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Auna 5.1-JW Active Surround Sound Speaker Set Home Cinema System 95W RMS £82.99 @ Hifi Tower UK
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
Auna 5.1-JW Active Surround Sound Speaker Set Home Cinema System 95W RMS £82.99 @ Hifi Tower UK
I've been looking for a sub, so don't need the other speakers, but though this was a steal. Free delivery.

£5 voucher if you subscribe to newsletter.


I think donslibi was just referring to the fact that this is the RRP, so it's not really a deal.


Thanks, but discount doesn't seem to work (from android phone). Edit: Easter15 is for selected items.


Not much of a discount: https://www.auna-multimedia.co.uk/Hifi-Speakers/5-1-Speaker-System/5-1-JW-Active-Surround-Sound-Speaker-Set-Home-Cinema-System-95W-RMS.html

Larstein Mundschenk 50l  XXL Mash Kettle 3000w All in one ale/beer all grain brewing system at HiFi Tower for £394.99 (poss £362.99 including Quidco and £5 newsletter sign up discount)
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
This is a complete brewing system for ale/beer, like the grainfather, which is about £400 dearer, this holds 50l, the grainfather holds 30l.This Larstein mash kettle, heats water … Read more
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Not as good discount but I think this 25L one for 250 (reduced from 400) before quidco/£5 off (225 after presumably) is better size for homebrew and cheaper. http://www.hifi-tower.co.uk/Klarstein-Maischfest-Mash-Kettle-Mash-Tank-5-Pieces-1500/3000W-25l-LCD-Touch-Stainless-Steel_i37702.htm



they also have a 30 day cooling of period if you are not happy with it for any reason, no risk really as they pay for return postage.


Just get a tried and tested Grainfather.


If you have seen a T500 and have some soldering skills it's not to hard to copy the design, It's basically a LM still (Google is your friend) or even easier to build is a Bokakob.

Auna 12" Subwoofer Bassbox 800 Watts with LED Light Effect £64.90 (WAS £103.90) @ hifi-tower  + FREE Delivery
Found 17th Jan 2015Found 17th Jan 2015
Auna 12" Subwoofer Bassbox 800 Watts with LED Light Effect £64.90 (WAS £103.90) @ hifi-tower + FREE Delivery
Price was £103.90. Price Now £64.90 You save £39.00 (38%). Auna’s 12” subwoofer is mounted in a computer optimised enclosure designed entirely around the driver to give optimum so… Read more

Don't see the point of these considering you'd have to be about 40ft way from the car to hear 30hz properly. Probably great for shaking your car to pieces though.


Now this is classy, I'm going to get a couple to stick in the boot of my Maserati.


Due to the fact that only 10 genuine watts of sound in a car would make your ears bleed, i tend to agree with you .. :D


Looking at another item they sell : http://www.hifi-tower.co.uk/Auna-Soundstorm-Battery-Powered-Bluetooth-Speaker-Boombox-1000W-Max-_i17144.htm "1000W max. total output, 2 x 40W RMS" So surely this sub must have a max wattage of 20 billlion watts :p (Or put another way, i'm calling BS on all their wattage ratings...)

960 Watts Speakers from Hi Fi Tower (Walnut) £74.90 @ HiFi Tower UK
Found 30th Jun 2014Found 30th Jun 2014
960 Watts Speakers from Hi Fi Tower (Walnut) £74.90 @ HiFi Tower UK
With thanks to wadz initial thread here..... https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/beng-pair-floorstanding-lb4707-4-way-speakers-960-watts-black-71-90-was-104-90-hifi-1927802 An extra … Read more
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Speakers arrived today. Must admit, for the 1st hour, I did contemplate sending them back (had comments on here gave me a preconceived idea), but after repositioning the speakers (so the side speakers faced towards and not away from each other) - I have changed my mind. I'm keeping them. I cannot turn my amp up more than half way before the sound is too loud for the room, the bass was too deep but was ok after adjusting the spectrum analyzer to compensate for this while the mid and treble have a pleasing clearness (great snare on a KOL track in particular) overall, the sound quality is quite good but obviously not going to be as pure as the APM's they replaced. For the £75 I paid, I cannot fault them, just point the side speakers towards each other and at this price, you won't be disappointed.


