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Hertz £1 car rental for NHS + Education workers upon presentation of an official document
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Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
Hertz £1 car rental for NHS + Education workers upon presentation of an official document
Another brilliant gesture - maximum 6 days. "We’re here for you, because you’re there for us. Thank you for all you do from the bottom of our heart, as a token of our appreciati… Read more

I tried and got the same message, however they still have car rentals if you want to pay full price, perhaps it was a publicity stunt.


If you click the link now it says the deal is no longer valid, even though they said bookings up til 30 March...


Yes, but the excess is usually ridiculous and some companies have a habit of charging for pre-exisiting chips, scratches and kerbed wheels. I had a very bad experience with Budget in the US (after I passed my complaint to the Better Business Bureau they backed down and gave me a partial refund). Rental companies will try to sell you upgraded insurance for an inflated daily rate. Don't take it. Instead, go to MoneySavingExpert and do a price comparison for Gap Insurance/CDW. It works out much cheaper and covers you if they try to charge for any damage. But you MUST take out the insurance BEFORE you pick the vehicle up.


car hire at the moment is very dodgy.....viruses can live in the air con, on wheels, seats, everywhere basically....


Virtually all the car rental companies screw you for the tiniest scratches. It seems to be a significant source of income for some. I have used hire cars several times over the last few years and found that your terrified of parking anywhere. Just gave me the keys on pick up but inspected car for ages on return. Expect to see them on their hands and knees as they go over the car checking every nook and cranny. Dreadful experience. Have a read https://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/consumer-affairs/car-hire-horrorsi-charged-420-repair-small-scratch/ This offer is a nice gesture but based on the above please inspect the car on pick up. Bring someone with you if you can. Do a list of anything interior and exterior you find. Note the registration. Present it to them and and get a signature, ask for a photocopy. They will rush you but dont fall for that. Hopefully its going to be a positive experience for most staff who take advantage of this offer.You can always report back on HUKD.

Vehicle hire one way from £1 @ Hertz
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Refreshed 19th Feb 2019Refreshed 19th Feb 2019
Vehicle hire one way from £1 @ Hertz
Van and car hire for only £1 from and to selected locations. Price includes Collision Damage Waiver (excess applies) Theft Protection (Excess Applies) Location service charge … Read more
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Well, I am disputing it and see where we go from there. A quick google and you will find that Hertz has a pretty bad reputation for this sort of scam long after the rental period when people are not taking the additional insurances they punt.


seriously , you are going to to tell them to eff of right ?


It's usually cost me about £40 to drop a hire car off at a different airport/location than the one I collected the car from, but I have often been upgraded to a high spec car for the whole higher period, I normally higher small cars like a fiesta, and have had Audi Q5, mercs and others like them, and they all returned good mpg at a steady 70mph down the motorway. I also have yearly excess insurance for all of Europe and the UK. I also rent a car from malaga Airport and get the cheapest deals I can (usually through the airline I fly with) the hire car is classed as an older, high mileage and a bit battered and cost about £60 or less for a week, I've had several new cars (delivery miles on the clock) VW, Renault, Ford's and skodas, and when they offer me extra insurance at the hire desk, I always say with a slightly raised voice "I hire lots of vehicles every year and have private excess insurance" that shuts them up with the fear facture they were about to spout on about, as they don't want everyone to know about the el cheapo insurance, as they want to be ripping of the next people in the line.


Dont think they have a drop off Hertz depot at your local dump


This is really smart, now you pay 1 £ to move their cars around, which otherwise would have been paid-for job :D

Hertz Car/Van Hire - One Way hire from only £1
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Posted 2nd Nov 2018Posted 2nd Nov 2018
Hertz Car/Van Hire - One Way hire from only £1
Great offer from Hertz for one way hire, from £1.00 This is valid for travel for next three days. Tried Glasgow to Gatwick leaving tomorrow, £1.99 Theory being they need to get … Read more

So a good deal... but at the same time pretty rubbish saves them a lot of money but you still have to get to/from airports and back, if your going that way anyway all good just be nice if they gave fuel allowance (maybe they already have enough takers)


Europcar ftw


Theory being they charge you a fortune if your drop off location is different and obviously they don’t want to pay for someone to bring it back...


