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Hifiheadphones Black Friday up to 50% OFF / SoundMAGIC E10 £19.49 & More
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Loads of great headphones on sale: SoundMAGIC E10C £23.99 Westone WX £83.40 Flare Audio Jet 1 £39.20 Westone W80 £809.40 Lots more...

final heaven II for under 40 is amazing


Soundmagic E10 earphones from £19.99.....Gotta be hot!


Hot for the E10s. Best headphones I've ever owned. Wear them daily (work and gym) and nightly (white noise) for years and still not broke.

SoundMAGIC E10BT In Ear Isolating Bluetooth Earphones with Smartphone Controls & Mic £24.99 with code at  hifi headphones
Found 4th Oct 2018Found 4th Oct 2018
Got an email through from HiFi Headphones announcing a sale on SoundMAGIC E10BT headphones, running until Monday. £59.99 reduced to £24.99 with the voucher 'SM35'. Get good reviews… Read more

Whey-hey - just found out that these will actually work whilst they're charging! Bonza.


If anyone is interested, this turned out to be a pretty great deal. Sound quality is great, although certainly not the best on the market. I had to slightly adjust the sound with EQ to liven them up a bit, but on the whole pretty good. The main reason I got these was for the battery life. These are well above average at 10-12 hours (I get around 10), so for £25 I'm pretty happy.


Thanks for letting us know :)


Received these yesterday. Not as good as I'd hoped. Worth the 25 but can definitely tell the difference from the wired versions. Signal is pretty poor, a hand in the way can interfear and it will struggle 2m away from source. Overall they're OK but nothing great. I wouldn't pay more than 25 however.


The wired version of these are great, and I happily paid £40 for those. To see the BT version at even less is awesome. Hot hot hot.

SoundMAGIC HP151 Closed Back Headphones with Detachable Cable, £64.99 (del) with code. (Update may work on other SM models too, cheers to M-z) @ hifi headphones
Found 19th Sep 2018Found 19th Sep 2018
Love SoundMAGIC headphones, fantastic bang for buck. Already got a pair of E10s buds and Vento P55 overhead portables, both are superb. Couldn't resist these at such a ridiculous p… Read more

These Cans are the nuts (party)


Good to know. Mine arrived today as well (y). Need to get a few bits done then it's un-packaging time and give em a try!


Got mine today - they're great! Will be sending bass-weak AKG K550s back......


Interesting, any chance of a link to the comment?


I picked these up last night, don't really use headphones much (don't need to lol) someone mentioned on Head-Fi that they compare to £1300+ headphones and I don't have any closed back at the moment so it seemed like something to … play with !

Soundmagic E10BT £24.99 delivered with code at HiFiHeadphones
Found 24th Aug 2018Found 24th Aug 2018
Soundmagic E10BT £24.99 delivered with code at HiFiHeadphones
Seems like a cracking deal for some very well regarded wireless headphones! Look to be about £49 elsewhere.

Wonder if you've maybe got a dodgy pair? If you're getting static/dropouts when you manipulate the wires it would suggest so. Mine are rock solid and I haven't experienced any crackling etc. Drop the seller an e-mail, I'm sure they'll sort you out.


yeah the round seals were there, I cut them open on delivery today, had a listen, wasn't impressed so left them until 9did a couple of listeners with a couple of others, and it just sounds poor. I've noticed some occasion crackles that are not on my MP3s, maybe tiny dropouts, and also can get some static if I touch the wires going into the bluetooth bit. They sound really poor, if someone else prior to me had paid 50 quid for them, then in reality they'd gone straight back, I'm wondering it they have been sent back and repacked somehow, as I said one of them had the rubber ear bits folded inside out which i didnt pay much attention to at the time, and rolled back, but thinking about it now, that can't really happen by itself.


was the box allright? tere should be two round stickers on the edges clearly showing if it was opened before


I think mine might have been a return that was resealed and shipped back out again - the left side has got what looks like some glue or sticky stuff (hoping its not ear wax!) on the top, and the rubber covering was inside out when I unpacked it and on close inspection, the battery has got some white marks down it. These things sound like total arse tbh - just tried them against the Sony headphones that shipped with the old XPeria Z2 and a pair of 99p Maxell from Wilko. Do Bluetooth headphones generally sound poor compared to 3.5mm cabled? First time I ever owned a BT set, and these things just sound horrid, sort of muddy sound like a HiFi playing in the next room...?


