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Henry Turbo - £119.99 @ B&M Retail
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Henry Turbo - £119.99 @ B&M Retail

Posted 8th MayLocal
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A lot of hate here, not sure why.

Basically a Henry with his "Turbo" rotating brush head as well as his standard tools.

It is quite good at getting hair - be it human or pet - and other debris out of carpets that the standard head wont lift; but it is only powered by the air whooshing up the tube, so it isnt as good as an old-fashioned belt driven brush, and you need to develop a technique to get the brush to spin up, whilst hoovering.

Better than nothing though.


The Turbo version I have came with a longer set of the plastic expansion tubing, a slightly longer set of the metal pipes, and more cable on the internal reel than the standard, non-Turbo version; however I dont know if the new versions have the same extras.
I can reach every room in my house with Henry plugged into the kitchen sockets - including all the upstairs bedrooms.
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I couldn’t find this model cheaper anywhere else.
It’s been £99 at Tesco for weeks.
Aj181008/05/2019 20:14

It’s been £99 at Tesco for weeks.

Fair enough, I couldn’t check Tesco 😄
Aj181008/05/2019 20:14

It’s been £99 at Tesco for weeks.

Isn’t that the standard Henry though, not the Turbo model(confused)
How much better is this over the £35 titan from screwfix? I’m interested as I think the titan is pretty good.
We used to have a bagless Henry at work. They kept good suction but £100 is a bit steep. I'm going to take a punt on the bagless screwfix one gets brill reviews.

I think the heney turbo has a bag. Not 100% sure.
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