Thanks, OP! Great first post. I have done this in the USA a few times, but never thought to ask here in the UK! (y)


Thank you. Could be helpful to check in future if needing a hire (y)

Hertz Spring Sale (get a car from £12 a day)
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Posted 15th May 2015Posted 15th May 2015
Hertz Spring Sale (get a car from £12 a day)
Hertz has a great offer until end of May. You can rent a car from £12 a day. I have just booked car for May bank holidays weekend - pickup on friday afternoon, dropoff on monday 10… Read more

really? I hired with them some Berk hit the car in a petrol station hertz guy quite happy to let him off but then tried to charge me a late return fee never again


Yeah right cloudsurfer - that isn't what I'd call a 'slight scratch": http://mazama.canvasdreams.com/~eastpdxn/images/100402/1-3-ELUDE.jpg


My experience with Hertz... Good... But....Slightest mark and they charge you. I only ever hire now with full CDW including excess cover. Almost doubles my car hire, but worth it to avoid the squabble. Oh.. Doesn't cover alloys.





European Sale - Explore Europe from £12 a day - Hertz at Nectar
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Posted 8th May 2014Posted 8th May 2014
European Sale - Explore Europe from £12 a day - Hertz at Nectar
Looks like a good deal, if you are after a cheap small car rental + double nectar points This May and June, you can discover somewhere new in a Hertz car from just £12 a day in pa… Read more

destinations and rates


Whenever I hire a car the starting price of - for example "£12" NEVER has any relationship with the actual price. They have an add on for everything you can think of and even ones you cannot. Like an A**E I hired a car in Majorca last year without reading the small print. It came with a full tank of petrol that I had to pay up front for. Not much use when all I was doing was a round trip of 50 Miles. If anyone knows a reputable car hire firm in Majorca I would be grateful.

Class D(Skoda Octavia or similar) 1 day car rental £23.23 from City locations @ Hertz
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Posted 13th Feb 2014Posted 13th Feb 2014
Class D(Skoda Octavia or similar) 1 day car rental £23.23 from City locations @ Hertz
Managed to hire a 63 plate Mazda 6 2.2 SEL NAV from the Leicester branch for less than the price of the most basic (Group A) cars they hire out. Class D is described as 5 Passenge… Read more

did the police started shouting to the cyclist too from their Skoda police car?


made me chuckle... actually saw a taxi driver crash into a cyclist the other day and was driving a skoda.. he got out and started shouting at the cyclist. fortunately the police came pretty much instantly.


Think they are doing 1000 nectar point deal at the moment worth £20? Very hot.


I'll do it just to take it on a trackday. Hope they don't look at the tyres when I return it


Or you can get a CAT D Skoda for £23 from a Taxi Driver.

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Hertz rent 2 buy - Ex hire cars at discounted prices
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Posted 22nd Jul 2013Posted 22nd Jul 2013
Hertz rent 2 buy - Ex hire cars at discounted prices
Hertz have started to sell cars at discounted prices. All less than 3 years old FSH and better prices than you can expect from a main dealer! The only catch is that it's an Ex hi… Read more

You sound bitter, having regrets are we son?, you should of listened, everyone told you not to - seeking solice in the the bottle never worked for anyone let alone a raging alchy like you. I suggest you talk to her, tell her whats on your mind and maybe you'll get through this


Have you seen what Top Gear did to rented car? If those where used only in 10% like that, I don't want it.


How do they compare to their Kia Cee'ds?


Their kia seeds are rapids


No chance Ragged to ****.

Hertz is offering up to 33% off car rentals in over 100 countries worldwide.
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Posted 2nd Jan 2013Posted 2nd Jan 2013
Hertz is offering up to 33% off car rentals in over 100 countries worldwide.
If you want to take advantage of the Hertz Sale you have to book by 31st January 2013 for travel from 2nd January 2013 to 30th June 2013. You have to use the Hertz discount code: … Read more

I also found Hertz cheaper using the discount code- the problem is Quidco states u will not get any cash back if u use a voucher code or corporate rate. One more thing to be aware of - Quidco only pays cash back if u pre pay ur car hire, not if u pay at ur collection time, the problem is not all the centers offer the pre pay option - so again another negative thing. But if u , like me, is getting a better rate by just using the code itself, then why not, right - voted hot from me


Actually a really good deal for me.... 33% off in Iceland plus 10% quidco. Yes Hertz are usually more expensive than other car hire companies but they don't screw you for fuel and they're not usually situated miles away from the airport


I'd really like to use Hertz instead of other companies - but for a similar car in Malaga, it is working out more than twice the cost of holiday autos!


Prices are indeed awful. Far cheaper to book Hertz via an agent, but then this is usually the case with all the big car hire companies.


