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High Society Board Game £8.95 (Prime) / £13.44 (non Prime) at Amazon
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High Society Board Game £8.95 (Prime) / £13.44 (non Prime) at Amazon

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Posted 7th Apr

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Big thanks to @solid for pointing this one out to me.

And old Knizia classic pretty cheap. 7.0 on BGG. NBP is Ebay

Reiner Knizia's classic auction game returns in a new edition from Osprey Games! Players must out-bid one another in an effort to acquire the social status they deserve, whilst avoiding scandals which will ruin their reputation. The player who achieves the highest status without going broke will be crowned the winner!

"Dice Tower Seal of Approval! If you've never heard of [High Society] it's time to discover this game.... High Society in this new printing is excellent. I would say go out and grab yourself a copy." - The Dice Tower "This game probably elicits the most laughter of any auction game I've ever played." - Drive-Thru Review ". . . the artwork is phenomenal!" - Board Games & Beyond "There's something special about these moments when I get to say this to you, so let me just rejoice in it for a little minute--High Society is really, really good!" - NoPunIncluded "Such a tight, brilliant, short, auction card game. I used to have the previous version and now Osprey have brought it back, they haven't changed any of the rules, but they've delivered this amazing artwork in this lovely small box, and for me it's just a quintessential travel game." - Actualol "I love this one, It's a lot of fun." - Ding & Dent "I really enjoy [High Society], especially for something so simple." - Rolling Dice & Taking Names "High Society's primary achievement is in conveying thematic weight that outstrips its size. This is a thoughtful design shaped with a sense of purpose, and in many respects it's one of the best examples of a game being more than a game." - Player Elimination "...a tense game with interesting decisions. It's easy to learn, easy to teach...it's portable and has good artwork." - Bower's Game Corner
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Not sure why the app thinks that picture formatting is acceptable but there we go
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I have played this many times and it never disappoints. Excellent game, works well at all player counts
Yep, great game. Highly recommend it!
What would you say is the minimum number of players you need, ideally?
eayragt07/04/2020 11:02

What would you say is the minimum number of players you need, ideally?

Bgg says 4-5 but comments above suggest that as fun with 3
No longer this price sadly
Great game, loved playing this down the pub...those were the days.
evolad973807/04/2020 13:47

No longer this price sadly

I'll expire as looks like Amazon are playing with price a bit. Thanks for letting me know
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