High Quality Just Simple HDMI to HDMI Lead 1.5m @ £4.67 Amazon UK
High Quality Just Simple HDMI to HDMI Lead 1.5m @ £4.67 Amazon UK

High Quality Just Simple HDMI to HDMI Lead 1.5m @ £4.67 Amazon UK

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this is a good quality hdmi lead! dixons have the same brand for 15 quid!


Just watch out for the length - 1.5m is .3m (ie 1') shorter than 'regular' 1.8m/6' cables. Fine/tidyif it meets your needs but not if it's really too short. I found out the hard way that being able to pull out a HDMI DVD player to plug in the cable and thread cable through to back of TV required a longer cable than I initially thought/bought.

not going to vote because although it is a good price for the brand a hdmi lead is a hdmi lead and that's far too much to pay for one. As far as I understand it you don't get good and bad quality hdmi leads because it is a digital signal, not analogue so the signal doesn't degrade from a poor quality / cheaper cable.

Ok... here we go... and wait for the deluge of abuse... I've compared a number of hdmi leads on my Pioneer Kuro 5090 (no ol' rubbish - regarded as just about the best panel you can get) and I can categorically state that hdmi leads are not all the same: you get what you pay for. I've A/B'd cheap ones for £1 and decent ones of different makes, and I reckon that if you buy a QED (you can get one discounted for around £25-30, and some AV mags even give them away with subscriptions) you'll get a better picture than with something costing £1. In my experience, the hdmi lead SKY supply with their HD box is nfg, yet the one supplied with the 360 isn't bad, but not great. If you have SKY HD, you'll definitely get a sharper pic and brighter colours with a better lead. I've tested it myself extensively with a number of leads on SKY HD, DVDs, Blu Rays, PS3 and a 360. There's no point spending hundreds/ thousands on AV gear and not using decent connectors, or your system will be reduced to the quality of its weakest link. The accepted wisdom is that all hdmi cables are the same 'cos they're digital. Take it from me - they're not.
There... I've gone and done it, 'cos I'm fed up with reading a lot of misinformation about hdmi leads on here. Hope this helps any interested parties.

Thanks for putting me right, I'm not going to give you a tirade of abuse haha, sorry to post something that was wrong.

Just FYI 360 doesn't come with a HDMI lead anymore and they charge around £22 for theirs, that's why I just ordered a cheapo one off of Amazon, will let you know how it looks on my new 19" LCD over HDMI compared to CRT Monitor over VGA.

No worries! £22 for the XBOX lead is a bit strong - it's better than the £1 ones, but a QED or IXOS are good choices. Ebay's a good place to find them, and some AV dealers have them on offer. I bought a cheapo from Amazon and it wasn't much cop. Of course, HD looks better than standard def so it's natural to be impressed, even with a cheap lead. Whether it's worth spending £100 or more on an hdmi lead I don't know - you'd have to be a real buff to spend that, but £25 will make a decent improvement, I'm sure. Good luck!

thanks -- it appears a hard sell in shops --who sell all sorts of stuff as best on market - never bought one except on internet as so expensive-- oh dear

The VGA connection was HD at 1280 x 1024 on a crt monitor but being analogue VGA colours were a little washed out, we'll see was 720p over HDMI compares on a cheap lead.

Glad to help. You can't go wrong with QED - it's good stuff.

Up to £8.60 now!!
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