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Hi Fi Rush surprise release - Xbox Game Pass Tonight

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Just announced at Developer Direct

HI FI Rush on Gamepass later tonight


Xbox More details at Xbox
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    With Forza Motorsport and possibly Starfield not even in 2023H1 now I'm not sure GP is such a bargain - it could be costing £70-£130 a year for a GP sub and there's not been a AAA title that people genuinely want for a long time now (edited)
    There's like 200+ other games...
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    Trailer here

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    Real letdown event

    Expected to see starfield
    They said Starfield wouldn't be shown as it's getting own dedicated event in the weeks to come.
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    I am curious what the Zwan song will be
    It's 'Honestly' from Mary Star of the Sea.

    Licensed Tracks:

    Nine Inch Nails – “1,000,000”
    Nine Inch Nails – “Perfect Drug”
    The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy”
    Prodigy – “Invaders Must Die”
    The Joy Formidable – “Whirring”
    Number Girl – “Inazawa Chainsaw”
    Wolfgang Gartner – “Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony”
    Zwan – “Honestly” (edited)
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    Looks like Sunset Overdrive 2
    I hope it’s as good
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    A pleasant surprise from the showcase. Looked intriguing, definitely my kind of game. Hope it's good!
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    This looks awesome. Installing ready for tomorrow.🔥
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    Just did the first 2 hours, good fun..

    Sunset Overdrive crossed with Jetsetradio with a hint of Bayonetta...

    Doubt this would be good on cloud gaming due to the latency.

    Tutorial was longer than I like but quite a few mechanics to get your head around.

    Was really getting into it before I had to get to bed.
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    Very nice.
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    That looks like viewfiful joe, which was a cracking GameCube gem!
    Similar artstyle but doesn't look similar gameplay wise, even then I'd say it looks closer to JSRF
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    Link don’t go to gamr
    Probably not live yet, game literally announced minutes ago
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    Think you can download now.

    Showing on Gamepass app.

    16gb (edited)
    49399863-xsfIt.jpgLooks like
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    I played it streaming as I couldnt wait on the download. Couldn't get past the tutorial, really hope it's down to the lag
    Playing a rhythm based game over cloud streaming is asking for trouble
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    I installed it last night. Seems like a fun game
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    More garbage coming to Xbox, the first party exclusives are really dire. We might not see Starfield until 2024, Fable,TES6 will probably be 5 years away.
    I'm sorry you hate colour and fun
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