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Bose QC35 Series II Black ANC Headphones £219 @ Hills
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Posted 15th AugPosted 15th Aug
*PERSONALLY, PRICE MATCHED THIS IN STORE AT CURRYS PC WORLD FOR 219£ TODAY IN BRENTFORD, LONDON* Bose QUIETCOMFORT 35 Black Series 2 Our best headphones yet You wanted wireless … Read more



Silver £179, 2 months ago at currys, JL price matched.. Good quality and actually nice colour..


Aren’t these always £199 in the Bose outlet stores? That’s all I paid for mine. the silver versions look very tacky.


Awesome headphones 🎧


Thanks for adding this. Also worth mentioning that Silver is available for 225 from PT as well as black (y) 🏻

Sony Bravia KD55XG7093 (2019) LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55” £479 5 Year Guarantee @ Hills Sound & Vision
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Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Sony Bravia KD55XG7093 (2019) LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55” £479 5 Year Guarantee @ Hills Sound & Vision£479£5198%
**Potential Price Match at John Lewis ** Enjoy a beautifully realistic 4K HDR picture with Sony’s XG70. Enhanced by the authentic colour range of the brand’s TRILUMINOS display, … Read more
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Had a the 49" version of this. It's had a great panel and picture but it's poorly made and Netflix crashed everyone I used it having to pull the power plug out. Shame. I sent mine back to JL and got an LG.

Sonos Port - £379 @ Hills Sound & Vision
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Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Sonos Port - £379 @ Hills Sound & Vision£379£3995% Free P&P Free
Pretty good price, great if you want to add a turntable to your sonos system

Fair points. My experience of the Sonos Amp (new version) is all positive. It's also a very powerful bit of kit but you're right. It depends on how tied in you want to be to the Sonos ecosystem


I haven't had a chance to demo the Sonons Amp yet. It's an option and a cheaper one than Port + XTZ. From what I've read, the Sonos Amp may struggle to compete with the XTZ power amp on quality - the XTZ really is a fantastic sounding bit of kit. Perhaps I'm underestimating the Sonos Amp. Edit: Also, the XTZ is flexible in that it'll fit into any system. If I decide to move away from Sonos in future I'll still have the XTZ for building a different system - I've put together an alternative system using piCorePlayer on RPis. I'm not sure whether to stick with that or with Sonos or a mix.


Why not just replace the Connect/Port and buy the Sonos Amp which is superb?


I would buy one or two of these to complement my Sonos speakers but the cost for what the Port does just doesn't sit comfortably with me. They do more, but not a huge amount more than a Chromecast Audio which cost £30 when they were in production. I understand Sonos needs to charge more not to undermine their own speaker range, but still, £400? Half that would be fine. I have one of the older version of this, the Connect. It's a good piece of kit. I'd like to replace it with the Port, but even with 30% discount on the Port, it's too much. Btw, if you do own this or the Connect and you're looking for an amp, I have paired my old Connect with the power amp below from Swedish company XTZ and it sounds great to me. You'll find reviews on YouTube. One great feature for working with the Connect is that it auto powers up when it detects a signal :-) https://www.xtzsound.eu/product/edge-a2-300


Hi,sorry I have a house full of Sonos,they are great speakers but have lost my faith in them these days.have put all my eggs in one basket now looking around now as I don't appreciate spending my hard-earned money to be phased out when it suits them . Very disappointing

Oled55b9pla for £999.99 with 5 year guarantee @ Hills Radio
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
Oled55b9pla for £999.99 with 5 year guarantee @ Hills Radio£999.99
Been watching their site since I got the 55c9 at 1249 as I wanted a less powerful bedroom set. Dropped to 999.99, no voucher code!
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Same here, £1,099.


Also £1099 for me


£1,099.00 Now


Doubt it


Do you think there's any chance a 65 inch would go down to £1300 around now/Christmas

LG OLED65C9PLA OLED TV £1799.98 @ Hills radio
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Posted 27th Nov 2019Posted 27th Nov 2019
LG OLED65C9PLA OLED TV £1799.98 @ Hills radio£1,799.98£1,945.057%
Best price I’ve seen, also same at Costco however you need a membership. Can use this in curry’s to get them to price match aswell so you can get the by now pay later.
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Going to wait a bit longer, need lounge doing so will sort once I'm sorted...let me know how it is


Patience paid off mate, price matched with RS with a further £20 off 😁 I'm sure you've already found it.


£1770 on Costco when in stock, and RS will price match and beat by £20 so really £1750 - Just getting it in stock is the key....


