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Arcam rBlink for £139.90 or Arcam MiniBlink £79 - free next day P&P @ Hi-Fi Excellence Ltd
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Streaming high quality music from your favourite mobile device is now easy with the rBlink or MiniBlink Bluetooth audio converter. Arcam rBlink was £169, now £139.90 Eng… Read more

I haven't personally tried this unit, but the write ups for either of the Arcam units seem to indicate a typical high quality and pleasing sound that Arcam built their reputation on. MiniBlink is more for your compact hifi system setup, the rBlink aimed more at the appreciative HiFi enthusiast. (They also do the Arcam irDAC II DAC (RRP of ~£400 but currently £275 at Richer Sounds) which swaps the Burr Brown for an ESS ES9016 Sabre DAC, plus handles multiple inputs.) I purchased Arcam's rDock for the iPod Classic way back when, and plugging it into the HiFi you wouldn't know it was an iPod creating all those fabulous sounds. I'm sure it's a similar story with the DAC the rBlink has at the heart of it design (Burr Brown PCM5102 24bit DAC) As you say, AptX takes care of the Bluetooth transmission, ensuring your compatible device and the rBlink communicate with minimal latency. Then all those zeros and ones are fed to the onboard DAC which then does the hard work of decoding your music. If you've already got a DAC of your own, then this rBlink or MiniBlink isn't for you.


I'm not an audiophile at all but the bottleneck on these Bluetooth receivers is the transmission codec right? In this case AptX if your phone supports it? Does the quality of the DAC help at all? you can get aptx receivers a fair bit cheaper?

Pioneer XC 86 - £299.95 @ HiFix
Posted 8th MarPosted 8th Mar
Pioneer XC 86 - £299.95 @ HiFix
I thought this was a good deal, what do you all think? Its all singing and all dancing stereo CD with Wireless streaming capability

Oh yeh!! Sorry the N30 does not but the one i posted does.. duh!! 😘🤐


The pioneer N30AE does not have a cd player.


It does have a CD player chap


Thanks guys my bad!


N30AE - No cd player but a great network streamer. https://petertyson.co.uk/pioneer-n-30ae-network-player?gcpc&gclid=CjwKCAiAwojkBRBbEiwAeRcJZO_3Meg-eEUUOCLxtlOF9_RiBX1CoYckgYkJgmk5gGMY5CHd6sQFURoCWWcQAvD_BwE

Bose QC35 II Noise Cancelling Headphones £269.99 inc P&P @ Hifix
Posted 16th Mar 2018Posted 16th Mar 2018
Bose QC35 II Noise Cancelling Headphones £269.99 inc P&P @ Hifix
Cheapest UK price I've seen if anyone is in the market for these. Never used this site before, however they are UK based.
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Everything here is opinion, yours clearly differs. You claim Bose is better in every category, and then accuse me of giving false information?? :D :D You talk of build quality and my Bose cans fell apart :D Anyway not just my opinion pal, you can hear the NC difference here. And not sure how you can claim that Bose sounds better when they don't even support the high definition sound codecs... :/


That’s you opinion and many disagree,don’t come here give false information to people. Sony 1000XM2 is not better than QC35 II. Bose is much more comfortable,and sound better,designed better and has better NC. Sony is only relying on gimmicks lime touch controlls and codecs that are useless in streaming era.also Sony has appalling customer service and usually poor built quality.


this or the sony wh1000xm2?


Yeah mixed it up with LDAC :D


I made the request online and they accepted it giving me a case number. I then ordered at full price and contacted them later with the reference number to get the difference refunded. Worth the hassle for JL’s 2 year warranty.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Around Ear Wireless Headphones £339 @ HIFIX
Posted 27th Nov 2016Posted 27th Nov 2016
Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Around Ear Wireless Headphones £339 @ HIFIX
Best deal I could find for these particular headphones this weekend. I've not used the retailer but they have a very positive Reevoo score. Google certified too.
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These were £230 from amazon.es on a lightening deal a couple of days ago. My set arrived this evening. £339 is cheaper than most UK sellers, but not much of a deal in the great scheme of things. So far I'm underwhelmed by them. Maybe it's my source material and equipment, but the sound is nothing to get excited about and the noise cancelling feature does not seem that great. It injects white noise, which does not vary with volume setting, and you can still hold a conversation with someone whilst wearing the phones with it active. I was expecting far more for the price.


