Heroes Season 1 HD-DVD box set £20.98 @ Amazon

Heroes Season 1 HD-DVD box set £20.98 @ Amazon

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Its hard to remember a science fiction series that has hit so big so quickly. Yet by the end of the first series of Heroes, it feels--for all the right reasons--that the shows been around for longer than it has, such is the huge amount of success its enjoyed.
The setup is simple, yet undeniably intriguing. It essentially tells the stories of a series of people who discover they have legitimate, differing superhero powers. On top of that, these people then gradually appreciate that these powers are needed for reasons that soon become apparent, and the story of Heroes builds up from there.

Heavily influenced by comics both in its structure and story, Heroes sustains interest through a number of story arcs of different magnitudes, skilfully weaving them throughout the 23 episodes that make up the season. Its contained enough to keep you interested, yet offers enough threads to make several more seasons a very appealing prospect.

Heroes, though, really gels because the basics are right. Its plotted intelligently, written and directed with real nerve and talent, and has a cast who you cant help but get emotionally involved with. Its also, for the overwhelming majority of its episodes, utterly compelling televisions. Ironically, its few miss-steps of any note come right at the back end, by which time you really would forgive it pretty much anything.

Heroes is rightly being heralded as a sci-fi classic in the making. Yet even if subsequent seasons dont fully do justice to those words--and at the time of writing, season two is still some way from debuting--this boxset will serve as a glowing testament to just how good television can be when its just done right. Quite brilliant. --Jon Foster


almost as good as HMV but it is in stock!!!!!

Bargain, if you bought it the other day don't forget your rebate everyone.

Great price. Hot!


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Fab deal. Ordered yesterday at the £24.97 price but just contacted Amazon on their callback service and they're refunding the difference manually back onto my card, impressive service. And, heat added!

How do u get the refund? [bought at £24.97 last night]

Good price. Heat + rep.


How do u get the refund? [bought at £24.97 last night]

Go into your account.

Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on 'Contact Us'

Click on ' Customer Service ' tab on the right hand side

Click 'Phone' tab and choose callback...it's freefone by the way.

You'll probably get through to someone stateside but just give them your order number and they will refund the difference of £3.99 back onto the same card.

Ordered it last night and have just phoned Amazon to get the £3.99 refund ,all went ok and they said it will be shipped in the next couple of days. They were so helpful,puts other companies customer services to shame.

Do they do it over email too? - am stuck in the office and cant really get on the phone.

[sorry for goin off topic!]

Voted HOT! Superb series.

Yes ,you can put in an enquiry via email. When you goto the CONTACT US page,there is an option for doing it by phone or via email.

Couldnt help myself bought it :thumbsup:

The only problem i have is what happens when season 2 comes out as its not going to be on HD DVD is it so will have to do with DVD :?


Voted HOT! :thumbsup:

Not my kinda thing personally but great price for those looking for the hi def version of this series.

For anyone who paid more...

originally posted by ndurve some time ago...Amazon Price Drop Refund … originally posted by ndurve some time ago...Amazon Price Drop Refund http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/contact-us/returns-and-refunds.html : 1. Visit Your Account and look at all invoices from the past thirty days. 2. Click on the item names to pull up the current item description/price and compare to the price that you paid. 3. If you paid more than the current price, copy down the order number and go to the Return and Refunds Contact Form page. 4. Select Refund Inquiry as your subject, and check off the order(s) of interest. If you dont see the order in question listed, enter the order number in the Other field. 5. State in the comments that the price dropped, and that you want to be credited for the difference. It might help to mention the item name as well as old and new price, but Im not sure that this is necessary.

voted hot - can't wait for the second series and this price just seems to be getting lower and lower......

Dohhh, I brought it last night and will now have to claim it back, anyone got a link to the correct page to look at on how to do it?

Voted hot! Hopefully the rest come out on Blu-ray too.

Now expired

Got the £3.99 refund after ordering last night. Good company to deal with. Heat added before the deal expired.

got my refund too! many thanks!

Man, what are they playing at, lol?. They obviously wanted to give the Price Drop Refunds department a ragging.
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