C9 is £1900 in JL now, its going the right way haha


I prefer the Oled for picture quality, but the qled is in 75" which suits my space better and the one connect box is a winner. All comes down to what's on offer today (if at all) 😁

LG OLED55C9PLA 55 inch OLED Dolby Atmos Perfect Black, Cinema HDR Alpha 9 Processor (2nd Gen) Ultra HD 4k TV £1,249.99 at hills radio
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Posted 27th Nov 2019Posted 27th Nov 2019
LG OLED55C9PLA 55 inch OLED Dolby Atmos Perfect Black, Cinema HDR Alpha 9 Processor (2nd Gen) Ultra HD 4k TV £1,249.99 at hills radio£1,249.99£1,399.9911%
Hills sound and vision just dropped price on the LG OLED55C9 TV to £1249 with 5 year warranty
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Cool, if the C9 comes down at all in currys on friday, with that quidco discount as well that could be good


You just click through the Quidco website as normal then it tracks it using magic cookies!


https://www.quidco.com/ is a cashback site. If you go to a retailers website via a link on the quidco website, they'll track your purchase and at some point later you get a percentage of what you spend back. I assume if you want to collect the tv, as long as you go via quidco and buy it online for store collection, the cashback will be paid. I don't work for quidco or anything, there are other cashback sites but it's just the one that I signed up to years ago.


How do you get that when you go to buy?


Quidco says Currys give 6.9% cashback for LG OLED TVs. ~£75 back for a B9, ~£97 for a C9

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LG OLED55B8PLA 55 inch OLED Ultra HD 4k Flat Screen, Smart TV  - £1099 @ Hills Radio
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Posted 31st May 2019Posted 31st May 2019
LG OLED55B8PLA 55 inch OLED Ultra HD 4k Flat Screen, Smart TV - £1099 @ Hills Radio£1,099£1,1394%
5 Year Warranty LG OLED55B8PLA Perfect Colour on Perfect Black OLED pixels create an astonishingly accurate and wide colour range which is presented on the perfect black backgrou… Read more

If anyone is buying an OLED TV and not buying separate audio, I have nothing to say to them.


And you’ll find pretty much every stat going here https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare


If you’d like to do a side by side comparison, I’ve just been to Curry’s


Are you sure? A search of HUKD does not show this model ever being posted at £999 The similar SLC model has been cheaper but that has inferior speakers and does not have the stand that directs the sound towards the viewer.


Regardless of what the price is today, I think knowing that it has been lower in recent times is good information for a lot of people. It shows how low retailers are prepared to go, with every liklihood that the price may hit that point again soon (or lower). It helps with the proverbial "bite point" decision. If you need or want this TV today, then of course the price a few weeks ago is irrelevant. But I would suggest that most people would want to wait a little while longer, if there is a chance of saving even £100 on this. The commenter didn't vote either way, but made a valid point.

LG OLED55C8 55 inch OLED Dolby Atmos  inema HDRAlpha 9 Processor Ultra HD 4k  TV £1249 @ Hills Radio
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Posted 21st May 2019Posted 21st May 2019
LG OLED55C8 55 inch OLED Dolby Atmos inema HDRAlpha 9 Processor Ultra HD 4k TV £1249 @ Hills Radio£1,249£1,299.994%
LG OLED55C8 Perfect Colour on Perfect Black OLED pixels create an astonishingly accurate and wide colour range which is presented on the perfect black background only available fr… Read more
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Decent with £100 JL gift card will work out £1149 it's not available for order at 2 weeks. I have my 28days price match to think on. Just need to sell the Sony xf90 in mean time


To be honest not really, I think they are comparable. From my dealings with price matches etc, RS have been better.


I'll give it a whirl, if I did go with RS Do you have any experience with them?


It’s direct from LG I think & you apply 35 days after purchase so think it will work ok. They can only say no.


Thanks, hot the price match the other day. Feel like pushing my luck with gift voucher. Plus not likely on models that have been discounted??

Samsung QLED QE55Q7FN at Hills Radio for £899
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Posted 1st May 2019Posted 1st May 2019
Samsung QLED QE55Q7FN at Hills Radio for £899£899£99910%
Had just picked this up from RS ex-display for £875 but this price new might tempt people
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Cheap rubbish namesake of Proper OLED TVs, just save up a bit more. These TVs are only for people who buy a Megasonic stuff instead of a Panasonic stuff because it was cheaper.


With 5 year warranty


if only 65 inch for this price


2 grand RRP. Must be a good deal (y) (popcorn)


Voted hot because of your name

LG OLED65C8 TV - £2,209 @ Hills Radio
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Posted 28th Dec 2018Posted 28th Dec 2018
LG OLED65C8 TV - £2,209 @ Hills Radio£2,209£2,49912%
Cheapest price around and I got John Lewis to price match and an 18 month 0% finance so just over £110/month.
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And the best price of the 65C8 today is?


It was 2k for a few hours, no more. Anything sub 2200 is a decent price for this.


