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Hilltop Honey - Organic Blossom Honey - Squeezy Bottle - 720g - £4 @ Amazon

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About this deal

Amazon have Hilltop Honey - Organic Blossom Honey - Squeezy Bottle - 720g for £4 via Prime.

If you visit the page for the same product but the 340g bottle, the price is £4, but you have the option to click the 720g as it shows price at £5.35, but if you click and choose the non morrisons option, the price stays at £4 for the large bottle.

edit: Yes, we probably would all like to be able to afford Raw honey and Raw milk, but unfortunately not many of us can for those in the comments.

Info added by @Sashecuador

  • PURE NATURAL HONEY - nothing added nor taken away simply pure organic natural honey. No artificial flavourings nor additives in any of our products and that's the way it will always bee!
  • ORGANIC BLOSSOM HONEY - Hilltop Organic Blossom Honey is made by bees that forage on a multitude of flower species in organic meadows. Amber in colour with a deep, floral flavour.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYDAY - Whether it be in your breakfast, added to your evening curry or anything in between our Hilltop Honey is perfect for use every single day throughout the year.
  • SOIL ASSOCIATION ORGANIC - Hilltop Organic varieties are sourced from Organic agriculture and certified by the Soil Association. We carry out authenticity testing on all our products.
  • FULLY TRACEABLE - Bee welfare & obtaining the highest quality honey is of utmost importance, this is why our products are fully traceable ensuring premium quality and sourcing reaches you.

Product Description
Hilltop Organic Blossom Honey is a amber in colour and bursting with natural flavour, this honey will add a sweet and deep floral flavour to your food. Organic Hilltop Blossom Honey is 100% pure and natural, with nothing added or taken away. Made by the best bees in the biz and brought to you by Hilltop. Our Organic Blossom is the most versatile honey within our organic range perfect for a drizzling on your morning porridge or an afternoon salad making it a sweet addition to any dish.

Amazon More details at Amazon
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    No such thing as organic honey! I don't care what the 'label' says. Bees forage for up to three miles so they cannot be 'trained' to choose organic flowers etc. Total cobblers. Even the label says 'Blend of Non-EU honeys'!! I've had this out with another producer in the past and then they just wouldn't answer me. Dont waste your money go and buy it from your local beekeeper. You can find them by googling your local beekeeper society. It's better for you as well and can help with hayfever and other ailments. (edited)
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    how can they say it's organic? label says blend of non-eu honeys you're better off with Lidl/Aldi stuff
    That doesn't mean it's not organic. It can come from multiple origins and be organic based on the surrounding nectar sources and then is blended in the UK
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    I had my comment deleted.
    Enjoy your non-eu honey as it is a great deal for the quality.
    Hi. Why was your comment deleted? No free speech anymore!
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    Your just buying syrup not honey. Buy from your local beekeepers, that's the only way you're likely to get something pure.
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    Good for cooking when you want organic, you don't want to waste raw honey.
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    Enjoy your Chinese honey.
    Careful. My comment was deleted for saying that the non-eu component was likely from China.
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    Blend of non EU honey = Chinese corn syrop
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    Best honey I had came from Yemen. Really thick and not as sugary as the ones you get here. Also comes with bits of the honeycomb.
    Sadly, even bits of honeycomb in the jar is no guarantee of genuine hone nowdays. They buy the comb separate, then put it in the jar of sugar syrup

    Trying honeys from different countries is always interesting though! (edited)
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    As you've said, raw honey really is best, tastes very good and is good for your health. But yeah, it's expensive stuff, wish it was cheaper somehow.

    I tried some local honey (Manchester and Lancashire), but that had nothing on the exotic stuff. Latin American honey is a different level
    Is raw honey remotely comparable to manuka honey in terms of its beneficial properties etc?
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    Bought 1 yesterday in b and m, Huddersfield ..£2.54….loads on shelf
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    Started looking into honey (not literally) recently and its fascinating how normal is pretty much butchered.

    Raw honey is more expensive but I'd go with what others have stated that you do get what you pay for.

    I've been looking to get some raw honey.
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    Thought this was walking dead merchandise
    Sanctuary honey much better
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    How do i choose a good honey? I only use it when i make mint tea and I'm looking to buy some. I usually get the cheapo stuff from Aldi
    It has to be raw honey.
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    Cheers OP.

    Bought one.
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    The 1.36kg is reduced to just £7.99. Ordered for part of mum’s Christmas, she uses a lot of honey.
    Not organic though
    49120413-d1Sp1.jpg (edited)
    Your better off getting 2 x 720g total 1440g
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    I remember I found a good deal for this during Black Friday from the brand itself where this product was £1.91 but the deal was removed - my point of adding this is that sometimes it's worth checking the brand website itself (edited)
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    A kilo of real honey costs about £32
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    I see Boris has a job there

    so that's why he said non-EU is better...
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    Thanks purchased a couple!
    Non EU blended honey simply means Chinese corn syrup
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    Organic honey aldi 2.99