Hexagonal Gazebo - Navy 2m X 2m Now £39.99 Was £79.99

Hexagonal Gazebo - Navy 2m X 2m Now £39.99 Was £79.99

Found 9th May 2007
Hexagonal Gazebo - Navy 2m X 2m Now £39.99 Was £79.99
You get this in Navy and Green

Description: Great for cool evenings in the garden or an extra 'room' when camping outdoors, this Hexagonal Gazebo has covered sides and is shower resistant.

Features : Sturdy and easy-to-assemble * 2 x zip-up sides * 4 x fixed side panels * Shower resistant

Order Online and collect from Store to avoild Delivery charges If not Delivery £4.95, You can also get 5% from Quidco
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Decent price, thanks earthlink 001 :thumbsup:

Without the sides for £26 inc. P&P
Sorry to put a damper on things but i think this is expensive. When will people not learn that woolworths over inflates the retail price and then brings then down to the true retail price still making about 30% margin. I have seen a 3mx3m folding gazebo in the coop for £39.99. It unfolds and folds very quickly and only takes one person to put it up. No individual poles like in this woolworths one. (of course other supermarkets avaliable) Joking aside check out the one in the coop and let me know what you think. (instore)
[SIZE=2]u are welcome millarcat. I know its not the cheapest around but I thought it was a good deal for that price.[/SIZE]
That's not a bad price for a four-sided version with zip-up opening. I've got a 2-sided version, cost me about £25; and honestly, that's all I need. I lose about a kilo in weight every time I have to carry it to the beach and put it up; but otherwise it's great for a bit of shade.

And would you believe it doubles up as Santa's grotto at the kids school Christmas party?

I think this is acheap for a 4 sided one you pay that for just the sides and curtains at some places !
Ok I take that back I just found this one ]http//ww…632

£24 and £6 shipping, bargain !
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