Hens Tooth beer £1.00 at ASDA
Hens Tooth beer £1.00 at ASDA

Hens Tooth beer £1.00 at ASDA

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Started my next quality beverage. £1.00 for this fine brew. Good old ASDA, they provide the calories and the cheap Jeans to wear after old ones don't fit around my belly anymore.


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Not the best bitter in the world, but not bad for £1.00.

Nice beer, great price, went past Asda today too :x Fiancee would not let me have a looksee after i had just spent 120 squid in Bookers on Christmas rations :?
Whats next on the list? :thumbsup:

indeed, what is next? not sure about this beer, bottle conditioned i believe which makes it a tad of a pain to poor, unless you don't mind the sediment and an upset tummy.

Is this any good. My old man drinks Speckled Hen?

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I prefer Speckled Hen.

They also have Old Bob. This is a lovely bitter. But as a bitter for £1.00 it was not bad and to have such a selection is great.

He will love a selection of 8 different beers for Christmas, I'm sure. I know I would love it.:santa:

Wow ! How many different ones do they have for a quid?

Believe it or not, I do the weekly shop depending on what Ales are on offer:whistling:

Edit: This has already been posted a few hours before.
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