Hertz were about twice the price of other companies when I looked so cant see 33% off making a huge difference (and 'up to' so no chance of actually getting 33%!!)

Exclusive Amex Card member Offer Up to 20% off Hertz Car rental in the UK and abroad, Complementary membership to Hertz #1 Club Gold plus receive triple Hertz Reward Points
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Posted 22nd Oct 2012Posted 22nd Oct 2012
Exclusive Amex Card member Offer Up to 20% off Hertz Car rental in the UK and abroad, Complementary membership to Hertz #1 Club Gold plus receive triple Hertz Reward Points
Exclusive Cardmember Offer. Receive up to 20% off Hertz car rental, complimentary membership to Hertz #1 Club Gold, plus receive Triple Gold Plus Rewards points with Hertz. Book n… Read more

Only beat the best quote by £2 for a 10 day car hire in South Africa....


Thanks for the comments. Glad to note this has benefited some. May be cold for some coz they cant get it :-(


Great deal beat my best quote by more than £300.00 (for a 4 week hire) Thank you


Not sure why this is cold - I use Hertz most of the time and have an AMEX card. 20% discount looks like a good deal to me. Thanks for sharing - heat added.

Free 800 bonus points with Hertz (enough for 1 day weekend car rental)
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Posted 2nd Feb 2012Posted 2nd Feb 2012
Free 800 bonus points with Hertz (enough for 1 day weekend car rental)
When you register with Hertz #1 Club Gold at the moment you can then register for Gold Plus Rewards. When you register you get 800 bonus points added in four weeks. (enough for 1 … Read more

Excellent - thanks! Wish we'd had this a couple of months ago, it cost us £80 for a one-day hire in Switzerland when we had a stop-over. Will take a couple of memberships out for me and the hubby in case they come in useful for the next time!


Thanks OP. Chris


Is the membership free? Why do they want card details?


What cars? can you hire?

Global Sale is back with up to 33% off Car Hire in over 100 Countries Worldwide @ Hertz
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Posted 19th Jan 2012Posted 19th Jan 2012
Global Sale is back with up to 33% off Car Hire in over 100 Countries Worldwide @ Hertz
Received an email from Hertz to inform me that their Global Sale is now back! With up to 33% off car hire in Europe and over 100 countries worldwide. In addition, customers bookin… Read more

Just searched for basic car Nice, 3 - 10 March 2012. Hertz price £166+ www.carhiresearch.co.uk is £115+ Modified 'cos when I tried to book it, the price went up to £165!!!!!!!!!

Weekend car rental (Fri - Mon) - Ford Focus or similar @ Hertz
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Posted 11th Jun 2011Posted 11th Jun 2011
Weekend car rental (Fri - Mon) - Ford Focus or similar @ Hertz
I've been shopping around for weekend car hire, just booked from 1 - 4 July (three days) for £44.89 from Hertz. This was for a Ford Focus (Group C) - the cheapest was £41.40 for g… Read more
Avatardeleted47758Get deal*Get deal*

I live in London so no car, just hire as required. I nearly always use Carhire3000, which uses all the top companies including Hertz. Re insurance, there are many websites offering Excess cover but recently Carhire3000 have added this as an option during payment - think it works out at a couple of quid a day. (think Hertz charge about £12/day) Being in London its still expensive (!!!) so gotta keep the cost down somehow.


Damn, I hate them now!!!


Not a chance. Everyone, apart from Enterprise, requires you've held your licence for a year. Most places also charge a premium for those between 23 and 25 and few, if any, will rent to anyone younger than that.


There are companies out there who sell the cover separately and it works out much cheaper to do it that way. I can't remember who they are but they're definitely mentioned in the car hire advice on Moneysavingexpert.com.


Thanks for replying. Might be worth risking, I'm not sure. At least the £5000 was ridiculous enough to make the excess cover a no-brainer. Think it was £15/day, which I wasn't happy paying but it was better than worrying about selling my kidney should I have a major prang.

15% off car hire and 20% off van hire for students over the age of 19  @ Hertz
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Posted 10th Jun 2011Posted 10th Jun 2011
15% off car hire and 20% off van hire for students over the age of 19 @ Hertz
Introducing Hertz Students 15% off cars 20% off vans Are you a student aged 19 or over? Have you held a driver’s licence for over a year? Then here’s the good news: you can now r… Read more

oO I would expect a driver too for £160. For people over 21 it would have cost £54 for a long wheel base van with Europcar for one day. If you're not 21 surely you know someone that is.


says minimum age 19


You have to be 21 to use that, Hertz allows 19 year olds.


cheaper @ sixt if you are near a participating location


Hot for those wanting a car, say for moving stuff from one uni accommodation to another. Not much use for me though, I need a van, which in Cardiff would cost £160. Man with a van that I used last time, £40 for an hour, which is all I'd need.

