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HG mould spray - £2.99 @ Home Bargains - National

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HHG mould spray - Home Bargains Romford

Hopefully this is a nationwide offer. Please confirm if you find it local too!

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    Handle with care as this is basically caustic soda (as you would use to unclog drains etc) and strong bleach
    And pretty useless at getting rid of mould anyway. I reckon you need to use a steam cleaner to get mould off any textured surfaces.
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    They had the foam version until a few days ago.
    I tried normal and foam versions, the normal version is way better (and stronger too) so you may need to have the area well ventilated as its smells stronger than bleach imo
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    I have mold in my shower room roof .
    Thinking if I can use this
    Be careful on ceilings as there's a danger it will drip or mist into your face as your spray it. Might be better to spray onto toilet paper and dab onto the ceiling. (edited)
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    It's national , picked couple up
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    Yes, this is national. They had our in my local too
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    Have seen in store in Manchester as well
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    This is honestly the best thing I've ever used to get rid of mould, works a treat! Just left it on and let the magic happen 🙌🏽
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    I've used some of this recently and it's very good. I have dow 785+ silicone in the bathroom so good quality but still got some black mould spots. I have tried bleech, vinegar, other mould sprays but none did anything. This isn't a miracle cure but after about 3 applications the very worst is 95% gone. Other areas are gone and I'm sure another treatment or 2 will have it totally clear. There is no work involved, just spray on, leave for 30mims or so and rinse off.
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    Use neat bleach and a cloth. 50p. Save £2.50. You're welcome. (edited)
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    White vinegar also good at killing most moulds
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    Amazing stuff, the only one thats worked for me.
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    Best way sort mould out is to ventilate and dry that's what I do and have never had any.
    Yes.But once you have signs of mould opening a window wont make it vanish.
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    If you can’t afford this. White vinegar has been proven to kill more mould spores than bleach.
    Yes it's also better at penetrating through permeable surfaces.
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    The Tories answer to the housing crisis. (edited)
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    I found this stuff wonderful especially in the bathroom . Spray leave for 10 mins and rinse, sorted. Just leave a window open
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    Silt bang black mould bleach spray works just as good I use it all the time

    At work ☝️ (edited)
    I've recently discovered that we've got a mould situation very much like that in a cupboard in our bedroom which we've not opened for a couple of years. I've used white vinegar on it (loads of it) which will hopefully kill it off, and have scrubbed the walls and it's come up a lot better than it was, but the paint is still stained black. We've got some around our ceilings as well, mainly due to bad ventilation in our property. I've now got a dehumidifier running full pelt pretty much all day every day. I might have to pick up some of this HG stuff on the deal to try out. I've got the Cillit Bang stuff which stinks of bleach, and I've got some 3M mould killer which doesn't really smell at all but is really nasty stuff. Good luck to anyone treating a similar problem, I feel like I'm probably fighting a losing battle.
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    Bargain, this is unbeatable stuff
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    I bought this at £5 from TK Maxx a while ago. It's great stuff and works as described. This is a decent deal
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    Does anyone know what the better hotels use, always seem to be spotless. Heard that strong UV light is used in some places. Personally I have to replace my flexible sealant at least every 2 years, even with the expensive stuff.
    Whilst your at the hands of the individual doing it,being cleaned regularly is probably the reason why they dont suffer the problem.And any tiny sign of it will be wiped away,you would like to think.Being on a tight time scale to get a room cleaned as i mentioned above will mean area's will be missed,but not for long.
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    Good brand. Worked well for me in past

    Stock in Macclesfield. (edited)
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    Will also bleach clothes. Don’t use it wearing sunday best!