how much ??? lol . a pair of hd650 are cheaper and Miles better

Monitor Audio Gold 300 Speakers all finishes Ex display models £1795 @ Hifix
Posted 22nd Oct 2016Posted 22nd Oct 2016
Monitor Audio Gold 300 Speakers all finishes Ex display models £1795 @ Hifix
RRP £3000 The Monitor Audio Gold 300 Speakers are an impressive and dynamic sound producing speaker. Specifically engineered by experts at Monitor Audio, these high-end speakers gi… Read more

​Probably still lives at home with his mum and cycles to work and watches repeats of Geordie shore.Never argue with a fool you'll soon be let down.As for anyone paying this for speakers I say go for it.When you've heard a decent set you'll then understand the true meaning of being a music lover.Monitor audio stuff is great.


Err, well it's not, since Bentley is manufacturer of a car whereas Fiesta is a model of car.


OFF TOPIC: Im using 4 x MONITOR AUDIO CONCEPT MX1200 600 watt 4 way speakers myself in a 7.2 home cinema setup with 2 x Custom 300 watt Subs and 3 x 200 watt custom built 3 way speakers. you can hear the quality compared to the cheaper makes. audiophiles will spend the ££££s for the best sounds.


Makes me chuckle a bit to be honest. Most people spend this on a PC that lasts about a 6-7 years whilst you could keep these for 20 years plus. Myself would dump the cash into a really good sub and some lower power speakers.


Bet they sound great though with or without one :D

Quad Lite Plus 5.1 speaker package £549 down from £1199 ! HiFiX
Posted 11th Jun 2016Posted 11th Jun 2016
Quad Lite Plus 5.1 speaker package £549 down from £1199 ! HiFiX
"Hi Fi Cost Savers are mainly end of line products and negotiated direct with manufacturers with special deals and bulk buying forcing prices down and passing on heavily discounted… Read more
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grammatical error "once they're gone, there gone" maybe thats why its cold? (_;)


Have some heat. The cold voters probably believe that the sound from the £50 sound bar they have is amazing. :D


Agreed with above totally.


I wish when people voted cold they gave a reason for doing so. If you can find this at a better price then tell us all, if you can't then why is it a poor deal ?

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QED quinex usb-p A to B interconnect 1m\3m £10 @ HiFix
Posted 16th Apr 2016Posted 16th Apr 2016
QED quinex usb-p A to B interconnect 1m\3m £10 @ HiFix
In store only. Great HiFi shop in Coventry were selling this well made USB cable at 1m or 3m lengths for £10. Appreciate this is only local and people will make comments about cab… Read more

+1, but not at this price. Printer cost 20 quid and came with one.




​all the time!


my printer uses one :D


Devices still use it. Midi controllers, some DAC's, etc.

Quad Lite Plus 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker Package £549 @ HiFix
Posted 30th Nov 2015Posted 30th Nov 2015
Quad Lite Plus 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker Package £549 @ HiFix
Found and bought these after much deliberation. Mainly due to the price and decent reviews. I had originally considered the Monitor Audio MASS 5.1. Price new £549.00 . Price gener… Read more
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​See the reply below.


Build quality, sound, looks and packaging all very good. The speakers felt very solid and well crafted. The service from HIFIX (Frank Harvey) in Coventry was also very good(I visited twice). I found unfortunately that the really poor layout of my living room made even book shelf sized speaker unsuitable. The Quad was definitely better than the Boston acoustics soundware I got instead. But at a third or a quarter in size, the satellites are easier to hide. If it wasn't for that, I would have stayed with the Quad.


How are you finding the speakers? I am in the market and found your deal here! Deserved more heat!


​Thanks for that ;)


Sorry #ghettochild_2020, third posting attempt :( The dealership is Creative Audio which also list on Amazon. They seem fully genuine(Check Trust Pilot, secure payment etc.), but I agree that their web site is probably more functional rather than sleek (_;)

Quad Lite 2 AV System - LITE 2 AV SYSTEM BLACK - HIFIX
Posted 5th Apr 2013Posted 5th Apr 2013
Quad Lite 2 AV System - LITE 2 AV SYSTEM BLACK - HIFIX
Been looking for some new speakers, these have RRP of £1100 £900 here http://www.superfi.co.uk/p-2625-quad-l-ite-2-51-speaker-system.aspx ONLY £599 The Quad Lite 2 speaker syste… Read more

Never heard them myself, but they do seem to get pretty good reviews.


