Hex - Season 2 (Box Set) (5 DVD) for £7.99!!!!
Hex - Season 2 (Box Set) (5 DVD) for £7.99!!!!

Hex - Season 2 (Box Set) (5 DVD) for £7.99!!!!

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Thanks to Potlepa for spotting this one - I agree with his sentiments that it's hopefully not a mis-price and just a special offer on this boxset.

This is the Hex Season 2 DVD BoxSet for £7.99 delivered from 101cd.com. The next cheapest price online is £12 at HMV, so this is a pretty good price!

Details: Sky One's popular supernatural teen drama returns to DVD with the release of the entire second season. The series stars Christina Cole (“What A Girl Wants”), Colin Salmon (“Alien vs. Predator”), Jamie Davis (“Footballers' Wives”) and Jemima Roper (“As If”). In this latest series the demon Azazeal (Michael Fassbender, “Band of Brothers”) is moving ever closer to his nefarious goals, with Cassie's baby playing an integral role in his plans. With the help of the ghostly Thelma (Roper) and new pal Ella, a time-travelling witch (Laura Piper, “Reign of Fire”), Cassie sets out to stop Azazeal at any cost.



Expired now, looks like it was a mis-price, which is a shame. My order was in [COLOR=darkgreen]"[/COLOR][COLOR=darkgreen]Processing[/COLOR]" then went to a different stage, and has now gone back to "[COLOR=darkgreen]Processing[/COLOR]". I expect to get my Order Cancelled E-Mail shortly
Ah well.

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That's a shame, I was hoping this was a genuine offer rather than a mis-price. There seem to have been a lot of mis-prices from 101cd lately...

I hope you get it X10.

What a coincedence, its a misprice from 101cd again! They're delibrately doing it to get hits on their site. It's absolute nonsense. I wanted that too. :-(


I think the mistake has been noticed the price has just gone up to £46.99

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I think the mistake has been noticed the price has just gone up to £46.99 … I think the mistake has been noticed the price has just gone up to £46.99

No probs.

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Thanks emma, just found the site yesterday and I love it... Great idea, great fun can't wait to find some more great HOT deals

as much as i am a fan of Hex, the only way they are going to sell these DVDs are if they are less than £15. The second season was slammed by critics and fans, and it never had a strong fanbase.

Just a quick question for those that have ordered the Mis-Price items from 101CD before. Do they send out E-Mails of Cancellation, and if so, how close to the actual event of cancelling the order has it been? (i.e. Do they wait a week before they bother to tell you it's cancelled, do they even bother to tell you?).
Thanks, X10

It's always the way with 101cd that when they've "noticed" a misprice, they whack the price up ridiculously, to way over what anyone else is charging...

Anyway, for those who want it, HMV is the cheapest at £11.99, with Foxy, TreeDVD, BensonsWorld, DVDSource and Play.com all having it under £15.

still waiting for my hex from foxy theyve even taken the cash

Bump on this old thread - with the 20% HMV discount and 9% Quidco, you can get this for £8.73 for the next 2 days!

Already did. Placed my first order at 2am and Hex season 2 was the first thing in the basket!
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