Highlander [Blu-ray] [1986] - £6.99 DELIVERED @ Play/Amazon
Highlander [Blu-ray] [1986] - £6.99 DELIVERED @ Play/Amazon

Highlander [Blu-ray] [1986] - £6.99 DELIVERED @ Play/Amazon

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Cheapest going for this classic!

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HMV: £16.99
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He fought his first battle on the Scottish Highlands in 1536. He will fight his greatest battle on the streets of New York City in 1986. His name is Connor McLeod. He is immortal.

Connor McLeod (Christopher Lambert - Mortal Kombat, Subway) survives a wound that should kill him in a clan battle in the Scottish Highlands in 1536 and is banished from his village. Years later, McLeod is met by Juan Sanchez Vlla-Lobos Ramirez (Sean Connery - The Untouchables, The Hunt for Red October), a swordsman who teaches McLeod the truth about himself; he is immortal, one of a race of many who can only die when the head is cut from the body. When one immortal takes the head of another, the loser's power is absorbed into the winner. Ramirez teaches McLeod the ways of the sword, until he is killed by his gravest foe, the evil Kurgan (Clancy Brown - The Shawshank Redemption) who lusts for the ultimate power of the immortals, "The Prize"; enough power to rule the earth forever. McLeod must fight his way through the centuries until the time of the Gathering, when the few immortals who have survived the ages will come together to fight until only one remains.

In New York City, the final fight is about to begin, and in the end, there can be only one.



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It's actually only £5.24 @ Play using the voucher code blufeb.
It hasn't been posted so feel free to ammend your thread.

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Can you alter link for me to go to Play.com please?



Hi AndyCan you alter link for me to go to Play.com please?

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All done (_;)

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There can be only one!!!!! Heat added.

Thanks for that, ordered.

Can anyone tell me if this has a tru HD or dts ma audio track on it?

Hi, just to let people know that I bought this about a month ago on BD and I've just watched it. The transfer is absolutely fantastic and does this film complete justice. I watched it on my Infocus HD projector and apart from the clothing, hair styles and sometimes cheesy fight choreography, you'd swear that it was a recently released cinema film. Sorry to sound like a snob, but I've not watched it on my telly yet, so can't comment really, but I'll stick my neck out and say that you wont be disappointed thinking it's just some rehashed DVD. Oh and the sound is good too though not outstanding, but Dolby Digital is good enough for me (and the Queen sound track of course!).


Can anyone tell me if this has a tru HD or dts ma audio track on it?

Hi bboy71, I've just looked at the back of the box and can confirm that it says 'DTS HD' followed by the smallest font in the world that I think says 'Master Audio'.
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The transfer on this film is terrible. It was on the telly the other week... I put the blu-ray on and flicked from TV to Blu... The TV quality was actually better.
Its not like I don't know what I'm talking about incase your thinking I'm some random with no experince in watching film. I've got over 200 blu-rays and its one of the worst transfers I've seen. Mirrors, Ghostbusters and Highlander are my top 3 worst transfers as of yet.
Theres so much grain in Highlanders its frustrating... Sound wise its pretty good, I'm running a home entertainment system 5.1 and can't complain about the sound quality.
Highlander is one of my favourite films of all time and was very disappointed with this. I guess its worth £5.24 but don't be expecting high expectations.

thanks for letting me know the audio track on it

Code is now expired. Still not a bad price on the film, mind.

Love this film, why dont I own it - I do now (_;)

Well, I like Paulace's opinion and I like Toon_army's opinion, but which one is right? only one way to find out....

I get the message "The voucher you entered cannot be used at this time. Please review this page before continuing." - does anyone else get this?

just read the small text - expires feb 14th! So the price is back to £6.99
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