Oh dear, a fool and his money are soon parted..............


But, but.. look how big they are!


Cheap for a very good reason. Have a look at the reviews on AV Forums.


Who rates speakers by wattage? It's meaningless. Avoid these or get a clue.

Beng Pair Floorstanding LB4707 4 Way Speakers 960 Watts - Black £71.90 was £104.90 @ hifi tower
Found 11th Jun 2014Found 11th Jun 2014
Beng Pair Floorstanding LB4707 4 Way Speakers 960 Watts - Black £71.90 was £104.90 @ hifi tower
Beng Pair Floorstanding LB4707 4 Way Speakers 960 Watts - Black £71.90 was £104.90@ hifi tower Seems like a decent price. Beng Pair Floorstanding LB4707 4 Way Speakers 960 Watt… Read more

They're decent for the price so I'm keeping them.


Ordered the Walnut finished ones with a 30 day no quibble money back, so as soon as I get em, I'll turn my amp up full (160 watts) and see how they perform. If the speakers go pop, they'll be sent straight back.


No more than 25 watts each i don't know where they have got that outrageous power number from but theirs noway on earth these are 200watts each, i was a sound engineer for 6 years and we installed all kinds of speakers in homes to nightclubs to McDonalds and i can assure everyone that if you stuck 200watts up these they would blow in a instant. When you think most home amps even good quality ones are around 50watts per channel that makes these if you believe those numbers able to cope with the full power of a home amp shoved up them and barely power them. I cant stress this enough don't buy them get some decent bookshelf speakers from richer sounds for around the same money and they will be so much better, any company that has to lie about the specs of their speakers does so to cover up what rubbish they are and i doubt anyone who does buy them will be pleased with them. I suggest people take a look at these speakers and ones that are £500+ are no 200watts each http://www.superfi.co.uk/c-177-floorstanding-speakers.aspx I page from whathifi about these http://www.whathifi.com/forum/hi-fi/first-time-buyer-20w-amp-for-200w-speakers COLD 25watts each no more


Super hot from me I ordered the walnut finish for £74:90 using code NEWSLETTERREG which would make the ones above just 66:90 so even hotter Here's the Walnut ones which are the second best rated on their site http://www.hifi-tower.co.uk/Hifi-Speakers_c84.htm?FIT=0&IPP=48&ORD=9&ITT=0&REP=2&Paging=true Can't really go wrong with a 30 day no quibble return


Thanks for your suggestions. I'll have a look online

8" component car speakers £47.90 @ HiFi Tower
Found 4th Sep 2013Found 4th Sep 2013
8" component car speakers £47.90 @ HiFi Tower
These seemed VERY cheap for what you are getting with free delivery too, will fit a BMW 1 series if you want to replace the standard speakers, the sub won't quite fit because of th… Read more
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hmmm - I was quite excited to see a component deal on here as they're few and far between, but then I saw the auna bit and thought meh. I will hold my hands up and say I've never used their products but judging by their amp 8 billion watts for £20, id stay clear. but for a stock upgrade, these have got to better than the ones they are replacing - although id probably suggest paying a little bit more to get jbl/kenwood/Alpine

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Auna 300 Watt Mini Car Hifi Amplifier £21.90 FREE POSTAGE From Hifi-tower.co.uk
Found 27th Oct 2012Found 27th Oct 2012
Auna 300 Watt Mini Car Hifi Amplifier £21.90 FREE POSTAGE From Hifi-tower.co.uk
Fully featured, great value amplifier from AUNA. The AUNA amplifier. Featuring powerful sound from a compact unit. High quality, durable components for long term use. At an incredi… Read more
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Appreciating good car audio doesn't make you a chav. If it did, everyone who ever went to a live concert would be a chav. Afterall, why not just listen to the concert on a crappy tinny speaker?!