Anyone had any experience of these speakers? I am really tempted


I found this yesterday. Black was out of stock, I didn't check the other colours though. This one comes with a 5 year warranty, too. Good find.


Good find in silver here http://www.hificonfidential.co.uk/quad-lite-2-compact-5-1-home-cinema-speaker-package-silver.html


Great find, OP.

Bose SoundDock 10 - £424 @ HiFix
Posted 23rd Feb 2013Posted 23rd Feb 2013
Bose SoundDock 10 - £424 @ HiFix
Yes, before you start, I know it isn't a cheap system etc etc. But not everyone wants cheap systems! Bose SoundDock 10 sold at www.hifix.co.uk OR there is a retail unit in Coventr… Read more
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As long as you're happy, great. I was just pointing out that it may not be such a bargain. As you indicate you did'nt go for the Bose in the end.


I paid £480 for a B&W and I can assure you it's worth every penny!


Might be something to do with value for money?


Cold voting cheapskates! :-)


Simple nuts says it all.! :p

Quad Lite 2 5.1 Speaker system £599.95 from HiFix
Posted 2nd Feb 2013Posted 2nd Feb 2013
Quad Lite 2 5.1 Speaker system £599.95 from HiFix
Seem to be pretty well reviewed and have an RRP of about £1100, going rate seems to be about £800. I know they're not cheap but they're high quality speakers from a well-respected … Read more

'Cherry' is an aquired taste, but looks like a cracking buy to me... fantatsic quality... havent seen the lite 2 in the flesh, but the finish on the 11L's is a thing of beauty,........ Hawt




They are also available in black




heat up

Boston Acoustics Soundware XS 5.1 Speaker System (white only) - £219.95 @ hifix
Posted 6th Apr 2012Posted 6th Apr 2012
Boston Acoustics Soundware XS 5.1 Speaker System (white only) - £219.95 @ hifix
Details: The Boston Acoustics SoundWare XS 5.1 Loudspeaker System is an ultra-compact 5.1 speaker system that brings a new level of style and substance to the fast-growing surround… Read more

http://homeavdirect.co.uk/boston-acoustics-xs-5-1-speaker-system-in-white-ex-demo 199.99 for a white open box from the above company. I ordered 6 months ago from them. No problems


http://www.superfi.co.uk/p-9565-boston-acoustics-soundware-xs-51-se-speaker-system.aspx SE model for £239 less 10%.


http://www.superfi.co.uk/p-9565-boston-acoustics-soundware-xs-51-se-speaker-system.aspx SE model for £239 less 10%.


Equivalent jamo system is much better.


Also available for £209.97 (in store @ Hispek Electronics) 8 Acrewood Way, Hatfield Road, St. Albans, Herts AL4 0JY Phone - st. albans store direct 01727 791144 Sales - 01727 791133 link

DENON PMA510AE STEREO AMPLIFIER - £149.95 delivered @ HiFix
Posted 7th Oct 2011Posted 7th Oct 2011
DENON PMA510AE STEREO AMPLIFIER - £149.95 delivered @ HiFix
Know very little about this particular area, but heard good things about this reading online, and is a good price for new (and not B stock). Silver and black versions available. Fr… Read more
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Most modern TV's only have digital audio out via optical cable, no analog stereo phono's, as I was disappointed to find out when I bought my new Samsung LED TV. My previous TV was an easy connection to my big old NAD Amp via phono - had to spend a extra £40 for a DAC so I could connect the new one up to my amp.


Better than being a sour faced misery guts. What are you contributing then? You haven't even posted a deal in a year.


It's a stereo amplifier, its not an AV amp. So no dedicated video inputs for audio. Ie no hdmi. You can connect via phono cable if the source you are using has that type of output.


Think they are being 'funny'


So what exactly is the difference between this and a specific tv / video product apart from being stereo rather than 5.1?

YAMAHA NSBP200 SPEAKERS (PAIR) - NS BP200 £59.00 delivered @ Hifix
Posted 20th Jun 2011Posted 20th Jun 2011
YAMAHA NSBP200 SPEAKERS (PAIR) - NS BP200 £59.00 delivered @ Hifix
Details: While the design is unique, the Yamaha NS-BP200 two-way, bass-reflex speakers incorporate a number of the advanced construction techniques used for Yamaha's high-end Soavo… Read more
Posted 6th Mar 2011Posted 6th Mar 2011
Details: The Bose Sounddock Digital Music System lets you enjoy the music on your iPod with Bose quality sound. Its unique combination of small size and powerful performance is th… Read more
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Why so cold this is the mark 2 not the mark 1, next best price is £238!

