High 5 Energy Source 4:1 - 1.6kg Tub - £16.75 with Free Delivery @ discount supplements + 10% Quidco
High 5 Energy Source 4:1 - 1.6kg Tub -  £16.75 with Free Delivery @ discount  supplements + 10% Quidco

High 5 Energy Source 4:1 - 1.6kg Tub - £16.75 with Free Delivery @ discount supplements + 10% Quidco

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I usually pay close to £22.00 when buying this from Wiggle (RRP is £24.99)!

10% from Quidco, too.

This stuff seems to get great reviews from most places - 4/5 from MBUK, 9/10 from Cycling Plus and 4.5 out of 5 from Bike Radar.

High 5 Energy Source 4:1 provides you with the energy and extra push you need - when you need it most. Ideally used during exercise, High 5 Energy Source 4:1 can also be used before and after your workout. Containing carbohydrates, protein, BCAAs and Amino Acids, High 5 Energy Source 4:1 works to provide your muscles with energy, prevent muscle breakdown and provide mental focus!

EnergySource 4:1 is an advanced fuel for use during exercise. It contains 4 parts Super Carbohydrate to 1 part Whey Protein. This means that:

EnergySource 4:1 can provide endurance athletes with more energy than carbohydrate alone and that protein protects muscles from being broken down and used as fuel during endurance training and competition. Further research shows that this ratio drives more energy into working muscles, providing athletes with a 24% -29% increase in endurance over carbohydrate only drinks and a 57% increase in endurance over water.

EnergySource 4:1 contains a High Electrolyte Anti Cramping formula , designed to maximise fluid uptake and minimise the onset of cramp.

EnergySource 4:1 delays fatigue: With the right carbs and protein ratio (4 Carbs to 1 Protein) the gastric emptying speed is not slowed and there is a larger insulin response resulting in more carbohydrate (energy) being 'driven' into the working muscles during exercise. Ingested Protein also causes insulin to be released. Another cause of fatigue is only partially understood and seems to be the accumulation of neurotransmitters, namely serotonin, that are associated with negative mood states such as feeling tired or loss of will, in particular parts of the brain during endurance type exercise. By ingesting whey protein and using its BCAAs there is no need for your body to break down muscle and therefore the level of Tryptophan is reduced enabling athletes to exercise or compete longer. Whey protein is considered to be the best type of protein to include in any sports drink.

EnergySource 4:1 prevents muscle protein being used as a fuel during exercise. The protein in EnergySource 4:1 makes more amino acids available for fuel and saves your muscle protein from breaking down. Blood insulin levels are maintained at a high level and Cortisol remains low preventing your muscle protein being broken down and used as fuel.

EnergySource 4:1 also prevents Free Radical damage - Free Radicals are molecules that attack and damage muscle protein resulting in muscle soreness and stiffness.

Benefits include:
1. Optimised for maximum energy and fluid replacement.
2. Proven in the Worlds toughest races
3. Real fruit juice flavour gives a light refreshing taste
4. Easy to consume in large quantities, even when youre racing hard
5. Gentle on the stomach and easily metabolised
6. Contains all essential electrolytes
7. Immediately dissolves into cold water
8. Suitable for vegetarians and GMO free



lol thanks, been a while since I read so much fake medical science.

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lol thanks, been a while since I read so much fake medical science.


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Hmmm - strange that this has received so many cold votes. I'd love it if someone could post a link to a cheaper price for this stuff.

not sure why this wasn't hot.. still best price at 17.75 but only citrus in stock.. unless anyone can do better?

anyone beat £19 for summer fruits?

Summer Fruits is back in stock (OP link)
both £17.75 + Quidco (not sure if its tracking).
ordered, thanks

wow really impressed -
next day courier delivery, even on a small order, for free. not sure how they do that.
will definitely use that site (DS) again.. thanks OP.

Lol. I bought this last week and used it on a 60mile ride with the fast boys on Sunday
Dont know about the science/marketing hype ratio behind it, but I did feel as if I had more in the tank on the final hills in comparison to my PSP22 or Go drink I have used for years.

Think Im a convert onto this stuff from the SIS drinks at last (my mates all use High 5). Good price too!

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Hah hah - my reply is a little late, but I'm glad that this deal actually helped out a few people.

Unfortunately their prices have gone up now. Oh well - I still have about half a tub of the Citrus flavour.
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