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Posted 1 January 2023

HG Glass and Mirror Cleaner, Streak-Free Glass Cleaner £2 / £1.90 Subscribe & Save @ Amazon

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Product details
Brand HG
Format Liquid
Specific uses for productGlass & Mirror
Item volume 500 Millilitres
Units 500.0 millilitre
Surface recommendation Mirror
HG Glass & Mirror Spray: Removes grease, fingerprints, insects, deposits & dirt from glass & mirrors quickly & easily with minimal wiping. Fast drying
Streak free shine: Suitable for cleaning all types of glass & mirrors, including windows, doors, car interiors, glass tables, shower screens & glass cabinet fronts
For indoor or outdoor use: Ideal for use throughout the home & garden, including in conservatories, sheds, for outside windows, bi fold doors & more
Safe for surfaces: Specially formulated to be tough on marks & gentle on glass. Restores glass surfaces to their original shine & transparency
Easy to use 500ml spray: Spray the surface moderately, wipe away the formula with a dry, clean cloth or kitchen towel & dry with a squeegee if required
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    I have not used this before but you can get 500ml Elbow Grease glass cleaner in Poundland and B&M for £1 and they are fantastic. (edited)
    That stuff is amazing! I don't have a cooker hood and always get a build up of grease on the cupboard above the hob and had tried all sorts of sprays from top brands like Flash etc that didn't touch it. My sister got me some elbow grease and I thought it would be useless, but it just wiped the grease away like it was nothing.

    Saying that, elbow grease and glass cleaner are different products with different jobs in mind.
  2. Avatar
    HG sell a concentrate which makes loads and works out much cheaper if you have an empty spay bottle
  3. Avatar
    Anyone know the best cleaner for TVs?
    Ecomoist Natural Screen Cleaner 250ml with Fine Microfiber Towel amzn.eu/d/e…xRt
    Best cleaning product I've ever used.
  4. Avatar
    I'm just back from Tesco (they sell HG products for £5-6) and I noticed their Mould Remover spray. It said "not suitable for ceilings", which is what I needed it for. Can anyone recommend me a product for this that I can get?
    I'm a decorator. Ceilings in most rooms are often painted with basic paints which offer little in the way of water resistance. Thus a bleach solution like this would soak into the ceiling & cause discolouration.

    Bathroom & Kitchen ceilings are different because paints that ought to be used are necessarily formulated to resist water or grease. A Mould Remover spray will just sit on the surface of the paint & do its job. That said, it is bleach, so be sure to protect eyes, clothing, carpets etc. Also, don't use it often as bleach will eventually eat away at paint, grout, sealants etc. Also, if I may, I buy 'Astonish Mould & Mildew' for £1 at places like B&M and Wilko's, it works just as efficiently. Spray, leave 5-10mims, clean off with water (clean off the bleach, not the mould, that will just dissolve), repeat if necessary. No need to scrub.

    If you need to get it off a ceiling that is at risk of discolouration, allowing for common sense precautions given that you would be spraying bleach, I would still do it. Mould can be harmful. Then perhaps look at some sort of ventilation to help alleviate the problem & also think about repainting the ceiling with a better quality paint with mould resistant properties.

    Edit: poster above makes a good point, test it on a small area first (edited)
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    I use asda glass and mirror cleaner. Very nice
  6. Avatar
    Use vinegar cheaper safe and better than other chemicals...
    But it stinks
  7. Avatar
    Can I use this on car windscreen?. Nothing seems to work!
    It’s probably the wipers that have grease on them too, so when you use them the screen goes blotchy. You need to thoroughly clean them too (although probably best not with glass cleaner).
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    Bought it from amazon about week ago for £1.50, nothing special...does the job..
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    Would it be ok to use this to clean my tv and laptop screens please
    This will probably be a bit too harsh for a laptop or TV screen, it might damage the screen coating. You’d be better off with a mild alcohol based cleaner, something designed for an lcd or led screen with a microfibre cloth or screen wipes
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    Just use white vinegar, you won't regret it.

    I wouldn't be surprised if a majority of the make up of this was white vinegar.
    Just used white wine vinegar based on this comment and I really regret it
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    The S&S price has dropped off, with extended dispatch up to 4 weeks.
    If you need it sooner, try Ocado for £2, or Wilko for £2.50.
  12. Avatar
    they sell a foam mould remover which is i believe, recommended for ceilings.
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    Best glass cleaners I have used are HG / stoners/ nilglass
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    Does this stuff react to rubber seals, like vinegar does? I’d hate to find out they wear out window gaskets the hard way.