Hercules XPS 2.1 40 Speaker Kit: 2 satellite speakers + wooden subwoofer £19.99 delivered @ Cdiscount
Hercules XPS 2.1 40 Speaker Kit: 2 satellite speakers + wooden subwoofer £19.99 delivered @ Cdiscount

Hercules XPS 2.1 40 Speaker Kit: 2 satellite speakers + wooden subwoofer £19.99 delivered @ Cdiscount

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Looks to be cheapest UK price for these delivered.

2 satellites featuring a port
Wooden subwoofer, integrates PassBand Technology
Wired Remote Control designed to house iPod®, Zune® and MP3 players
Cable to connect the audio source
iPod® and Zune® Adapter
Warranty certificate and user manual


good spot.


wasn't this posted before?

How do these compare to the logitech x-210? I can't seem to find many reviews.


Review of perhaps the next model in the range, for a guide:


good post heat added!!

why did my post get deleted?

Thanks Mike, ordered these and will report back when i hook them up.

They are for this froogle.richersounds.com/sho…TAR which is in my bedroom. The sound is very poor on it.


why did my post get deleted?

You posted this deal also or did you post on this thread?


You posted this deal also or did you post on this thread?

no, i only said that i have sent my 2.1 logitechs back to amazon and ordered one of these. which is by the way a good deal

Ah, which logitechs did you have?

Did they sound bad?

i had Logitech OEM S220 2.1. cheap 15£ speakers. they were doing a horrid humming noise, even when switched off. must have been the transformer.

Just read on amazon quite a few people complaining of humming with those speakers.

These speakers have a higher output than the xps 2.1 lounge speakers, yet they are cheaper.

I wonder why that is, maybe because the others have an ipod dock??


Which do you think are the best speakers ?

ordered these ...seems like a good offer....thought of buying logitech x-230 first and then changes my mind seeing this one...
lets see how it sounds :)-

just got them today. big difference between them and my old logitechs. i screwed the satelites on the wall behind my monitor. they look great, the subwoofer is heavy for its size, says a lot about the transformer inside. they also sound well, mids are very clear (i can actually hear what its being said in movies) and the bass is deep enough for metal and trance.
great package for 20£. thx

Got mine too, mounted on the wall.

They sound pretty good for £20 speakers. The sub hums a bit but not so much that its annoying.

All in all good value.

mine doesnt hum at all. that was the first thing i checked.
ive listened to some music and it seems to lack on highs. not the end of the world since every player or sound card has a sound equaliser.

Yeah it hums more if you turn the bass right up. Obviously I can only hear it with the volume down.

Its for the bedroom so the I have the bass only a quarter up anyway so is a non issue for me. I'll just turn the sub off when its not in use.

I tested them side by side against these images.google.co.uk/img…3DN and TBH the satellites didnt sound that much better, but the sub had a load more power.

Once they are run in for a few months I'm sure they'll sound even better.


how big is that lg? looks like a fourtyeightincher. nice.
i wouldnt keep that subwoofer too closed to any magnetical device as hdds, it is not magnetically shielded

i would add some pictures myself if knew how

No its just a 26, we watch from the bed, only 8 foot away. (dixons.co.uk/pro…amp).

Theres just a phone and a phillips 5960 dvd player near it.

You think that will be ok? The cables arent long enough to put it further away and i need it todder friendly.

Edit to say, that I've now messed about with the settings on the TV and it sounds even better.

it will be fine. it need to stay 2-3 feet away from HDDs, memory sticks, catode tubes aka old tellies and monitors.
oh and: bass will sound better if the sub sits on the floor. something to do with the way low frequency sounds go through air.
we are talking like weve bought some kind of expensuve top of the range thing

jus got these ....speakers are two small...not sure if these would sound great..... anyway good deal for 20

got these finally yesterday ...........sounds great...a great deal for 20 pounds:-D
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