These pop up on eBay under various brands, ranging from £10 to £30. They're advertised as anything from 50 to 500w, but they are all basically the same (actually something like 15w). I bought one for £12 a while back for a car PC project, purely because i didn't need more than 15w, and they are much smaller than any quality amps I could find. As a temporary solution, they sounded acceptable with stock drivers, but are essentially junk. I eventually purchased a better class-t amp (TA2020) for around £30. Don't waste your money on this. If your going to upgrade your car audio, spend the money and get something from a recognised maker that's actually an improvement.




Most subwoofers need 300 watts upwards on their own. That's notwithstanding the fact that this amp will never push out anywhere near that value. Post this amp on forums where people take car audio seriously and everyone will laugh. Seriously, don't waste your time buying this. 2X 30w RMS tells you all you need to know about the 300w max figure, and I doubt it would even make 30w RMS. The amp inside your car headunit is probably just as good or better than this.


Why would anyone need 300w in a car?

Auna (never hear of this make before) 5.1 Surround System  £59.90 @ HiFi Tower UK
Found 4th Feb 2012Found 4th Feb 2012
Auna (never hear of this make before) 5.1 Surround System £59.90 @ HiFi Tower UK
Not bad for the price - it was never going to sound like Bose or Marantz, but for 60 quid it sounds much better than I thought it was going to. At lower volumes you'd think you'd p… Read more

This has now been reduced by 14% (for Valentines day), so is now just over 51 quid, plus postage.


I'm aware that it's not a review site. However, without a description and/or opinion of goods like this where the quality impacts the fact that it is a good deal or not, no-one would have a clue if this is a good price or not. If it sounded bad, then it wouldn't be a good deal. As it happens, it sounds pretty reasonable, and thus, IMO, it makes for a good deal. Comments such as "this is not a review site" when dealing with goods where the quality clearly demonstrates that the goods are a good deal or not, just makes you look a little foolish.


+ £10 p&p


I suspect AUNA is a rip off of the brand AIWA which was not a half-bad brand, owned by Sony. I see this brand being peddled all the time on ebay so it's more than likely cheap junk.


This is not a review site.

Hyundai Multicav Surround Sound Speaker Set 1150 Watts MAX £120 @  HiFi Tower
Found 27th Feb 2010Found 27th Feb 2010
Hyundai Multicav Surround Sound Speaker Set 1150 Watts MAX £120 @ HiFi Tower
Oscar winning home cinema surround sound at an amazing price! Hyundai have long held a reputation for building quality products at excellent prices and this surround sound speaker… Read more
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Says someone called ...... CHEEPSTUFFRULES! .... This is surely CHEEP (sic), does it not qualify for ruling ?


I know some of the very deadpan/wooden actors have won oscars, but inanimate objects?


lmao! :thumbsup:


I would STRONGLY recommend hearing these before you buy. The tech specs don't make much sense.


speakers with RMS power output? , is this some kind of perpetual enery?

Hyundai Multicav 5.1 Channel A/V Amplifier with HDMI USB SD 250W £130 @ HiFi Tower
Found 27th Feb 2010Found 27th Feb 2010
Hyundai Multicav 5.1 Channel A/V Amplifier with HDMI USB SD 250W £130 @ HiFi Tower
So, youve got your XBOX or PS3, a Blu Ray player, maybe a Sky Box and a Flat screen TV and youve plugged them all in only to be disappointed by the sound thats coming from the sub … Read more
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Wow Hyundai AV gear, I was actually holding out for the new receiver range from Kia and Dihatsu. In all seriousness, for that price you can get a Sony DH500 from Richer Sounds. Without any pedigree or reviews behind it, I would say this is a risky buy myself.


Does this actually have any form of Dolby / DTS decoding on board? Also it is not a 5.1 channel amp, only 5 channel and requires a powered sub. I'd give this a miss myself.


More pictures on their Amazon page: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0038JSGII?tag=k050-21&camp=2902&creative=19466&linkCode=as4&creativeASIN=B0038JSGII&adid=1HMD6DKD7EAF8RPND0P8& Definitely no optical.... Hifitower.co.uk is actually a GERMAN company. Website looks well dodgy!!


think they forgot about any optical/coaxial sound inputs...shame really..!!


Can anyone find a review? I won't vote hot until I know if it's any good...