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Posted 9 September 2022

HiFiMan Sundara Planar Dynamic Driver Over Ear Headphones - £250.91 @ Amazon

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HiFiMan Sundara Planar Dynamic Driver Over Ear Headphones The HiFiMan Sundara headphones are a pair of over ear headphones with planar dynamic drivers. What is a Planar Dynamic Driver? Sometimes referred to as orthodynamic headphones planar magnetic headphones differ to the more traditional dynamic headphone. Dynamic headphones generate sound by using a coil of wire (often called a voice coil) attached to a diaphragm and a suspension is created to allow the coil and diaphragm to move back and forth like a piston moving enough air to produce sound. However depending on the quality of the dynamic headphone speaker cone there will be inconsistencies across the frequency spectrum meaning that though many dynamic headphones have a very nice sound signature they are not necessarily 100% accurate when they reproduce an audio signal. Dynamic headphones also deteriorate quicker over time. In contrast planar magnetic headphones use an incredibly thin lightweight and resilient film diaphragm (around 1/10th the thickness of a human hair) stretched over a sturdy frame and placed between magnetic arrays. In these headphones the coil is unwound and spread across this film diaphragm. As the current flows the magnetic field is created within the headphone that causes the diaphragm to move. The film diaphragm in planar magnetic headphones is often lighter than the air it is moving meaning that they can be driven with an incredible accuracy. The sound they produce feature faster transients more responsive bass more detailed highs and a wider dynamic range than other headphones. As the voice coil is spread over a larger area than in traditional headphones planar magnetic headphones are also much better at dissipating heat and can handle a huge amount of power without distorting. Overall this type of headphone features higher sensitivity can play louder with tighter control and reduced colouration and more controlled directivity. However their design means they will suffer from more le.
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  1. Avatar
    These are easily one of the best open-back headphones in this price range.
    As they're audiophile tuning, it might be a little bass light for the average joe (I EQ up the sub-bass for a bit of fun.. so +5db 100hz and below). You'll get used to the sound signature and hear things you've never noticed before in music.. a sound microscope.
    Just a word of warning, HiFiMan are known for occasional quality control issues, so when you get it make sure to give it a good stress test and check for crackling or one ear sounding louder than the other.
  2. Avatar
    These or the free ones u get on the plane with the double jack into a converter ?
    These...as there's more chance of a strike happening with the planes.
  3. Avatar
    There's even an Open Box New option for £219.87!
    It’s £175.90 for the open box as they have extra 20% off
  4. Avatar
    Superb headphones.
  5. Avatar
    For about £50 more, you can pick up the XS which are much better and compare with the Ananda.
    Where from?
  6. Avatar
    Really really tempting, unfortunately neither my amp nor DAC have a headphone socket!
  7. Avatar
    Back up to £299 now but there is the option of 5 months interest free.