Hide And Seek dvd - £3.99 delivered
Hide And Seek dvd - £3.99 delivered

Hide And Seek dvd - £3.99 delivered

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This is an excellent film with a real twist to it and well worth £3.99 including free delivery from Play.com!

Review: Come out come out whatever you are...

Traumatised by the death of her mother, Emily Callaway (Dakota Fanning) finds solace in an imaginary friend named Charlie. But the games they play have become anything but simple and innocent. Instead, she finds herself in the middle of a series of increasingly nightmarish and gruesome acts that even her father David (Robert De Niro) cannot stop. Who, or what, is Charlie?


This sounds like one my wife would like Think I'll have to get it lol

Thanks Cat!

Original Poster Editor

Its brilliant ray, Dakota Fanning is an excellent little actress as usual!

It was a good watch, I saw it at the cinema. I just think Robert De Niro is God though... he's a great actor.

Original Poster Editor

I'm a Big De Niro fan too emma! :-D

He was soooo funny in meet the parents/fockers as well. He just made those movies worth the watch for me. And analyse this as well, I haven't seen the sequel to it yet though.

I like most of De Niro's films too, Cape Fear for one, although I didn't think much of Taxi after all the hype about it. Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers showing his comical side are good too, played off against Ben Stiller Hehe

I like De Niro's classic stuff, like Godfather, Casino, Taxi Driver, Deer Hunter, etc. but this as bad as the dire Meet the Fockers. It really isn't worth 99p.

I liked the twist in the film, but I thought the story was poor and wasn't helped at all by either the direction or the acting.


The kid was good but the plot was ridiculous. I'm all for willing suspension of disbelief but that was just too much.
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