Here's 1 for the Stephen King fans - 10 Disc boxset for £34.99

Here's 1 for the Stephen King fans - 10 Disc boxset for £34.99

Found 12th Sep 2006
Here's one for the Stephen King fans - a 10 Disc DVD boxset for £34.99 delivered from This is a fiver cheaper than any other site on the web. It has got a few good ones on it, such as The Shining and Salem's Lot. Would make an excellent Christmas present for a Stephen King fan I think...

Don't forget quidco for 2% (better than nothing!)
Contains: Salem's Lot, It, Storm of the Century, The Shining, Rose Red, and Diary of Ellen Rimbauer.
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[IMG-float=right][/IMG-float]Salem's Lot - 2 Discs (Dir. Tobe Hooper, 1979): Ben Mears (David Soul) returns to his hometown, Salem's Lot, to complete work on his latest novel, but finds himself increasingly disturbed by the object of his attention, Mr Straker's (James Mason) mansion house, which terrified Ben as a child. It seems that the residents have been acting up, and some have even gone missing; all of which coincides with the arrival of Mr Straker and his mysteriously anonymous business partner, Mr Barlow, to Salem's Lot. Ben vows to get to the bottom of the disappearances and confront his childhood fears...

It - 1 Disc (Dir. Tommy Lee Wallace, 1990): A series of murders prompts Mike Hanlon to suspect that the supernatural menace that he and a group of friends battled as children has returned. He begins to call his friends to remind them of the oath they swore: if It returned again, they would come back to Derry to do battle again...

Storm of the Century - 2 Discs (Dir. Craig R. Baxley, 1999): From Stephen King, the best-selling novelist of all time, comes the terrifying tale of a town besieged by evil. The inhabitants of a picturesque, sleepy little town on a small island off the coast of Maine find themselves completely cut off from the rest of the world when they are hit by the worst storm of the century.

As Snow steadily buries everything familiar, terror arrives in the form of an evil stranger. As streets disappear and an eerie darkness envelops the town, a series of bizarre murders creates a nightmare of fear. With no help coming from the outside world and no end to the storm in sight, the towns folk are forced to take drastic action before it's too late...

The Shining - 2 Discs (Dir. Mick Garris, 1997): A recovering alcoholic must wrestle with demons within and without when he and his family move into a haunted hotel as caretakers. TV miniseries remake of Stanley Kubrick's classic chilling 1980 film.

Rose Red - 2 Discs (Dir. Craig R. Baxley, 2002): The chilling tale of Dr. Joyce Reardon (Nancy Travis), an obsessed psychology professor who commissions a team of psychics and a gifted 15 year old autistic girl, Annie Wheaton, to literally wake up a supposedly dormant haunted mansion: Rose Red. Their efforts unleash myriad spirits and uncover horrifying secrets of the generations who have lived and died there...

Diary of Ellen Rimbauer - 1 Disc (Dir. Craig R. Baxley, 2003): This series is a prequel to the Stephen King mini-series, Rose Red.

At the turn of the twentieth century, Ellen Rimbauer (Lisa Brenner), the young bride of charming Seattle industrialist John Rimbauer (Steven Brand) began keeping a remarkable diary. This diary became the secret place where Ellen could confess her anxieties about her new marriage, express her confusion over her emerging sexuality, and contemplate the nightmare that her life was becoming. The diary also follows the construction of the Rimbauer mansion, Rose Red, an enormous home that would be the site of so many horrific and inexplicable tragedies in the years ahead. Due in part, so it seems, to a murder that took place during its construction. After Ellen's daughter vanishes, John's philandering ways and violent tendencies aggravate her desperation...
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