High school musical 3 sing it with mic for the wii - £15 @ Sainsburys
High school musical 3 sing it with mic  for the wii - £15 @ Sainsburys

High school musical 3 sing it with mic for the wii - £15 @ Sainsburys

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High school musical 3 for the wii console with free micrpohone.

Was in my local sainsburys today lady said it was all sainsburys. Alder hills poole had over 10 left. My kids singing away as I type


was in my local too in East Kilbride

Thanks, heat/reps added. This is a great deal. I missed out on the Morrisons deal and I ordered a usb to mic connector from DX. I was gonna give that a go since I got a spare mike. typical, I saw this offer yesterday and went to buy it today and my post from DX arrived today also. Oh well, if the DX one works, I got myself two mikes

Im surprised this hasnt got much heat as the Morrisons deal considering this is cheaper.

I got this hotukdeals.com/ite…19- last week.
Phoned Sainsburys last night and they're keeping one for me - my mums picking it up for me so I don't have to take the kids up there - my 8 year old daughter would want it NOW!

Can you use 2 mics with these games or are they one player only (as I will now have two mics!)

Might want to change the title from singstar to sing it though as thats what the wii version is called!


Thank you so much. I have just bought one.

I saw this in Sainsburys Telford at the weekend, didn't post it as there was only one and I thought it wouldn't be nationwide. Good price, keep your kids quiet this week :thumbsup:

you can use 2 mics
I would keep it, i have trouble doing duets with daughter as she doesnt wanna let go

Thanks for this, great bargain, I had to ask at my local store as they didnt have them out on show. Without mic it was £30 they also had the ps2 version without mic for £15 so real bargain :-)

thanks to the OP, went past my local sainsburys and the had them out on the shelf with £30 sticker, asked someone to scan it and she said £30.00. Asked her to check another she came back and said she only had ones with the mics with them, said thats it, scanned it and £15.00. She said sh was gonna grab one herself. My girls are singing and dancing away like mad, will keep them busy for the rest of the hols not sure if the missus is too pleased though!

Thanks for this - have got one saved for our friends daughter for her birthday

Mum picked it up for me yesterday and it was the last one Ipswich Ranleagh road had in stock so thanks soooooooooooooo much for posting or I never would have got it!

got one yesterday for DD's b'day many thanks!!

I got one today! So chuffed, there was quite a few left at crystal peaks in sheffield.

Was in Sainsburys last week and saw the dummy boxes for this in the chart. Picked one up for my cousin, then the staff at customer services said they have never stocked it with mic and don't have it, in fact she said it just doesn't come with a mic. I did promotion work for Disney over xmas on this particular game so I knew that you could get it with mic, when I said oh no there is definitely a boxed version with a mic, perhaps you just don't have it in stock. The stupid **** said to me... you do know this is Sainsburys. To which I obviously replied "are you ******* serious, I'm in Sainsburys, for ***** sake I've done it again, I thought this place was HMV, with all the food, ****** uniforms and orange and blue decor... Ofcourse I know i'm in Sainsburys **** off I don't appreciate how rude you have just been." Then when I went in today... they had them on display in the sale area... would have loved to have found that same rude little **** to shove it down her throat.
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