Her Fearful Symmetry - Audrey Niffenegger - £7.99 @ Waterstones.com

Her Fearful Symmetry - Audrey Niffenegger - £7.99 @ Waterstones.com

Found 4th Dec 2009
Only available Friday 4 December 2009.

At last - another brilliant, original and moving novel from the author of "The Time Traveler's Wife". Julia and Valentina Poole are normal American teenagers - normal, at least, for identical 'mirror' twins who have no interest in college or jobs or possibly anything outside their cozy suburban home. But everything changes when they receive notice that an aunt whom they didn't know existed has died and left them her flat in an apartment block overlooking Highgate Cemetery in London. They feel that at last their own lives can begin ...but have no idea that they've been summoned into a tangle of fraying lives, from the obsessive-compulsive crossword setter who lives above them to their aunt's mysterious and elusive lover who lives below them, and even to their aunt herself, who never got over her estrangement from the twins' mother - and who can't even seem to quite leave her flat...With Highgate Cemetery itself a character and echoes of Henry James and Charles Dickens, "Her Fearful Symmetry" is a delicious and deadly twenty-first-century ghost story about Niffenegger's familiar themes of love, loss and identity. It is certain to cement her standing as one of the most singular and remarkable novelists of our time.

Should be £17.99 so good deal all round. Only lasts today mind.

The online price is £7.99 but you would need to pay a delivery charge of £1.49, however if you add something else to bring it up to £10 then you qualify for free delivery.


Price & retailers name in the title is handy

This is a good price - but the delivery is only free over £10 and it is £8.49 at Amazon with free delivery. So despite the quidco if you only want this book maybe Amazon is better.:santa:
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