Better wait for price to drop (it was £2000 on Black Friday) or buy 65B8 for £1799.


Good price! Loving mine, which I posted at 2139 and went cold. Heat from me.


I’ll sell my car n buy that (y) 🏽

Samsung QE55Q9FN £1,679 at Richer Sounds With Price Match
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Posted 27th Nov 2018Posted 27th Nov 2018
Samsung QE55Q9FN £1,679 at Richer Sounds With Price Match
Just spoke to the telesales team at Richer Sounds and they were able to Price Match Hills Radio Price which is £100 Cheaper + Additional £20 Off. Making the total Price £1,679.00 a… Read more
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Of course it would have more dimmable zones there’s an extra 10 inches bigger screen real estate to be dimmed. Ratio wise it’s similar


jl has price matched me for 1700. 65" won't fit. i cba cancelling my order for sake of £20. does it have less dimmable zones due to size though.


Oled has no screen burn warranty at all with no companies or manufactures why I went for the Samsung’s been a gamer


I love these TVs there are the best gaming TVs out by far 55 is still a bargain I’d get one from Richer sounds if I was getting one get six year warranty and price match I think it has 320 zone in the 55 and nearly 500 in the 65 just means better picture really


still worth buying the 55" then? id have the lg but i have seen to many posts about the gray informaties not even persuaded by the burn in just this gray background.

Sony 55 Inch AF9 £2249 @ Hills radio
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Posted 24th Nov 2018Posted 24th Nov 2018
Sony 55 Inch AF9 £2249 @ Hills radio£2,249£2,69917%
This is apparently an awesome TV, I’m torn between the LG C8 for much less and this. Hoping to view them both soon, but thought I would share for anyone who has made up their m… Read more

It's a cheapo site. I'm sure there are loads of sites that cater for folk with £2k to drop on a TV... ;)


I ordered this tv last week. Amazing how all the people who can't afford it voted cold!


Is that relevant though? If someone wants this Sony it’s a great price. If people want to spend the extra over what they would pay for the C8 and the Panny it is the cheapest it has been so far.


Great deal. Should be hot!


I might know - it's twice the price of it's direct competitor.

LG OLED65C8 - £2,279.99 @ Hills Radio
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Posted 20th Nov 2018Posted 20th Nov 2018
LG OLED65C8 - £2,279.99 @ Hills Radio£2,279.99£2,99924%
Cheapest I've seen this model, includes free delivery (some postcode exclusions) and 5 year warranty. I'm holding out hoping the price will drop further on Black Friday!

Best price with free delivery and 5 year warranty....John Lewis just price matched this for me.


If I needed a new TV today, I'D BE ALL OVER THIS.


Good price. I wonder who the 5 year warranty is with? As they are southern based will they provide support countrywide? I think I would probably prefer to pay a bit more for John Lewis aftercare.


Cracking price, I can’t see it going lower than this.. Good find!!


I suspect not. They’re not on their list of price promise retailers from what I can see

Samsung UE40KU6400 - £399 @ Hills Radio
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Posted 1st Apr 2017Posted 1st Apr 2017
Samsung UE40KU6400 - £399 @ Hills Radio£399
Cheapest I've seen this tv in a while. Even better if price matched at John Lewis or Richer Sounds for the extended warranties

Ive not seen it for this price since January when RS had an offer. I've ordered it from JL.


Been this price for many weeks now. Average price. If you can find it for 350 with 5/6 yr warranty then it's a good deal.

Samsung UE49KU6500 Curved 49" UHD TV £519 5 years Warranty @ Hills Radio
-53° Expired
Posted 28th Mar 2017Posted 28th Mar 2017
Samsung UE49KU6500 Curved 49" UHD TV £519 5 years Warranty @ Hills Radio£519
49 inch Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 Resolution PQI 1600 (Picture Quality Index) HDR Curved Screen, Smart TV Freeview HD, Built in Wireless Free 5 Year Warranty New 2016 Range

I paid £699.99 for it last July. It's a great tv.


priced matched with John Lewis don't understand why it's cold.


Any reason why?


why has this gone to minus 54?

Bosch WAQ283S1GB Washing Machine JL Price Match - £299.95 @ hills radio
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Posted 6th Dec 2016Posted 6th Dec 2016
Bosch WAQ283S1GB Washing Machine JL Price Match - £299.95 @ hills radio£299.95
Energy efficiency class: A+++ Capacity: 8 kg Maximum spin speed: 1400 rpm Dimensions (H X W X D): 84.8 x 59.8 x 55 cm Washing performance class A Spin drying pe… Read more

Hi, just sent you a pm. Thanks


Aw no....have sent off for a price match but the hills site has now removed the product....missed it....!


John Lewis price match just came through, even though I don't live in Sussex. That's £100 off their price.


It's a local shop for local people!


