HI_TEC Kruger Waterproof boots at Go Outdoors from £9.99 - £14.94

HI_TEC Kruger Waterproof boots at Go Outdoors from £9.99 - £14.94

Found 18th Jun 2008
Not suitable for serious hill walking, but much better quality than you'd expect at this price.
R.R.P. £60 Go Outdoors price in store for 1 week only ( 16th - 22nd June ) is £9.99 if you have a discount card or £9.99 + £4.00 = £13.99 if you need to buy the card which lasts for 12 months.
The store that I visited (Cheadle) only had sizes 10 & 11 but more sizes are available online without a card for £9.99 + £4.95 p&p = £14.94


These are cheap for a reason, load of rubbish!

I've just retired apair of Hi-Tec Chinooks which lasted me 8 years and took me round the world. I replaced them with Hi-Tec Quebecs as they are very good vfm and bloody good boots. Do not know about these though but suspect they will be well worth the money.

Voted hot. At a tenner you can't go wrong.

Good deal..voted hot ..rep added

I've bought HiTech boots for a very long time, each pair lasting me 12 - 18 months!!

Absolute bargain! :thumbsup:

I Just bought 3 pairs for £9.99 each plus P&P and without a discount card.

I've got a pair of these, and paid about £30 approx 6-9 months ago. They were pretty stiff to start with but now they're broken in they are really comfy. Great for yomping around muddy fields with the dog, and I've never come home with wet socks!
Not the greatest boots you'll ever own but well worth £9.99.

A quick question to all that have order these boots from these people, did anyone get delivery of their orders?

My order has been cancelled without explaination... : (

Interested in the feedback.


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