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Sonos Beam  smart Compact Soundbar (White) £369 at HiFi Confidential
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Posted 6th FebPosted 6th Feb
Sonos Beam smart Compact Soundbar (White) £369 at HiFi Confidential
Sonos Beam white £369 instead of usual £399 price, they also have the black version but it's £379. Free postage. Upgrade your TV with our most advanced & the latest Soundbar f… Read more

Black Friday is the best time to get Sonos products in terms of discount. But given its not black Friday and that's a few months away, it's not bad price.


I got one for £280 in the sales


its the best price right now so it deserves heat but they were 329 on black friday. Im waiting on that again.


I don't know why this is cool, it's a good price ?

Onkyo HT-S3800 5.1 4K HDR Home Cinema System with Bluetooth £265 @ HiFi Confidential
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Refreshed 20th JanRefreshed 20th Jan
Onkyo HT-S3800 5.1 4K HDR Home Cinema System with Bluetooth £265 @ HiFi Confidential
All credit to @i_need_bargains for the original, now expired (not sure why), find: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/onkyo-ht-s3800-51-4k-hdr-home-cinema-system-with-bluetooth-2… Read more

Subs tend to be quite high powered in relation to the rest of the speakers - you might as well use the power supply in the amp to concentrate on the detail of the sound / higher frequencies and offload the power requirements to a self powered sub. This way you can add a 200W RMS self powered sub on a much lower powered system and still get a decent balance of sound overall. I've got 2 active subs on my system - before I added them, the amp used to get quite warm at enthusiastic volumes for extended lengths of time. Now it barely breaks a sweat.


Why would you need a sub with an amplifier when the amplifier is the amplifier..:.


You are right, And as you say, "Sadly" , Because It is a cracking bit of kit for no money, It's not so much a problem if your not putting a Ultra Blu-Ray trough it, Your Blu-Ray won't be a problem, And it went for 90 quid plus £13 delivery, Stupid money for what you get Like I said, It's working out what you can do without, I would rather have this for £100 and spend £500 on speakers. 5 Kef Eggs for 80 quid, Bit scratched, But take them apart, And a couple tins of enamel spray paint later, Or a clean Set for £125,Then add a BK Sub for £215 and job done, A great system for less than 400 quid. I know I've gone well away from the original post, But once you start to see what some stuff once cost, It becomes good fun putting bargain systems together




Sadly no HDCP 2.2

Onkyo HT-S3800 5.1 4K HDR Home Cinema System with Bluetooth £269 @ HiFi Confidential
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Posted 26th Dec 2018Posted 26th Dec 2018
Onkyo HT-S3800 5.1 4K HDR Home Cinema System with Bluetooth £269 @ HiFi Confidential
5.1-Channel Home Cinema Receiver/Speaker Package. Big Sound for Small Screens! You’ve picked up a sweet flatscreen TV at the right price but the sound is just not cutting it. And … Read more
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If it's dts-hd master audio & Dolby trueHD certified, which are both 7.1 , why does it only have 5.1 connections? Seems strange. I only have a small room so wouldn't make much difference to me.


Yeah no probs.


Anyone know if this can be run in 3.1 and add the other speakers later when I can be bothered?


Are these as good as my older Matsui system? I get excellent sound at the moment, which is really on par with my TV speaker.


Has he been yet? XD

QE75Q6FN Samsung 75” QLED TV £1999 @ Hifi Confidential
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Posted 24th Dec 2018Posted 24th Dec 2018
QE75Q6FN Samsung 75” QLED TV £1999 @ Hifi Confidential
Pure colour across the whole colour spectrum with Samsung’s 2018 Q6F QLED TV. See nothing else. See full colour in the latest movies. Over a billion colours and shades brought to l… Read more
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Loads of stuff in industry news about QLED misleading a lot of people that is OLED. Just trying to help people know exactly what they are getting.


Erm, obviously this not an OLED, look at the price, an OLED at this size would be around £6K


Im waiting to buy the Sony KD75XF9005 in the new year. Is this Samsung in the same league in terms of picture quality?


Saw this TV in currys, not bad for 2 grand anything more is too much for this set. Been holding out for a while but just purchased with the free blu ray player from Crampton and Moore.


