Hercules XPS 2.1 20 Speakers £13.99 @ Play

Hercules XPS 2.1 20 Speakers £13.99 @ Play

Found 3rd Feb 2011Made hot 3rd Feb 2011
* Construction: Multi-Part Speaker Set
* Number of Speakers: 2
* Remote Control: Yes
* Signal Input: Analogue
* Speaker Type: Active
* Subwoofer: Yes
* Wattage per Speaker Channel (RMS): 12
* Wireless: Wired


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I have these speakers at work for my Ipod , they are pretty good , the sub woofer could be better if I had a choice but for the money they are 5/5

great price, thanks.

I have this set. They are well worth the money. Don't expect miracles, but they get job done.

ordered some good reviews for this price might as well give a go HOT

Would this work on a PC?

Hi does anyone know if you can plug these into small new flatscreen tv or pc. thanks


Would this work on a PC?

Yes, they will.

If only the remote was wireless!!!
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