Heuchera 'Little Cuties Collection' £4.96 @ Van Meuwen (Plants Direct)

Heuchera 'Little Cuties Collection' £4.96 @ Van Meuwen (Plants Direct)

Found 16th Jun 2013
Van Meuwen. £8.91 with P&P.
Just received the email. Valid till midnight.
Heucheras are such versatile plants - they add great all-year-round interest to patio containers and garden borders - you really can't do without them! Fantastic for the front of beds and borders or as ground cover throughout your garden, their colourful foliage will help create some striking colour contrasts in your planting schemes. For more great plants prized for their foliage see below.

This collection of four exquisite varieties, worth £35.96, was half price at £17.98, but with order code VMNS26Z it's yours for just £4.96!
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Great deal if you get the goods delivered - add p&p and then sit back and wait for them, and wait, and wait ...................

email customer services and sit back and wait and wait, and wait ...................

I'll give this a miss and go to the garden centre and buy one which I know I can plant!

voted cold as the chances are you will not receive them so you are paying for nothing - no deal just a rip off!
Last time I've ordered Magnolia tree from them, and yes, you're right. I was waiting 2 weeks to be delivered but it arrived....And in a Garden centers they are very expensive.
My magnolia is flowering with 3 beautiful flowers yup, I have waited ages for any of the offers from them/Thompson & Morgan to arrive. I suppose as a gardener patience has to be developed . . . . . .certainly with these peeps it does!
More than £2.20 each and they're only a plug plant. Seems expensive to me
Where to begin...

...first up, not all plants are ready for shipping immediately they are paid for - Mother Nature (or the grower) is not able to work like that. This means that most plants are sold with an **expected** delivery date listed. This too is frequently messed up by the weather. For example, the growing schedule has, in many cases been delayed by around a month this year and so stuff that should have arrived by the end of May is frequently arriving now or in the next few weeks. Believe me, the growers hate this - for a whole bunch of reasons I shan't go into. No, I am not in the Trade, I'm just a keen gardener that has several decades of gardening under his fingernails.

In my experience, plants do arrive, even if they don't arrive when we might like. This is not the growers trying to annoy us, just, as suggested, Mother Nature messing us about.

As to the price of these plugs, they are actually reasonably cheap for several reasons, the weather being a major one.

On the face of it, these plugs do look expensive but they are not.

They are a new development in the Heuchera family and were introduced this year at the Chelsea Flower Show. Being a new variation, there is a licence fee to be paid to the patent holder for each plant sold. The fee paid is not huge but it is a consideration.

Supply and demand is also a large factor because these are new this year and so the market is not drowning in them. The patent holder will also want to make sure that the plants continue to run true as the number of plants increases and so licences to grow will likely have a restriction on the number of plants.

Even eBay has only one remaining example listed and that costs *per plug* £4.85 plus postage. It's item 231000422158 if anyone wants a look.

Just my view on things and as close to the truth as I can make it.
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