Heroes - Season One (2006) (region 1) £18.36 +p&p(?)
Heroes - Season One (2006) (region 1)  £18.36 +p&p(?)

Heroes - Season One (2006) (region 1) £18.36 +p&p(?)

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Thought i'd check out latest price of heroe4s R! boxset as its launched tomorrow and amazon.com have it at a very reasonable $36.99 which is around £18.36 without p&p. I think amazon.com delivery costs normally come in at around 6.50. so that 25 squid for the complete series 1 of heroes where 1 part (i hate the release system over here) is around the same price over here.
Be warned the item is at a value where customs may apply but still an awesome price if customs want an amount (which shouldn't be that much seeing how close it is to the £18 limit)

some please edit first line to heroes R1 thanks
- dantoe12


This was also posted in the HD DVD version thread fomr another company.

It was about the same amount of money, but ships from within the UK I think so you avoid the chance of customs charges. Have a search for Heroes Should be easy to find!

Good price for a full season though!!

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just gone through the hd dvd thread and the yesasia link is £29 with free shipping, but surely is gonna get hit for customs?

I'm tempted... how much on top of the ~£25 will it be if customs don't like me? And does the 'ordering a book' trick still work or have they caught on to that now?

Wish it was 36p cheaper and it shouldn't be a problem!

Either way, it's better than waiting until December and paying £45. Why do people pay it - everyone start importing, and we'll not keep getting raped!

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the 36p is jsut me putting $36.99 through xe.com. should only be a couple a quid customs, i cant say for certain as its been over a year and half since i imported.

you would be looking at around a £10 maybe, seeing as Royal Mail's charge is now £8

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damn thats harsh. maybe they should put the £10 so stuff actually gets delivered to me

If you buy from yesasia you wont be hit by customs. You can check here: global.yesasia.com/hel…86&

The price on the website is all you pay. (Or less if you use can find a discount ).

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well i got away with the charge 24.50 delivered

Mine arrived yesterday with a £12 charge :cry:

Have see it advertised on playusa for £34.99 and you don't get charged customs

Will wait and see if anyone else gets caught with customs charges before ordering from amazon usa

edit: ignore me

Got mine last week with no Charge.......

PlayUSA are definitely liable for customs.

Can't you bypass the £18 custom limit.. by marking it as a gift - the limit on those I'm sure is £36?

have decided to order from CD WOW as it is £31.99 inc free delivery plus I found a £1 off voucher and go through Quidco for 5% cashback also and you don't get hit with any customs charges from CD WOW

Gunna import this when its out


you don't get hit with any customs charges from CD WOW

You can be as they ship from outside the eu. I have been done before for customs charges on a region 2 dvd boxset before from them


You can be as they ship from outside the eu. I have been done before for … You can be as they ship from outside the eu. I have been done before for customs charges on a region 2 dvd boxset before from them

You should not receive any customs charges with CD WOW as they pay all the fees their end before they ship it to you

Their use to be a section on their website to say they pay all duty from their end so it is not passed onto the customer but cannot find it on their site at the minute but will keep checking

It was a few years ago, I vowed never to buy a boxset from them again. Obviously they have changed since then. It was Dark Angel season 1 when it first came out. It was cdwow cos I spoke to them about it at the time.

I love Amazon and DVD Pacific for region 1. Always look for items under $35, picking up Stargate Season 10 and Atlantis Season 3. Waiting for a decent priced Supernatural Season 2.

Not worth the risk of Customs. Remember you pay the Post Office too. Though they are fair. Remember getting some Highlander boxsets in a buy1 and get 1 free. DeepDiscount had shown double the price on the customs slip but got full refund fromCustoms and the Post Office. Sweet.

Had an email from CD WOW to say that they definatly pay all the charges at their end and they said on the rare chance the item gets stopped by customs just email them a copy of the charges and the will re-imburse you via evoucher

HiThanks for your e-mail message.I can confirm that we now have shipping … HiThanks for your e-mail message.I can confirm that we now have shipping methods in place to ensure that youdo not incur any extra costs such as Customs duty on items ordered from CDWOW!.However, on the rare occurrence that you happen to incur these charges,please send us a copy of the charges and we will happily reimburse you viaan E-voucher which you can redeem on our site.If there is anything else we can do for you please don't hesitate to getback to us.Kind regardsJessCD WOW! Customer Services[url]www.cd-wow.com[/url]



PlayUSA are definitely liable for customs.

I have had well over 10 orders (greater than customs limit) from playusa and never been charged anything from customs as their import labels are always marked as 'GIFT'.


Hmm. I wonder if that includes the extra £8 the post office charge?

Presume it should do and if it happened I will just email them a picture of the royal mail sticker with extra charges

Never had any problems with customs in past orders from CD WOW which have been over the £18 import limit

Can't believe RoyalMail now charge £8 that's crazy. I've been charged for a GIFT before... and now I know why...

From RoyalMail -

You might have to pay Customs duties for mail coming from abroad. The cost will depend on the type of mail being sent to you and its value - for example, you may be charged VAT if you’re being sent merchandise (business to consumer) worth more than £18 or £36 for gifts (consumer to consumer). There are other limits and charges for tobacco and alcohol. There's also a handling fee of £8.00 per item, which is a contribution towards our costs in carrying out activity on behalf of Her Majesty’s Customs & Excise. However, if there’s no Customs charge then we won't charge you anything at all.

got mine today - £22.41 inc delivery with no customs charge

a bit slow on the delivery having now watched half on BBC2/3

will watch the rest this weekend and get it on ebay on sunday and should get my money back

Caimen usa is thebest to order from imo - ive ordered a few things from him takes about a week or more but its worth it at his prices


You pay through amazon but thats his site
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