy saving motor quieter motor is now available, it has improved switch layout, non-marking buffing ring to protect your furniture and fittings. 50% Energy saving feature, 30% Improved Air Quality, 20% Lower Noise Level. Available in 4 colours: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green

Numatic have produced over 4,000,000 "Henry" Vacuum Cleaners in 10 years, giving their best day in day out, but never without his famous smile. Henry is, however much more than a petty face, he is a full professional machine, that will be found far and wide, cleaning almost everywhere and everything from a Boeing 747 to Aunty Mary's rose covered cottage.

This is the most robust versatile vacuum cleaner used by many trades, Car Valeters, Contract Cleaners, Hotels, Leisure Centres, Offices and Workshops for cleaning up general dust, paint powder, sawdust etc.

“Henry” and "Hetty" comes complete with a full set of Stainless Steel Tools (kit A1) and New "Auto Save" with 50% energy saving feature.
Available in 4 colours, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue
Model No. HVR 200A. Supersedes previous Models HVR200-22 and HVR200
New Powerful 1200 watt Motor has 10% extra suction and 20% Lower Noise Level over previous models quieter operation, due to lower noise emission and better airflow.
30% Improved Air Quality with New HEPA-FLO Disposable Bags (14 times more efficient than paper bags in collecting fine dust as small as 0.2 microns)
Weight 6.9 kgs
2 year warranty on Vacuum Cleaner and 6 months warranty on tools
24/48 hour free delivery anywhere in the UK mainland
Great Deal, Just ordered mine.

Heat added :thumbsup:
Created a deal for the newer model which someone has seen fit to spam, newer better and only £7 more - shame people will miss out on it
New deal is back now...
Have just took delivery of my new Henry from Tesco's and they've sent the new 2009 eco model for the £80.82 I paid!

What a result :whistling:

So also saved me the extra £7 others are charging for the new model:thumbsup:

It's like an early Xmas :gift:

Oh and is registering on Quidco for another £2.45 cashback so have got the eco model for £78.37 now that's what a call a Hot Deal!
Mine seems to be the new one too from tesco!? :roll:

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