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Posted 9 December 2022

HG Glass and Mirror Cleaner 500ml - £1.65 / £1.57 with Subscribe & Save @ Amazon

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  • HG Glass & Mirror Spray: Removes grease, fingerprints, insects, deposits & dirt from glass & mirrors quickly & easily with minimal wiping. Fast drying
  • Streak free shine: Suitable for cleaning all types of glass & mirrors, including windows, doors, car interiors, glass tables, shower screens & glass cabinet fronts
  • For indoor or outdoor use: Ideal for use throughout the home & garden, including in conservatories, sheds, for outside windows, bi fold doors & more
  • Safe for surfaces: Specially formulated to be tough on marks & gentle on glass. Restores glass surfaces to their original shine & transparency
  • Easy to use 500ml spray: Spray the surface moderately, wipe away the formula with a dry, clean cloth or kitchen towel & dry with a squeegee if required

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Decent price, free click and collect for non-prime users: Details

The HG Glass & Mirror Spray (500ml) effectively removes grease and dirt from glass and mirrors quickly and easily, leaving a beautiful streak-free shine. The glass cleaner dries without leaving streaks, and requires minimal effort to get your glass surfaces gleaming again. The spray removes all fingerprints and insects, as well as muck and dust, both inside and outside. It’s suitable for all types of glass and mirrors, and gently cleans glass surfaces without scrubbing. Includes: 1 x HG Glass & Mirror Spray (500ml spray bottle) For a clean and streak-free result, use HG Glass & Mirror spray as follows: 1. Spray the glass or mirror moderately with HG glass & mirror spray. 2. Wipe away the mirror cleaner with a dry, clean cloth or kitchen towel and dry with a squeegee if required. Avoid contact with the skin and keep this product out of sight and reach of children. We recommend using rubber/plastic gloves and ventilating well during use. Always read the label and product information before use.


Safety Warning
Attention: p101- if medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. P102- keep out of reach of children. Medical personnel can request the data sheet via +31 (0)36 54 94 777 the consumer's information sheet can be obtained via hg.eu


HG glass & mirror spray removes grease and dirt from glass and mirrors quickly and easily. The glass cleaner dries without leaving streaks. The spray removes all fingerprints and insects inside and outside. The product is suitable for all types of glass and mirrors and cleans glass surfaces without any effort.


How to use HG glass and mirror cleaner

1. Spray the glass or mirror moderately with HG glass & mirror spray.2. Wipe away the mirror cleaner with a dry, clean cloth or kitchen towel and possibly dry with a squeege.
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  1. Avatar
    Could you use the window cleaner diluted as a screen wash in the car?
    In the summer possibly, winter time you'll just be driving around with a block of ice in the washer tank ❄
  2. Avatar
    IMO the best window/glass cleaner. Bought & heat added. Thanks OP
    You really cannot beat white vinegar, which is probably what this is tbf.
  3. Avatar

    Wouldn't the above make over 330 bottles of this? and all for just over £2. Math on it seems right, but it doesn't sit right. Why would anyone buy this if mixing the same thing from a concentrate arrived at this product for less than a penny a bottle? (edited)
    Like everything that is more expensive than making it yourself - convenience
  4. Avatar
    Have this, it is excellent, use it in karcher window vac bottle, need a syringe as only literally need ml, crazy dilution ratios, great value
  5. Avatar
    Is it ok for cleaning reading glasses
    No idea but I'd guess not because glasses (spectacles) often have special coatings that can be removed by cleaning agents. probably not worth the risk unless someone can say it's absolutely safe.
  6. Avatar
    48981511-XvrcC.jpgYeah it's ok this stuff
  7. Avatar
    use fairy will come 50 times of this price
  8. Avatar
    Not the price anymore
  9. Avatar
    48987828-sHQ9g.jpgSee they also do chandelier cleaner.
    Brace yourself Rodney, brace yourself!
  10. Avatar
    Or this super concentrated one for £2.50….

    amzn.eu/d/a…kcd (edited)
    Posted above
  11. Avatar
    Delivery date 10th Jan??
  12. Avatar
    No S&S, no stock (on back order), estimated dispatch in January.

    Same price £1.65 in Wilko if it helps people get it sooner
    wilko.com/en-…636 (edited)
    but you have to pay for delivery and amazon free for prime members
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    Great price. Thanks op
  14. Avatar
    Thanks OP.
  15. Avatar
    lets see what all the cheers are about. Thought my newspaper and soap was enough
  16. Avatar
    This stuff is brilliant, best I've ever used!
    Thanks for posting O.P, just ordered a few more!
  17. Avatar
  18. Avatar
    Going to give it a try. Thanks
  19. Avatar
    Thanks, will give it a go
  20. Avatar
    Great thank you
  21. Avatar
    You guys have convinced me to try it
  22. Avatar
    Good stuff
  23. Avatar
    Hot. Thanks 
  24. Avatar
    White vinegar
    ... Is not as good as this stuff (edited)
  25. Avatar
    Thank you
  26. Avatar
    Ordered. Cheers
  27. Avatar
    Thank you, will take a look.
  28. Avatar
    Excellent price, will be delivered long before the estimate.
  29. Avatar
    Great price OP