Highland Park 12yr old single malt whisky £21.99 at Waitrose Wine Direct

Highland Park 12yr old single malt whisky £21.99 at Waitrose Wine Direct

Found 8th Apr 2010
First post, I hope this is right.


Waitrose currently has a few great reductions on quality single malt whiskies that will be running till April 13th.

Highland Park 12yr old is considered by many experts to be one of the finest single malt all rounders and with a £6.50 reduction it's great value.

Okay, it's not the £16 Jura posted a week ago but many are struggling to source that product in their stores. The Highland Park is streets ahead of the Jura in every respect.

Worth a look.


Not sure about the price, but can certainly recommend the whisky

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This is the cheapest you will find this product anywhere. Therefore worthy mention.

Great whisky, at a good, but not earth shattering price.

It usually seems to be on offer at one of the supermarkets at around the £21-22, but unlike some other brands (*cough* Whyte & Mackay's Jura *cough*) they aren't so willing to prostitute themselves on price.

I expect it will be at Tesco next at this price, before it returns to Sainsbury's in time for a Father's day promotion!


Just bought two. Seems reasonable to me when a bottle of bulliet bourbon is usually £18. Can't wait to try it!


mmm nice with Sprite


mmm nice with Sprite

Clearly this is flame bait! :roll:

Prefer the 18Yrold myself.


Prefer the 18Yrold myself.

Good idea to stay legal . . . ;-)

Seen it in Costco recently for under £20 which I was absolutely amazed at! Never been able to get it that cheap since I used to know someone who worked at the distillery.

Oh and Mascherano - the only thing you should put in HP is more HP!
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