Hexbug Nano V2 Watch Tower over 70% off £8.74 @ John Lewis free C&C (or £3 standard dev)

Hexbug Nano V2 Watch Tower over 70% off £8.74 @ John Lewis free C&C (or £3 standard dev)

Found 9th Aug 2014
Fab price for this set which Toys R Us are currently selling "at half price" (£17.49) - whereas John Lewis are selling at quarter price £8.74. When we were buying my son's set for him, we paid £8 (on offer) for the Nanobug V2 individually. This set comes with (I am guessing from the pictures and from previous experience of the other playsets) 1 bug plus a set whose RRP is nearer the £35 mark.

Standard delivery is £3 but you can use the click and collect if you have a John Lewis near you.
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Looks great, thank you. Heat added.
Great price ...note that it requires different nano bugs
Great price. My son was hexbug mad a couple of years ago and it cost us a fortune.
New to hexbug. Previous post said it needs different bugs. Which ones please? Do you know the cost of them? Why do they need different bugs?
Thank you. :0)
You need V2 bugs, not the older version that does not climb. If you are new, just make sure you don't buy the old stock in places like Argos but from my experience, they aren't that easy to come by any more in major high street toy shops as they all tend to be the climbing V2s now.
Hot. Ordered, even though I don't know what this is...
Why would you do that?

Hot price as just one Nano V2 bug is usually circa this price
Soooo much fun to watch, hubby got this from his secret Santa last year and we sit for ages watching those little things!!!
Thank you , got a couple for Christmas presents
Ordered :-)
Now OOS (or were by the time I got to checkout)
Edited by: "awaghorn" 10th Aug 2014
just ordered one, said there were 6 in stock so should now be 5....
OOS as prev stated
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