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High Speed Ouigo Train - Jul to Dec tkts - Barcelona to Madrid - Valencia to Madrid - single £8.90 adult / £4.82 child @ The Trainline

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If holidaying in Spain this year, high speed train operator Ouigo has just released 1.7 million tickets on sale for the travel period 9th July to 9th December from 9 euros, which you are able to book via The Trainline. There are some cheap single train tickets, with routes including Barcelona to Madrid, Valencia to Madrid, Zaragoza to Madrid with prices working out at £8.90 for a semi flexible adult ticket or £4.82 for a child ticket. Speed of the train is up to 300km an hour.

Luggage allowance - One small carry-on luggage, plus a handbag, per passenger. Large luggage is an extra £4.65 which seems good value.

  • Barcelona to Madrid
  • Madrid to Barcelona
  • Valencia to Madrid
  • Madrid to Valencia
  • Zaragoza to Madrid
  • Madrid to Zaragoza


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1.7 million train tickets on sale from 9am - source Murcia today
Trainline More details at Trainline
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  1. littlemisslettin's avatar
    I have been on this trainline from Valencia to Madrid and it was amazing - huge comfortable chairs, lots of leg room and air con (much needed in June). Had a screen where you could monitor your journey which was fun for the kids (as well as looking out of the window). They are not kidding when they advise you of the boarding time - our train left 2 minutes early by their clock.
    t3r4's avatar
    This will not be the same experience as that, you probably took Renfe AVE, this is OUIGO which is a budget operator. There is another budget operator Avlo, plus another full service operator called Iryo.

    Still way better than Ryanair/easyJet etc. But this is still a budget version - if you are on the bottom deck in particular it can be a little cramped. Lots of pictures online to compare - worth mentioning!! (edited)
  2. sm9690's avatar
    Ouigo fares always start this cheap. Book direct and with a fee-free card not via the trainline as you don't pay any booking fees...9 euros works out at £7.88
  3. belcher142's avatar
    We have done this similar from Alicante to Madrid. Highly recomended.
    Dead cheap and only 2 hours. Wonderful way to see the countryside of Spain, and surprisingly green.
    After doing this, it drove us to do more train travel in Europe.
    afroylnt's avatar
    'it drove us to do more train travel in Europe'; excluding the UK. In the UK train travel drives you to drive more
  4. Simonthepieman's avatar
    gg1pl's avatar
    UK is only 60 years behind the EU, we'll show them in 2035+ how we're leading from the turnip sunny uplands
  5. lastjunkie's avatar
    Barcelona to Madrid, 626.4km, for £8.90
    Glasgow to London for, 648.6km, from £32.80 - £107.30 on the same day as above (15/08/23).
    Twelve times as much for a similar journey. what a fantastic system.
    Laurence_Saunders's avatar
    Even that's not a fair comparison as this is an actual high speed rail line, whereas the UK has zero of those for domestic travel
  6. arrishort555's avatar
    Meanwhile, in the UK...
    villageidiotdan's avatar
    WTF, £6 for an offpeak single journey lasting 6 mins. Madness
  7. unicorn9's avatar
    Don’t ask the price from Reading to London
  8. Kijoki2's avatar
    The comments are encouraging to buy even though I've not got any plans of traveling to Spain this year
  9. fatlotofuse's avatar
    Maybe cheap for a reason . Do these ones fit through the tunnels?
    graham.johnsonZCH's avatar
    HA HA HA you are funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. mailboxmessage's avatar
    Only 17c after two minutes of posting?
    Come on, this is the hot deal of the week.🔥 (edited)
    AleF's avatar
    It's often this price and you pay extra by using Trainline for no reason
  11. debschillen0704's avatar
    I want to get on one just to travel on a train at this speed. Looks fantastic
    hi0parag's avatar
    Or you could wait for HS2 :/ 😜
  12. villageidiotdan's avatar
    Went a few years back on the high speed train from Madrid to Seville. Had always been keen to do it having heard about it years ago. It's a little rough round the edges now but all the more charming for it and goes through some incredible countryside. Oh, and the biggest plus is you get off at Seville which is a gorgeous city
  13. Grazz0r's avatar
    Yep I've done this. Brilliant trip. If you're a solo traveller or a couple paying for the XL seat is recommended. These are previously first class carriages so you get much more room and less people in the carriage. Do it- you won't be disappointed!
    And yes- turn up at least 30mins before departure as your luggage needs to be X-rayed!
    graham.johnsonZCH's avatar
    Yes you can't start boarding though until 30 minutes before departure and they close the gates 5 mins before departure, even though they can easily make up lost time. (edited)
  14. TiredParent's avatar
    Hot Spain Deals
  15. JohnDmith2222's avatar
    Took this exact train last year. It was exceptionally nice. You can also get extra legroom seats on the upper level for a very reasonable price. One of the nicest holidays - flew into Madrid and flew out of Barcelona. Personally, I preferred Madrid.
  16. ziggycj's avatar
    Is it OK to take folding bikes on this? How can I find the T&C around this?
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