Yes to this. Pitch black room OLED wins every time. Anything else or if you are into games then go QLED...mine is awesome

LG 65UK6500PLA 65" 4K Ultra HD HDR TV(+ Free Delivery + 4k HDMI) £799 @ Hifi-confidential
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Posted 10th Dec 2018Posted 10th Dec 2018
LG 65UK6500PLA 65" 4K Ultra HD HDR TV(+ Free Delivery + 4k HDMI) £799 @ Hifi-confidential
Free Delivery (UK Mainland) Brand New Boxed Approved LG Stockist 5 Star Customers' Service + FREE - The High Speed 4K HDMI Cable 2M + Warranty 1 Year LG's UK6500PLA Series TV… Read more
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As if I'm going to read that (y) agree to disagree


Just not true anymore. I quote.. When it comes to both SDR 4K TVs and HDR models with wide color gamut and 10-bit color, the raw color volume differences between IPS models and VA models are almost null. In other words, all HDR wide color specs being equal, the two different display panel types perform about the same at delivering high dynamic range color, 10-bit color for 1.07 billion color values and overall color saturation. LG’s Super UHD 4K HDR TVs such as the UH9500 and UH8500are two particularly notable IPS TV models with superb color performance despite their weak contrast ratios and black levels compared to a typical mid-range VA HDR TV with the same HDR color specs. However, black levels and contrast do create a visual perception of more vibrant colors due to how the human eye perceives contrasts. Thus, a VA TV with deeper, richer blacks can look like its delivering sharper, richer colors in content simply because the onscreen dark tones contrast so much more sharply with colorful objects in the same piece of content. This is something that viewers should keep in mind and a reason why black levels and high contrast are considered so important for a more realistic and vibrant level of picture quality.


Colours are true colours though, for example Reds, Blues and Yellows etc. But blacks aren't as deep black you're right, but for action movies or gaming - which a lot of people buy these 4k TVs for - IPS is superior, due to the true colours and angle viewing. It is seen as the best of all worlds, a simple search on Google will bring up lots of comparisons between IPS and the rest.


Colour is far superior?! The blacks are grey lol. I think you are the only person I’ve heard who thinks IPS is better OTHER than for viewing angle.


How do you work that out? Colour is far superior with IPS to VA and TN, refresh rate is better with TN but IPS has the best of all worlds in my opinion with the added bonus of viewing angle, such as having it in the corner of a large living room.

Yamaha RX-V481D AV Receiver - DAB, AirPlay, Spotify, Dolby Vision, WiFi £229 @ HiFi Confidential
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Posted 27th Oct 2018Posted 27th Oct 2018
Yamaha RX-V481D AV Receiver - DAB, AirPlay, Spotify, Dolby Vision, WiFi £229 @ HiFi Confidential
First of all - no, it doesn’t have Atmos ;) But it does appear to have a lot else going for it. Some nice network music connectivity on top of the usual 5.1multichannel sound. Y… Read more
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This or the Sony dh790 for £299?


Guys this or Marantz Nr1508 for 249£? Pls what do you think really just want stereo speakers, center and sub connected. Also any point to buy q acustics 2020i that on deal at the moment?


Much things :)


In all seriousness, what does one use this for? What does it do that your average bluetooth speaker or Sonos doesn't?


Hook, line & sinker (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)

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Yamaha NS-51 5.0 Home Cinema Speaker Package £269 @ hificonfidential
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Posted 11th Sep 2018Posted 11th Sep 2018
Yamaha NS-51 5.0 Home Cinema Speaker Package £269 @ hificonfidential
A great Yamaha 5.0 Speaker Package with 'Floor Standing Speakers' which seems to have been recently reduced everywhere, but this seems to be the best price all in all after shoppin… Read more

Would Pioneer VSX-531 be a good match for power that set?




Are these wireless?


Ah cool, glad you got a result, maybe you can touch it up with a black marker pen anyway. Got mine installed the weekend, new atmos speakers and amp too so been binging on movies. Thanks again for posting the deal matey


Was offer £35.00 refund so took it, the damage is tiny no effect on the speakers or their quality so very please. got the full package for £234.00

Samsung Hw-ms750 Soundbar £449 (£349 after cashback) @ Hifi Confidential
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Posted 22nd Jul 2018Posted 22nd Jul 2018
Samsung Hw-ms750 Soundbar £449 (£349 after cashback) @ Hifi Confidential
£449 up front but comes down to £349 after cashback from Samsung. I really don't need a soundbar but very tempted at this price myself. Great soundbar by all reviews with the added… Read more
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why is this cold lol


True. I'm not sure what to do here. In no rush to buy so might wait but this is a cracking price. Will need bar a sub and a new TV before house move (priorities)


No idea. Thought it was quite good myself. Doesn't help when the first comment you receive is completely inaccurate.


