High School Musical MP3 Player ONLY £1 (RRP £29.99) WH Smith
High School Musical MP3 Player ONLY £1 (RRP £29.99) WH Smith

High School Musical MP3 Player ONLY £1 (RRP £29.99) WH Smith

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Disney High School Mix Stick 512MB MP3 Player

Technical Details:
This Disney High School Musical MP3 player works with both MP3 & WMA formats
512MB of built in memory, expandable up to 1GB via SD/MMC slot
Built in rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours of playback time
3.5mm Headphone Jack/USB connectivity
Includes earbuds, lanyards & software CD

Was changing prices at work this morning, and these have gone down to £5 (Have since gone down to a £1) at WH Smith... So I bought the only 2 we had... for my little cousins. Great... considering I managed to get the Disney speaker system for it for £3 from PC World, thanks to a post on here...


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Guessing it is only instore as can't find them on the website... Got 2 for £10 then with Staff Discount only came to £8.75

whereabouts in the store would they be donbreach?
I can't imagine which department to look in!

elsie x

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These were in a small store, we had them on the shelf behind the back tills... So Entertainment desk. Best thing to do is ask... say you have seen them in a different branch. The problem is, different stores have different stock these days (blame Kate Swann)... The store I used to work at have random Nokia mobile phones for sale...
This is the exact one (link below), I got two of them (the only two in our store) as shown on amazon, but at £30
I've already given them to my mum, otherwise I would have typed the barcode on here for you to use to get your local branch to stock check your area... but hopefully they should be still able to find it.
Good luck finding some, let me know how you get on :P x

thanks our store now accommodates the post office so there's no
longer an entertainment desk as such - I'll certainly ask when I go in
next time and it's handy to see the original packaging - cheers :thumbsup:

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If you can get them... my manager told me these have now dropped price even more... down to a measely £1...

have asked twice now, but no joy :cry:

and only a pound - that makes it even worse! lol!

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Paid £8.74 for two (with staff discount) and I could have got them cheaper... gutted. I will keep an eye out for them in every WH Smith I go to. Will let you know if I can get hold of one. Then could send it to you... (obviously with yourself covering the £1, paypal fees and postage which would probably come to £3). I doubt there will be many left knocking about. But worth keeping eyes peeled for.

this post is like putting a lollipop in a baby's mouth and pulling it out again!

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Sorry... not saying they are easy to get hold of... I managed to get 2... hopefully someone out there can find them on the off chance in a WH Smith and snap them up.

LOL at you guys!!!!

if you can get hold of one or two for me donbreach I'd really appreciate it
I realise that it is unlikely but I am very grateful for the offer!:thumbsup:

elsie x

Been to four stores now with no joy - don't think it was meant to be!!! ;-)

Also looking for one at that price, none locally, phoned customer services but they needed the barcode to search. Congratulations to everyone that managed to pick it up at that price.

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I think they all may be gone by now... sorry if people didn't get one in the end.
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