Hi - gear double sleeping bag.  £14.97! (RRP £35) at Go Outdoors.

Hi - gear double sleeping bag. £14.97! (RRP £35) at Go Outdoors.

Found 31st Jul 2014
Just had this flyer through the door and thought it was a good deal. Hi - gear double sleeping bag for just £14.97 if you have a discount card (or can borrow one! ).
Otherwise the discount cards are only a fiver to buy one you're at the till so it's still a double sleeping bag for under £20.

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Double sleeping bags, very inefficient when you consider that a sleeping bag works by reflecting your bodyheat with mnimal space.
(by nature of design a double is going to be loose & roomy).

So be careful, especially if you are /know one of those cold feet women "k" ..women specific bags are typically snugger to work better allowing for ladies temperature differentials, i'd steer clear of schmutter like this me-sen!

I think this was in the Sale catalogue we got this week. Go Outdoors seem to be following the Sports Direct strategy of putting a riduculous rrp then claiming huge discounts to make it look like it's a bargain. Don't know if this offer is a good deal or not, but avoid the Manchester Go Outdoors as staff are clueless and customer service is non existent. Much prefer Decathlon, where you can usually find helpful staff.
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