Why do all these Samsung sound bar deals go cold when its scorching hot if there is so much as £30 off a Sonos system which is comparable to this? Odd. Anyway. Good find.


I'm having the same debate with myself. Was definitely going to get a sonos beam. No doubt about it..... Until I stumbled on this deal. Ruined my Sunday. Lol

Sony KD-55A1 BRAVIA OLED 4K HDR TV- Free 5 Year Sony Warranty with free wall mount and HDMI cable at hiFi Confidential for £2199
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Posted 22nd Jul 2018Posted 22nd Jul 2018
Sony KD-55A1 BRAVIA OLED 4K HDR TV- Free 5 Year Sony Warranty with free wall mount and HDMI cable at hiFi Confidential for £2199
Seems like a good deal, best next price I could see was around the £2399 mark. Can’t say I’ve used/heard of this retailer before but very good reviews on trustpilot (9.6/10) h… Read more

Shop demo model. They run them on different settings. Every oled tv in John Lewis had some element of screen burn when I went in. Some leds also had screen burn. I’m not sure what point is to be made. Leds are less prone but can still burn. Oled more prone but again depends on viewing habits. Enjoy the picture, get a decent guarantee and pay on credit card. All bases covered in my opinion.


Offer no long available ;(


Good to know. Mine went on for 9mths and I couldn't do it anymore and threw my toys out of the pram. Accepted a newer model from them as a replacement but still had similar issues so taking a Sony break. Can't argue with the picture quality of these oled tvs though


Yeah i had the some of them issues where the yv would restart and even turn its self on but alot of those have been iron out


Until you see this

Sony KD49XF9005 4K Ultra HD HDR TRILUMINOS LED TV - £1029 @ HiFi Confidential
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Posted 14th Jul 2018Posted 14th Jul 2018
Sony KD49XF9005 4K Ultra HD HDR TRILUMINOS LED TV - £1029 @ HiFi Confidential
Cheapest price I can find for this Sony 4k TV. Sony's KD49XF9005 is the latest 4K HDR TV with 4K HDR Processor X1™ Extreme, TRILUMINOS Display and X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO. Enj… Read more
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The OLED for sure. Wouldn't swap it for anything. I've got the LG OLED55C7V. It's perfect for me. Essentially the B7 with a different stand.


Which would you buy if you didn’t have the oled in your living room? And which oled do you have; if you don’t mind me asking?..


But the XE9005 didn't have the £1199 OLED TVs to compete with.


Fair enough. I understand that as I was looking at that too. Just hoping but in no rush as I’ve got oled in the living room and want something of near comparable quality for kitchen diner, whether it is this or a qled.


XE9005 never dropped to that price, cant see it happening with this model. Cheapest price at the moment, considering it myself, submitted for JL price match

SONY KD-65A1 at Hifi Confidential for £2849 @ Hifi confidential
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Posted 24th Jun 2018Posted 24th Jun 2018
SONY KD-65A1 at Hifi Confidential for £2849 @ Hifi confidential
GREAT TV, 65 inch oled, with GREAT sound system + sub built-in (you don't really needs sound bar)...

I ‘stand’ corrected :-).


A1 - stand with subbuffer, af8 no sub.


Same tv. Different stand.


Is got no subwoofer


How does this compare to the Sony AF8?

Sony KD65XF9005 (XF90 XF9005) - £1749 @ Hifi Confidential
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Posted 23rd Jun 2018Posted 23rd Jun 2018
Sony KD65XF9005 (XF90 XF9005) - £1749 @ Hifi Confidential
This well-reviewed set boasts full array local dimming, Dolby Vision (via firmware update), and X-motion clarity. The latter is a new way of implementing black frame insertion with… Read more

Price is now back up to £1989. Closed


Add your own ambilight - piece of cake.


I can’t touch anything that doesn’t have Ambilight.


Free Wall Bracket & 2M 4K HDMI Cable every little helps inc the 5yrs warranty. Aslo Free & Special 2 Man Delivery gets better as the delivery services i have looked at for big tv in the last couple of days are proper (poo)


Nice find and first deal @nick05 - welcome to HUKD :)

Samsung ue65mu7000 65" £999 @ HiFi confidential
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Posted 11th Jun 2018Posted 11th Jun 2018
Samsung ue65mu7000 65" £999 @ HiFi confidential
Great price for this 65inch model?. Includes 5 year warranty too.

I have gone for this TV it comes Sunday which is a funny day. I had a 58 inch Panasonic DX before.


Kool thanks for your reply.


Black levels are decent, game mode usually works for me for my PS4. There's a lot about this TV on AVforums if you're after settings.