Giving mine their first listen atm. First impressions are good, sound-wise they're not too far removed from the wired versions. Battery box isn't anywhere near as bulky or problematic as it looks. Impressed for £24.99, especially with the usual mountain of eartips and case that Soundmagic supply. (y)

Soundmagic E10C Silver & Black £26.97 @ hifi headphones
Found 10th Aug 2018Found 10th Aug 2018
Soundmagic E10C Silver & Black £26.97 @ hifi headphones
£26.97£44.9540%hifi headphones Deals
Although the price say's £44.95 I've just discovered that if you use this code you get 40% off a new E10C and it comes with free shipping. Looks like the E10 range has 40% off with… Read more

I got the new one today and very impress with the sound quality and build. I was moving one from B&W c5 which driver seems to malfuction rather quickly. Three side of my C5 gone bad and has to be replace over a year. My other headphone seems ok and never been replaced. Thanks for posting...


I opted for the new ones but I agree, very happy with these! Build quality is something else if you are like me and used to cheaper options, a lot of different ear tips and the case is nice too. Thanks OP had my eyes on these for years


My refurbished ones came today. Like new and sound good.


thanks im gonna try doing it with magnifying glass see what happens anyway thanks for instant reply :D (y) (y)


You can get bigger 3.5mm jacks with screws which make it easier. But you lose the ability to use them with phone cases etc. I stripped the wires back and then positioned at right angles to the jack. Blob of solder on the jack, tin the wire (use a lighter to get rid of the insulation). Solder and pray (lol) .

Soundmagic Vento 55 closed back headphones £59 @ HiFi Headphones
Found 30th Dec 2017Found 30th Dec 2017
Soundmagic Vento 55 closed back headphones £59 @ HiFi Headphones
£59£176.2267%hifi headphones Deals
SoundMAGIC Vento P55 Closed Back Headphones with Replaceable Cable and Mic Amazon price £176.22 have good reviews.

Received mine and the quality is amazing. Will be keeping these


My headphones arrived today I'm well pleased with the quality and sound :D


I would like to hear what you think of the p55 when you have listened to them I am waiting to compare with my Grado 325's which are an amazing sound but not very comfortable.


I don't have a lot of experience in this field (£60 on these P55s took a while to justify) but my take on the difference between the E10 & E50 is not worth it if you already have one or the other. I don't like the descriptions of sound like 'openness' 'tight' 'muddy' but they serve a purpose when experienced. E50 are a bit more natural and open and I think I do prefer them over the E10. It's hard to double blind them as they have a different barrel so inserting them will give away which model it is... Even with help setting up the kit, the other person will be unlikely to get them in your ear correctly. Saying that I might at least try with the missus at some point. TLDR: if you have the E10 wait until you need to replace them and try the E50 then. If you have neither for an extra tenner or so on average I'd go for the E50. If the E10 is under £20 get them.


How are e50 vs e10?

SoundMAGIC P21 Closed Back Headphones - All Black - £12.99 @ Hifi Headphones (plius £2.99 P&P)
Found 12th Aug 2017Found 12th Aug 2017
SoundMAGIC P21 Closed Back Headphones - All Black - £12.99 @ Hifi Headphones (plius £2.99 P&P)
Looks like a great deal on these headphones. I think the usual price is nearly £30.00. Lookslike they are on ear that you can use for everyday use. Reviews seem okay, but at this p… Read more

Cant understand the cold votes, SoundMagic are a brilliant budget brand; my first experience of a set made me forget the low price tag, they completely outclassed the £130 famous name ear speakers I had been using.

Soundmagic E30 Black & White @ HiFi Headphones £19.99 with free shipping
Found 27th Aug 2016Found 27th Aug 2016
Soundmagic E30 Black & White @ HiFi Headphones £19.99 with free shipping
Looks like HiFi headphones are doing some sale for the bank holiday. These Soundmagic headphones are £20.00 off. They look really good and trusted reviews say they ar excellent. At… Read more

Looks like the white is all gone


Thanks OP

Soundmagic E10S colours £24.99 @ HiFi headphones with free shipping
Found 27th Aug 2016Found 27th Aug 2016
Soundmagic E10S colours £24.99 @ HiFi headphones with free shipping
Looks like £15.00 off these headphones that get great reviews. Seems to be only colours not black, but still a great deal.

