Heos 1 Wireless Multiroom + Go Pack - £188.50 @ richersounds

Heos 1 Wireless Multiroom + Go Pack - £188.50 @ richersounds

Found 7th Jan 2016
The Heos 1 by Denon, is a wireless multiroom system similar in nature to those released by Sonos, Panasonic and LG.

The go pack, if bought with the Heos 1, is currently 50% off. A saving is a saving right? Go pack is usually £79 on its own.

Go pack benefits include:

1. battery pack for the Heos 1 to give it 6 hours of life
2. Provides a silicon seal for the connectors so it becomes splash proof
3. Includes a bluetooth adaptor that allows us to broadcast to all other speakers in your group (same as the panasonic all2)

The sound quality is very good, the bass is no where near the Sonos Play 1, but the mids and high are better. The app, since the firmware updates, is very good. I've been running mine for a week now with no issues. It utilises spotify connect, and supports deezer and a few other online services. For anything else I use bluetooth.

I have mine connected via aux to my stereo which is connected via optical to the TV. In turn my apple tv and amazon fire are all HDMI to the TV, as a result I can pipe all of these sources through the Heos 1 in my living room and use multiroom to my bedroom and kitchen. Great when the footy is on. The splashproofing is great for the bathroom.

I actually replaced my Sonos Play1s with these. The sonos is a great system, and I won't knock it (too much), but for my requirements it wasn't flexible enough. I wanted blueooth and aux in from the base speakers as well as the more premium models. The sonos only gives you auxin with the Play 5, playbar or the connect, and no bluetooth.

The other two issues I had with the Sonos was that the playbar and sub are very expensive, and do not support DTS natively. If you have a lot of local files on your NAS the Sonos won't index, and therefore play, past the 65K file. Check out the community for more info. Yes there are ways around these two issues, but for me if I'm paying so much for the product I don't expect these limitations in a product.
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It's about time Sonos Made a battery pack
I think sonos has gotten arrogant. Time for the new boys to give them a kick to start innovating.
Does the heos do Google cast yet?
Not yet, but they've been touting it for some time. I waa told that amazon prime support in the UK is going through final rounds of testing.
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