Teac Wall Mountable DAB Radio with NXT speakers - £79.99 Delivered @ HiFix
Posted 28th Feb 2011Posted 28th Feb 2011
Teac Wall Mountable DAB Radio with NXT speakers - £79.99 Delivered @ HiFix
A bit specialist but this is a great buy, just bought one for my kitchen, this is wall mountable so can be flush with your wall (brackets included), just what I was looking for an… Read more
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Monitor Audio BR2AV Speaker Pack - Black £599 & Others @ HiFix
Posted 4th Oct 2010Posted 4th Oct 2010
Monitor Audio BR2AV Speaker Pack - Black £599 & Others @ HiFix
# Monitor Audio Bronze BR2AV Home Cinema Package, consisting of: # 1 pair of Bronze BR2 Bookshelf speakers # 1 pair of Bronze BRFX Rears # 1 Bronze BRLCR Centre Speaker # 1 BW1… Read more
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Wow. They do look like amazinf valye for money, especially when you consider that I spent £450 on Kef 2005/s.


MONITOR AUDIO BR1 SPEAKERS (PAIR) - BR1 £109BR1MONITOR AUDIO BR2 SPEAKERS (PAIR) - BR2BR2[image missing]MONITOR AUDIO BR5 SPEAKERS (PAIR) - BR5BR5[image missing]MONITOR AUDIO BR5 AV SPEAKER SYSTEM - BR5 AV BR5 AV[image missing]MONITOR AUDIO BRFX REAR SPEAKERS (PAIR) - BRFXJust ordered these myself[image missing]MONITOR AUDIO BRLCR SPEAKER (EACH) - BRLCRBRLCR[image missing]I'm sure there is plenty more if you look around on the site.


[image missing]

Posted 8th Sep 2010Posted 8th Sep 2010
The Denon D-M38DAB micro component system (£199) + Monitor Audio BR1 speakers (£126) . A fantastic mini hifi system with USB / IPhone / Ipod /MP3 /WMA/ CD/ CD-R/CD-RW/ DAB Radio/ D… Read more

The USB playback on the DM37DAB sucks. The mp3 CD thing works well though. I love my Denon - it's great. Bargain.


Thanks - quite tempted with these speakers


The product manual states. It supports USB compatible file systems with FAT16 or FAT32. If the USB device is divided into multiple partitions only the top drive can be selected. Mp3 and WMA can be played. I would expect a portable USB drive to work, if it is partitioned correctly and has the correct file system for this system.


Does the usb port allow playback from a portable usb HDD like my 500gb Maxtor?


This Denon is very good - the BBC uses a similar model

AMAZING DEAL, Monitor Audio BR series with Chord Carnival Wire £126 @ HiFix
Posted 31st Jul 2010Posted 31st Jul 2010
AMAZING DEAL, Monitor Audio BR series with Chord Carnival Wire £126 @ HiFix
Report this post Reply with quote We have the Monitor Audio Bronze range at reduced prices, which are as follows: BR1 £126/pair (180) BR2 £161/pair (225) BR5 £299/pair (440) BRLC… Read more

WRONG! 8ohm speakers are easier to drive than 6ohm speakers...


No, just means they are easier to drive than 8ohms speakers, so they will envariably sound a bit louder on the same amp is all. Any decent amp will do just fine.


If the speaker says 6ohms does that mean you need an amp that puts out in 6ohms?


can you find better ?


whenever somebody writes 'AMAZING DEAL' its invariably not average price cold

QED QONTOUR ULTRA FLAT (1mm) Speaker Cable (p/m) only £1.60 delivered @ HiFix
Posted 15th Jul 2010Posted 15th Jul 2010
QED QONTOUR ULTRA FLAT (1mm) Speaker Cable (p/m) only £1.60 delivered @ HiFix
A good quality flat cable that's ideal for running under carpets from a quality manufacturer unlike "cough cough-Onkyo-cough cough". Average price elsewhere = £2.25. Details: Qont… Read more

30 Amp mains cable ain't flat though is it so has no relevance to this deal whatsoever!


I did actually use the 30 Amp mains call when I was a student (very long time ago) and it was not bad. Difficult to attach to the speaker terminals though.


Naw, 3 core 30 Amp mains cable is what you need! ;-)


just wait the plank who says....bell wire is only 99p for 1 mile @ netto or lidl