Hertz Global Sale (upto:33% off Europe, 20% off Asia, 15% off USA) + double nectar points
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Posted 26th Sep 2010Posted 26th Sep 2010
Hertz Global Sale (upto:33% off Europe, 20% off Asia, 15% off USA) + double nectar points
Explore the world for less. Save up to 33% on destinations across the globe. Book before 30th September and travel before 15th December. Sale ends 30th September, so get your skate… Read more

oh noz. rubbish deal!!


I've just checked the price for Florida and am getting exactly the same price as before the 'Sale' started. Further, Hertz are a real pain if you want 1 extra driver since they want £9/day+tax, and that doesn't even give a free tank of fuel. Related point, anyone using Auto-Europe beware that they do a dummy test (£1?) on your CC, issue your voucher, then actually attempt to debit your card up to 2 days later. This means that your voucher isn't actually proof of anything. Also the dumber credit card companies will treat this as a typical fraud pattern (ie minimal purchase followed by large purchase) and block your card. I tried to explain to Tesco Finance then fraudsters wouldn't gain much by purchasing car hire, but I wasting my time.


Yesterday's Guardian Money report on Hertz doings mentions the Ryanair bookings. Seems you are obliged to pay for a full tank of fuel on pickup of a Ryanair booking but can then return it as low as you dare at risk of running out.


Despite the so called 33% discount it was 50% more than the quote Ryanair asked if I wanted with hertz when I booked a flight


Brings them into line with the cheaper local companies so worth having as long you watch out for the top up insurance and extras hard sell. Take out an annual car hire insurance policy and you can save the entire cost on your first rental with the likes of Hertz.

Fancy a drive? Hertz one way rentals £1
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Posted 25th Apr 2010Posted 25th Apr 2010
Fancy a drive? Hertz one way rentals £1
Stuck in the UK? Hertz have heaps of cars they need to get home, they're looking for people to drive them home, you pay £1 and have 48 hours to get the car home, great if you love … Read more
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Well said..


If they paid it then it was market price! Law of the jungle. If they had refused one way they'd be pilloried for that. As I said, I'm no apologist for them, but I do understand how the world works.


Tell that to all the poor sods stranded abroad who needed to get back & were taken for a ride by all those greedy ******* car rental companies who decide that £1000+ was a market force price :x


Voted hot, the cheek made me chuckle, and its a lot cheaper than normal which is the point of a hot deal, no? As previously said, would make more sense for customers if there was more time to deliver the car though, so the journey can be enjoyed.


I'd fly to where I was going , cheaper than this farce of a deal .

Nectar Points bonus with Hertz Car rental
Posted 7th Dec 2009Posted 7th Dec 2009
Nectar Points bonus with Hertz Car rental
Hertz is running offers with Nectar. Free bonus points when renting a car with them. Offers so far: Offer 1: 1000 Bonus points and save up to 5% Offer 2: Triple points Offer 3… Read more
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yes not bad but usually you find hertz is more expensive by at least a £5, in USA they have a great comparison site breezenet for car rentals but the ones in the UK are how shall i put it pooh


I do agree that you don't get much with nectar points but you must consider that this is given free with any hertz booking. 1000 points is worth 5 quids of shopping. You could get a Hertz car for a day for 23 quids and getting 5 quids worth of shopping is reasonable.


this would be a good deal if on any other collecting system but you need 3,000,000,000 points to get anything ok i might be exagerrating

Save up to 10% when you book a Kia Soul @ Hertz Car Rental
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Posted 17th Nov 2009Posted 17th Nov 2009
Save up to 10% when you book a Kia Soul @ Hertz Car Rental
The Kia Soul is the latest edition to the Fun Collection. Combining the space and flexibility of an SUV with the economy and driveability of a super-mini, the Soul's charming and u… Read more
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no wonder, you couldnt even get 2 cases in

Get 2 Free days Car Hire @ Hertz ~ Book 7 days only pay for 5 !
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Posted 22nd Jul 2009Posted 22nd Jul 2009
Get 2 Free days Car Hire @ Hertz ~ Book 7 days only pay for 5 !
Hertz are now offering 7 days car rental for the price of 5. So, you get 2 days rental free! Offer is available at all participating Hertz locations and must be paid for in advanc… Read more

blimey - £190 for cyprus with discount most other places want £120! rip-off


agree....not a hot deal..... They should do ...Book for 7 days get first 2 days free... and you can cancel on 3rd day.. Pay £20 cancellation charge ...Super deal..


