Hi-Tec Men’s Navigator Bluetooth Walking Shoes £52.99 @ Millets.com.

Hi-Tec Men’s Navigator Bluetooth Walking Shoes £52.99 @ Millets.com.

Found 29th Jun 2017
Yes, you read that right, these are blue-tooth walking boots! These originally cost £229

There is also 9% TopCashBack to bring them down even more.

Here is the blurb about these shoes:
Using a hands-free Bluetooth® connectivity and Haptic vibratory feedback receptors, your shoes will vibrate when approaching junctions, signalling which way you need to turn and make you aware when you have turned the wrong way.

The technology sits inside the shoe but doesn't in any way compromise on the usual outdoor performance we are used to. The exterior provides a fully waterproof and durable performance to keep your feet dry and sturdy on any trail and in any condition.

Simply download the free Letchal app onto your phone, set your destination, connect to your shoes and get ready to take on the outdoors with a pair revolutionary navigating footwear.


Smart shoe direction - Lechal vibrating navigator pods use Haptic technology to guide you in the right direction.

Waterproof protection - Dri-Tec™ waterproof technology work to keep your feet dry.

Dirt and water resistant - i-shield™ technology prevents the shoe form staining.

Keeps debris out - a gusseted bellowed tongue prevents dirt and debris from getting inside your shoe.

Premium durability - tough ballistic leather uppers provide a resillient performance on hard trails.

Comfort - padded tongue and collar for a soft cushioning.

Wicking lining - micro-fleece inner helps transfer excess moisture away from your feet.

Contoured grippy outsole - Michelin rubber outsole delivers multi-surface traction for superb grip.

Supported devices - Android 4.3 and newer, iPhone 4s and newer, iPad 3rd Gen and newer and iPad mini and newer.

Connectivity - Bluetooth® Smart
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I'm sorry, it's just too silly.
I got bullied for wearing hi-tec to school. This brings back painful memories.

I got bullied for wearing hi-tec to school. This brings back painful … I got bullied for wearing hi-tec to school. This brings back painful memories.Cold.

​You should be glad you weren't sent to school in "Deks" hi-tops - that was a whole different level of bullying...
3 months too late!! April fools day long gone...
well mine have arrived and first impression is that these are very solid' boots. even if/when the navigation novelty wears off they're probably worth the money.
I got a pair today - cost me £38.25 + £1 click/collect from blacks (15% discount off current £45 price with code)

really cant see why this went cold

the shoes are high quality & waterproof & just the lechal insoles alone retail on amazon US for $99 + delivery + import fees amazon.com/gp/…QGS

you can resell the lechal insoles & replace with your own & probably at least break even leaving you with a great pair of walking shoes

the main downside for me looks like the need to regularly recharge the pods which means always having to remove the insoles - I suspect the shoe buckle is a way better option as long as you dont lose the pods

since it looks like you cant buy just the buckles then I guess you can just shove them in your socks but it might be a little uncomfortable or maybe use these perhaps ebay.co.uk/itm…504

IMO a better design would be to have an outer pocket on the back of the heel of the shoe so you can easier remove the pods

the pods also act as a super accurate fitness tracker - way better than a fitbit

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