Not good build quality, do not last. Frankly, I do not even think the sound quality is that good. But some people think the sound quality is good, which is a matter of opinion.


I replaced a set of the standard E10 which had lasted a good couple of years of daily use with the E10s version which then failed at the switch after 6 months. Good sounding headphones but the cable seems to fail at the joins around the switch very quickly, the standard version doesn't have this issue which'll be why it's rarely reduced.


£25.99 on Amazon with some not so good reviews. seems the IOS/Android switch may be problematic.

Soundmagic E10M earphones (What HiFi award winners) Half price £19.99 @ HiFi Headphones
Found 6th Jun 2016Found 6th Jun 2016
Soundmagic E10M earphones (What HiFi award winners) Half price £19.99 @ HiFi Headphones
These have won many awards and now they're half price! Also recommend popping into HiFi headphones if you're close by, great guys there :-)
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So what is the difference between e10s and e10m ? both seems to have mic?


I think apple earpods don't work with android (in-line controls) but I would look out for specific android ones to be sure, I know sony do some in ears around £20 which are marketed as compatible with android. My xiaomi hybrids work with my oneplus 2.


I've had the sound magic E10 headphones for 4+ years, they are very good. I too recommend using the Comply foam earbuds. I do regard these as disposable though as they split after a while.


I think that's the case with many cheaper options, people make it sound as though they're audiophile grade, however they're more like a really good sounding pair of 50 pound earphones and not a more expensive 20 pound pair :-)


Just returned mine to Amazon. Overall i was very disappointed by the sound (maybe expected too much after reading all the reviews).

Soundmagic e10M Silver £19.99 @ hifi headphones
Found 29th May 2016Found 29th May 2016
Soundmagic e10M Silver £19.99 @ hifi headphones
I thought the e10m had finished and even though there is a £2.99 delivery charge this still seems like a cracking deal for a good earphone with microphone

Need a new set, nice find jpr.


ordered these last week, now returned. That plastic iOS/android switch looks cheap as hell and in a stupid position plus if you wiggled the headphone jack the audio would crackle. Not as good as they once were.


My E10s are still going strong after 4 years. They are VERY picky with the ear buds themselves and can sound awful if you don't get a good fit. When they fit properly (and not everyone can achieve this) they sound excellent on my Sony Z5 (and also on my previous HTC M8) Supremely detailed and capable of prodigious amounts of Bass (on the Z5 using Poweramp No need to spend more, but far better than anything at this price point


Still good but only mid button will work. The only way to get Volume+/- to work is hardware-mod.


Any audiophiles out there can compare these with Xiaomi Hybrids? Hybrids are like £13 from grey market online but people saying after burn in they sound like 10x the price.

Audiofly Tiesto range discounted £19.99 + £2.99 del @ Hifi Headphones
Found 16th Feb 2016Found 16th Feb 2016
Audiofly Tiesto range discounted £19.99 + £2.99 del @ Hifi Headphones
Just got this email for Audiofly Tiesto range of earhones, 3 products from £19.99. Even the expensive one is £50.00. I am definately getting one, thought other people should know. … Read more
Aurisonics Rockets earphone clearance. £99 from £229 @ Hifi Headphones
Found 21st Jan 2016Found 21st Jan 2016
Aurisonics Rockets earphone clearance. £99 from £229 @ Hifi Headphones
These were huge on Kickstarter a while ago and cost significantly more than this even then. It looks like they are doing a clearout of the whole range, but the Rockets are probably… Read more
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Good find at this price!


Is it too late now to say sorry?


What do you mean?


These will most definitely make your Bieber sound better. #Belieber


Great sounding earphones at a rock bottom price.

Soundmagic E10 - Black & Red - Hifiheadphones - £19.99 + £2.99 del (£22.98)
Found 17th Jul 2015Found 17th Jul 2015
Soundmagic E10 - Black & Red - Hifiheadphones - £19.99 + £2.99 del (£22.98)
Was looking for earphones the other day and these were £30 pretty much everywhere and are currently £34.99 on Amazon so this is a pretty damn good price for what I hear are great e… Read more

Had mine for over a year, daily use, still look like new. Seems to be a bit of a lottery in terms of build quality


Please expire!




Not sure, my Sony's are far superior.


