Hero 108 Playsets and Figures - £0.99 - £1.99 @ Home Bargains

Hero 108 Playsets and Figures - £0.99 - £1.99 @ Home Bargains

Found 15th May 2011
Was out looking for a kids party present, thought these were a bargain....

Hero 108 Ring Of Fire Playset - £1.99
* Battle your Heroes in the Ring of Fire!
* Last one standing is the winner! Insert the ripcord into the spinning base and pull the ripcord to spin you figure into battle
* As the figures bounce against each other, one or both figures should pop off of the spinning top base.
* The last figure remaining on their spinning top wins!
* Set includes two Kingdom Krasher 'Tops'.

Hero 108 Sammo's Shootout - £1.99
# This battle bout set includes a Sammo Launcher, Kow Loon Kingdom Krasher with Tank Vehicle and a points target Vinyl mat.
# Launch your Krashers from Sammo's mouth to hit the target! Score the most points to win! Two players can play with the included figure or add other Kingdom Krashers for even more fun.

Also lots of the
Hero: 108 Kingdom Krashers x2 characters £0.99

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will check this out, my son watches this on citv
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