Sorry catherine but they are robbin gits, this offers poo!! :x I need a car for 7 days in september, this 'offer' on hertz website is £104.95 economy Ford Ka or similar, 3 doors. If I go via travel supermarket [url]www.travelsupermarket.com[/url] - then expedia using....yes you guessed it hertz I can get a better car Ford Fiesta 1.25 or similar, 5 doors for £93.78 :-D sorry it's cold from me :thinking:


Special Offers @ Hertz ~ Book in advance and save up to 25% ~ Plus Special Discount Student Car Hire ~ 15% off cars ~  20% off vans
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Posted 14th Jul 2009Posted 14th Jul 2009
Special Offers @ Hertz ~ Book in advance and save up to 25% ~ Plus Special Discount Student Car Hire ~ 15% off cars ~ 20% off vans
Book early with Hertz and you can get up to 25% Off. Book 60 days in advance to get 25% Off ~ Book 30 days in advance and you'll get 20% Off ! Hertz Advance is available in the U… Read more

I really don't like Car-Hire companies. You can tell from the high QuidCo commissions that they all over-charge, and Hertz's website is a prime example of this. If you book in advance, and ask the Hertz website for a quote, it'll give you a basic (expensive) quote. Ah, but if you notice the "book in advance" offer like this, only then will it give you a better quote. And if Hertz decides to offer you a free "Hertz #1 Gold Card", then it'll let you have an even cheaper quote. I'm about to book a 2-week car hire, including 1 child seat, and using Hertz's website, it'll cost me: [INDENT]£408.57[/INDENT] [INDENT]£340.02[/INDENT] [INDENT]or £265 (this one demands I pay for a tank of petrol in advance though, and I can't combine it with QuidCo)[/INDENT] depending on which of these 3 options I choose. (Expedia quotes about £350 for the same rental via Hertz, excluding the car seat.) So many people must get ripped off by this strategy. Why can't Hertz just be honest enough to quote everyone the lowest price ?! Btw, Hertz & Europcar openly admit that if you are traveling with a child, and reserve and pay for a car seat in advance, then they don't actually check that they have one waiting for you until you arrive to drive the car away. In the past I've had them offering to put my 2-month-old baby in a car seat for 4-year-olds and above, as that's all they have. As I said, I don't like car hire companies....


You have to pay for a full tank of fuel up front and return the car empty. If you are only going a short distance this means it may be more expensive than other discounts.


Great news for students! Thanks!


* Book a minimum of 30 days in advance. * Rentals must include a Saturday night or a minimum of 5 days. * An allowance of 150 km per day (150 miles per day in the UK) is included in the price. * If you rent for 5 days or more, your vehicle will be provided with a full tank of fuel which will be charged on pick-up. This charge varies depending on the vehicle model and the price of fuel at the time of hire and will be in addition to the Approximate Total Price quoted for your rental.For your convenience you don't need to refuel on return (there will be no refund for unused fuel when the vehicle is returned at the end of the rental).

Cheaper Hertz car hire through Ryanair website
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Posted 10th Jul 2009Posted 10th Jul 2009
Cheaper Hertz car hire through Ryanair website
I tried to book car hire in Italy for 2 weeks, and surprisingly found the cheapest way with Ryanair - even with quidco and Hertz discounts it looked about £20 more expensive. All y… Read more

Offer now over - replaced with a standard 7 for 5. Davcohen, I presume you book outside the UK? I find europcar (who I believe are close relatives of alamo & national) to be very dear now in the UK.


The excess via hertz was quoted by e-mail for my reservation at £350, but i took out excess cover from worldwideinsure for about £29. Hertz pre loaded my credit card with the £350 in Euros.


But how much might the excess have been in the event of a claim? Last time I had such a deal it was £1600, though the excess could be reduced to £0 for payment of another fee (about £300 over three weeks, IIRC).


Just come back from carcassonne hired a medium size vauxhall through ryanair and hertz cost £291.00 for 14 days - not sure if it's still that cheap though booked it a few months ago ( you do need a ryanair flight booking) ! No other charges just a credit card excess guarantee ! Well pleased with the car.


i found enterprise cheaper then any other

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