This new model is the equivalent to the 2017 6100 which is a low end model, The MU7000 is a mid range set so has much better features and made a lot better


No comparison really the latest model is very basic. Mu7000 has better features. Extra remote (one remote) 40w on mu7000. 20w on 2018model also has 3 hdmi compared 4 on the mu7000. So it's been striped down

LG OLED65B7V £2279 + 5 YEAR WARRANTY. FREE WALL BRACKET & HDMI. £120 CASHBACK with CODE 65B7 - £2,279 @ Hifi Confidential
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Posted 26th May 2018Posted 26th May 2018
LG OLED65B7V £2279 + 5 YEAR WARRANTY. FREE WALL BRACKET & HDMI. £120 CASHBACK with CODE 65B7 - £2,279 @ Hifi Confidential
The LG OLED65B7V can be had for £2279.00 at HIFI CONFIDENTIAL using the CODE 65B7, which gives you £120 cashback, taking it from its original price at £2399.00 to £2279.00 It come… Read more

£2299 - 5% at Currys =£2184.05 https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/televisions/televisions/lg-oled65b7v-65-smart-4k-ultra-hd-oled-tv-10160643-pdt.html


Big dilemma 2500£ e7v 65 inch 2017 Or Same price 2500 £ 55 inch c8 pla 2018 Which one should I buy?




how so? RS selling for £2399 and doesnt come with wall bracket or hdmi cable (not that they cost a lot) Great TV though, have one myself,


Still a bit more expensive than the Richer Sounds deal

LG OLED 55E7N HiFi Confidential £1799 with £500 cashback, free Wall bracket and 2m hdmi cable @ HiFi Confidential
248° Expired
Posted 12th May 2018Posted 12th May 2018
LG OLED 55E7N HiFi Confidential £1799 with £500 cashback, free Wall bracket and 2m hdmi cable @ HiFi Confidential
For those of you who missed out on the recent Currys deal This appears to be a slight improvement. 5 year guarantee Free 2m 4k hdmi cable Free Wall bracket Free delivery £1799 th… Read more

I think it’s a universal one but I’m impressed with it


Did they provide the official LG bracket with this or a more universal one? Well done for all those that managed to get the deal.


Me too :)


Happy days!


My claim got validated (highfive)

Sony KD-49XE9005BU 49" Ultra HD 4K HDR TV - Free Sony 5YG - £929 @ Hifi Confidential
-147° Expired
Posted 25th Mar 2018Posted 25th Mar 2018
Sony KD-49XE9005BU 49" Ultra HD 4K HDR TV - Free Sony 5YG - £929 @ Hifi Confidential
Sony KD-49XE9005BU 49" Ultra HD 4K HDR TV with free Sony 5 year guarantee. With the Latest Sony KD-49XE9005BU See brilliant 4K HDR pictures full of contrast, detail and clarity, a… Read more

sorry i mis read title


This is the price that the 55 inch should be...




Argos have never held the 9005 in stock... the 689 is for the 8005...


argos have 55 inch version for 689

Amazing deal on Sony A1 - £2749 @ HiFi Confidential
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Posted 13th Jan 2018Posted 13th Jan 2018
Amazing deal on Sony A1 - £2749 @ HiFi Confidential
Hi, first time poster, I know this is a very expensive telly, but seems a really good deal, anyone have dealing with this company before?
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Xbox One X is firmware upgradeable to HDMI 2.1 and that came out last year. So clearly it's possible for manufacturers to choose to support it now.


The sound system in the A8 has an additional subwoofer. And it's thinner for wall mounting.


Quite, so it's free versus paid for and has a lot of momentum e.g. Samsung, Panasonic, Xbox, Amazon, Warner Bros, etc. Therefore it would be nuts to spend £3k on a set that doesn't show any signs of supporting it.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t HDR10+ simply a rival to Dolby Vision? From what I’ve read (not loads tbh) it offers little more. The benefit is to the manufacturers rather than the consumer in that they don’t have to pay a Dolby licensing fee. With regard to the AF8, it appears to simply be a re-skinned A1 with a different mount. You say the speakers are better, but from what I have seen they are the same. The the only tangible benefit I can see is that the AF8 will lead to a price drop for the A1.


You would have to be mad to spend this much on a TV that doesn't support the latest HDR10+ standard. Especially if you use an Xbox One as it's coming to that soon. Not to mention that the A8 comes out soon which has better sound and a lower wall mount profile with the same display panel.