Are your MP3 at a high bitrate?

Soundmagic P30 headphones, usually £60 now £34.99 + £3.99 shipping - £38.98 @ hifiheadphones
Found 4th Jul 2015Found 4th Jul 2015
Soundmagic P30 headphones, usually £60 now £34.99 + £3.99 shipping - £38.98 @ hifiheadphones
I think this is a good deal and has excellent reviews from stuff magazine. http://www.stuff.tv/soundmagic/p30/review
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Soundmagic P30 headphones-Now 50% off - A Stuff Magazine 5 Star Winner £34.99 @ HiFi Headphones
Found 28th May 2015Found 28th May 2015
Soundmagic P30 headphones-Now 50% off - A Stuff Magazine 5 Star Winner £34.99 @ HiFi Headphones
Came across this deal for the SoundMAGIC P30 Headphones. they are available in black or white , and are ideal if you need some portable on ear headphones for travelling or use in t… Read more
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Ordered white and shipping is free. Ideal for taking on holiday.


Still white ones available....




Nice one OP, just grabbed the last black ones, and was free shipping too :D


Need to add £3.99 for delivery (cheapest option available) but good find nonetheless

Soundmagic EH10 Sports Earphones £19.99 Plus £2.99 delivery at Hifi Headphones
Found 16th Apr 2015Found 16th Apr 2015
Soundmagic EH10 Sports Earphones £19.99 Plus £2.99 delivery at Hifi Headphones
Soundmagic EH10 Sports Earphones @ Hifiheadphones.co.uk now only £19.99, currently selling on Amazon for £40. Just ordered a pair of these from Hifiheadphones after getting a promo… Read more
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SoundMAGIC E30 IEM Earphones - white cable and Pink end of bud £19.95 delivered @ Hifiheadphones
Found 15th Apr 2015Found 15th Apr 2015
SoundMAGIC E30 IEM Earphones - white cable and Pink end of bud £19.95 delivered @ Hifiheadphones
These are better than the E10 on here recently and a more expensive model. Postage is included in £19.95. I missed the E10 offer and had a look on site and found these. There was… Read more
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I didn't put in the title pink as its only the bud that is. People probably saw the listing on site and thought it was ALL girly pink. It's not as explained in the text.


You need to include both retailer and postage in the title (£2.95)

Award Winning Sound Magic E10  Earphones for £19.99 @ hifiheadphones
Found 1st Apr 2015Found 1st Apr 2015
Award Winning Sound Magic E10 Earphones for £19.99 @ hifiheadphones
I have been using Sound Magic E10 eaphones for 3 years and they are far far the best sub £50 headphones I have come across. They normall retail for £34.99 and its very rarely you s… Read more
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Can you mute the mic on these (Ei8htballs) if you want it off?


Just got this deal in an email from hotukdeals this morning and although its classified as scorching it's expired! I acted on it within 2 hours of receiving the email. Why does hotukdeals put in expired (scorching) deals? ? !!


£34.99 now cheers Pako


Prefer the pl11 myself.


Soundmagic replaced the E10 with the E10S (with mic) last year, which now dominates Whathifi awards (http://www.whathifi.com/soundmagic/e10s/review). Excellent headphones although I think the twisted, anti tangle cable looks pretty scrappy.

Half price Phonak Audeo PFE122 earphones with code FB12- HALF122  £64.98 (+ £4.99 del) at Hifi Headphones
Found 11th Jun 2012Found 11th Jun 2012
Half price Phonak Audeo PFE122 earphones with code FB12- HALF122 £64.98 (+ £4.99 del) at Hifi Headphones
Half price Phonak Audeo PFE122 earphones with code FB12- HALF122 It's back! For another THREE WEEKS you can get the Phonak Audéo PFE 122 for HALF PRICE by enter the code in this p… Read more
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This needs to be a hell of a lot higher again. They're a superb set of headphones at full price, easily the best purchase available for under £70!


You can also buy shoes at the poundshop..


Excellent ratings.. And half price = a worthy hot vote imo.. This isnt a would you buy one website, thus vote cold if you cant see yourself forking out this sort of cash for earphones. Look at the going price and this price! Huge difference..


Fantastic headphones. Great balanced sound. They're a steal at £64.99.


Get a 20 quid portable amp (FiiO or something), these phones will really shine then