So how does it know if you live in Sussex or not?

Humax FVP-4000t Freeview Play Recorder £149.99 @ Hills Radio
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Posted 28th Nov 2016Posted 28th Nov 2016
Humax FVP-4000t Freeview Play Recorder £149.99 @ Hills Radio£149.99
Excellent price for this freeview recorder with 2 year guarantee (2nd year via Humax site) 1TB also available for £179.99 http://www.hillsradio.co.uk/humax-fvp4000t-cappuccino-1… Read more

Shame that as I have the freesat version of this and it's just had its 3rd birthday with no issues mentioned.


I wouldn't trust reviews on Trustpilot though.


Such a shame had a Humax Fox Hdr for over 6 years and still going,brilliant pvr.


Better with a lot more possibilities: http://satsecure.uk/blade-media-bm8000-s-c-combo-hd-satellite-receiver.html


Ordered thanks op:) Used hills before and they are good company.

Sony KD55X8509C Ultra High Definition 3D TV with 5-year guarantee - £959.99 delivered at Hills Radio.
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Posted 12th Dec 2015Posted 12th Dec 2015
Sony KD55X8509C Ultra High Definition 3D TV with 5-year guarantee - £959.99 delivered at Hills Radio.£959.99
Not expecting this to get hot, even though this is almost £50 less than the next best price, but hey-ho if it helps someone out then HAPPY CHRISTMAS. This TV is £1199 on Currys &a… Read more
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It is now reduced to £899 in Currys.


Delivered tomorrow. Merry Christmas everyone.


Recently bought the s8005c. BIG problem with 3d viewing at the moment, and lots of people with the same problem across the 2015 range including this one since the November software update. Keeps popping up a "screen: full" message several times a minute in the bottom left corner. 2D side of things is flawless, 3D spot on except for the message, so if you're not bothered about viewing 3D at the moment, you'll be OK. They'll fix it as they're aware of it, but dont seem to be in any rush to do so at the moment. Might be 24th December update as so many people complaining.


Went for it. Richer price-matched, knocked £10 off and gave me a 6-year guarantee. Happy Christmas to me. Ho ho ho.


​I got that £999 deal. The sound bar I'd very good too.

LG NB4530A Sound bar & Sub woofer £249 @ hills sound and vision
-40° Expired
Posted 13th Mar 2014Posted 13th Mar 2014
LG NB4530A Sound bar & Sub woofer £249 @ hills sound and vision£249
35mm Ultra Slim Design Match Any Premium TV The Ultra Slim Design of 35mm height perfectly fits under your TV with no disturbance of TV watching. Premium black & silver finish… Read more
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great sound bar. I tried the 100ish Roth before taking it back as it was worse than my tv. This bar is awesome fir the money. It is a lot of money but every time you update your tv you will still have great sound. I can't see why it's cold as no one is giving any negative remarks, just the usual idiots.


good price with that £25 off you could get the 5 year super care warranty for pretty much free if you wanted too great deal


Can be had for £245 from Richer Sounds using the attached voucher.http://www.richersounds.com/product/soundbars/lg/nb4530/lg-nb4530


Got mine from john Lewis since they priced matched wanted to buy from a retail giant plus free 2 year warranty the sound bar is amazing Got awards from which.co.uk and what hifi which are great review sites im happy with my purchase


Got mine from john Lewis since they priced matched wanted to buy from a retail giant plus free 2 year warranty the sound bar is amazing

Samsung UE40F6500 HD LED  3D FULL HD SMART TV 40" £579.99 @ Hills Radio
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Posted 15th Nov 2013Posted 15th Nov 2013
Samsung UE40F6500 HD LED 3D FULL HD SMART TV 40" £579.99 @ Hills Radio£579
Cheapest I've seen this TV Discover an exciting new world of content with a Samsung LED TV Series 6. You can enjoy a wide range of apps, catch-up TV and more thanks to Samsung’s S… Read more
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Or you ask JL to price match....


Yes I saw that later. It is indeed the best price for this TV. I don't know why people down rating it. The only observation i have is, in this price you are getting only 1 year manufacturer guarantee. Where as if you pay @649 at John Lewis or Richer sound or currys, they will give you 5 year guarantee. I would prefer that.


It's a different model as per my link above.


Where can I find more information about it? Do you have a link?


I'm in the same boat, went to look at them both at John Lewis, preferred the Sony picture quality and build quality, but the Samsung seems to have better smart features and Freesat, and is cheaper as JL will pricematch PRC or Hills price. I've also put a price match in for the sony, but it's only available in store and not online so not sure if they'll accept. http://www.electronicempire.co.uk/televisions/3d-tvs/sony-bravia-kdl42w805-42-w8-led-3d-television Wouldn't mind ordering both and trying them out for a week, but don't think John Lewis will like that lol