Herbert Von KARAJAN Masterclass 3CDs. £5.09. At Selections.

Herbert Von KARAJAN Masterclass 3CDs. £5.09. At Selections.

Found 21st Dec 2010
Music from Mozart, Wagner, R Strauss, Cherubini, Beethoven


Plus delivery of £2.95 total of £8.04

Plus DG/Karajan combo resulted in just about the worst performances and recordings of classical works, ever. Karajan was a fanatic for accuracy and would edit recordings to maintain a "perfect" performance thus rendering them sterile and devoid of any orchestral life. The BBC Concert Orchestra will have produced far better quality recordings of these works than DG/Karajan ever did. I gave up buying DG records after about the eighth purchase. Every performance/recording ruined by countless editing artefacts.

Choose any conductor but Karajan. He was a brilliant conductor live, but his recorded works leave much to be desired.
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