High School Musical 2: Work This Out! (DS) - €3 @ Gamestop Ireland

High School Musical 2: Work This Out! (DS) - €3 @ Gamestop Ireland

Found 18th Oct 2010
Probably the least impressive title yet from the GS Ireland deals, but still a deal as the next best is £6 @ MyMemory


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Link here … Link here http://www.gamestop.ie/35875_Nintendo_DS_High_School_Musical_2_Work_This_Out_.aspxYour's is not working.

Thank. Seems to be the case with all the GS Ireland deals. HUKD must not like linking to the site

God damn, I miss out on lost planet 2 on both days it's on there and now when I catch a deal it's ****!

Feeling the same re: crap game / missing out on others. Ordered it anyway, at this price it'll do as a stocking filler (maybe even a joke present for the g/f...)
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Cack! was hoping for better. tomrrow is last 1 euro game so hope its something better than this.

What a game that was. You have to set up an account and confirm the account then log back in. All I want to do is pay!!!
Good deal voting hot but rubbish site

Has anyone else here still NOT been charged for a Gamestop order? I ordered Red Faction on Saturday when it was the 1 Euro deal, paid for it (or so I though), got the confirmation emails - but there's no money been taken out my account.

I havent been charged for red faction yet but have been for ps3 lost planet. both say acquired still.
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