Sony STR-DN1080 1080 Hifi confidential £449 @ HiFi Confidential
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Posted 23rd Dec 2017Posted 23rd Dec 2017
Sony STR-DN1080 1080 Hifi confidential £449 @ HiFi Confidential
Had my eye on this receiver and noticed a bit of a price drop. May come in handy for a price match with richer sounds etc.

You could get away with keeping your 1040. You only need hdcp 2.2 for 4K sources. You could keep your 1040 and get a 4K Bluray player which has a second hdmi. First hdmi goes to your TV for 4K video and the 2nd HDMI to your 1040 for audio. All your other 1080p sources will still go through your 1040. As for Sky, use the Sky box’s digital out.


So basically anywhere! Funny as I'd only searched hotuk and nothing had come up :) maybe I'll be able to pick one up in new year as my sony 1040 doesn't do hdcp 2+


Richersounds will gladly set both up in their demo room for you to compare.


I have I have considered the denon but it's hard too find any reviews online and the only direct comparison review is what Hi hifi, and the Sony comes out on top. Reading av forums some users are caining the overall build quality of denon products while praising them for being ahead of the curve and Sony just following the rest of the pack. The price of the denon appeals to me massively but I don't want to end up getting something just because it is cheaper and the end up regretting it later. Dilemmas


http://petertyson.co.uk/index.php/denon-avr-x2400h-av-receiver.html hughes.co.uk/product/audio/hifi-and-speakers/av-amplifier-and-receiver/denon/avrx2400hbke2gb sevenoakssoundandvision.co.uk/p-37600-denon-avr-x2400h-av-receiver.aspx richersounds.com/denon-avrx2400-blk.html

LG UP970 4K UHD Player £149 @ HiFi Confidential
205° Expired
Posted 27th Nov 2017Posted 27th Nov 2017
LG UP970 4K UHD Player £149 @ HiFi Confidential
LG UP970 This is the cheapest I’ve seen this player the next best price is Amazon @ £199! Hope this deal will suit someone 👌🏼 LG’s Latest 4K blu-ray Player featu… Read more
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OOS, expired.


Hot deal but none in stock?


Tried to price match with RicherSounds but unit is not in stock so no price match offered


I like that its out of stock yet at a special In stock price!


Just two apps available, Netflix and YouTube. Doesn't have app store either :(

Great Sony KD49XE90005 TV for a great Price - £949 @ Hifi Confidential
-90° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2017Posted 25th Nov 2017
Great Sony KD49XE90005 TV for a great Price - £949 @ Hifi Confidential
If you are looking at this deal you probably already know about this TV. What HiFi 2017 Best 47-52 inch TV Award winner. This is easily the best deal out there from what seems to b… Read more

Thats not quite right. Here reviews from Rtings.com: "Good all-round brightness. Even the worst cases such as sustained 100% window remain very bright. With 'Auto Local Dimming' and 'X-tended Dynamic Range' set to 'High' the X900E is able to make small areas very bright, and maintain this high brightness over time without fading." Here is a review for the XE93 (my edit in brackets) "The Sony X930D (UK XE93) can get very bright. For really bright highlights, both 'Auto local dimming' and 'X-tended Dynamic Range' have to be set to 'High'. Unfortunately, the TV brightness is also very unstable, and varies a lot when there is only a small highlight on the screen" The HDR on the XE90 is very good. What they do say is that there are brighter TVs like the XE93 series. I wouldn't buy a HDR TV which doesn't actually give you HDR. Check out the a review from the same site for the XE85 series "Decent HDR peak brightness. The TV is consistently bright when watching any content, however its lack of local dimming prevents it from making small highlights as bright as intended.." Also the XE93 is also quite a bit more expensive than the X9005 from what I have seen.


Typo mate I meant less than 1400. Fixed!


Why are you now looking for an OLED which is less than £1300, no one said that exists. I stated £1350, which is true.


KU is K series Ultra, KS is K series Super Ultra, MU is M series Ultra. 65" versions of the KS9000/9500 were going for rather cheap when they got discontinued and they blow all the MU ones away, KS7000 does that also. The XE93 is a better tv than the KS7000, but I'm not sure about the XE90. What't the point of HDR and all these things if the tv can't show it off because it doesn't go very bright. XE93 is literally twice as bright, or that's what reviews say. Colours on XE90 are meant to be fantastic though compared to the slightly skewed ones you get on other sets, plus FALD is great.


I was wandering about the KS7000. I have seen people complain that the 2006 Samsung models (like the KS7000) are better than the new MU models. Do you think that the KS7000 is an overall better TV than the XE90?