HiMedia 900B 3D BD-ISO, 7.1 AUDIO, HDD, GIGABIT £139.99 delivered @ Futeko

HiMedia 900B 3D BD-ISO, 7.1 AUDIO, HDD, GIGABIT £139.99 delivered @ Futeko

Found 9th Nov 2012
Looks an interesting player,, is being supported with new firmware releases

Realtek 1186 based with internal 3.5" hatch-access hard drive bay, 3D including 3D Blu-Ray ISO, HDMI 1.4, USB 3.0, internal Wi-Fi(n), VFD display, Gigabit LAN, 7.1 channel HD-Audio, IMS Apps, and Android dual-boot.

3D. Including Frame-Packed Blu-Ray 3D. The HiMedia 900B supports side-by-side (SBS) 3D, top and bottom 3D, and frame-packed (real image size 1920x2160) 3D. The last of these is particularly important as it is used for Blu-Ray video. The 900B can play Blu-Ray ISOs in full 3D exactly as you would get from a Blu-Ray player (BD-Profile 1.0 menus / BD-Lite only). Note that all equipment must be HDMI 1.4 for frame-packed 3D.

Comprehensive Networking Support Samba is fully supported both as a client (so you can access Windows networks) and as a host (so you can use the player as a NAS). Performance is much improved on the previous generation and, combined with the lower power usage of the 1186 chipset and the Gigabit LAN, make the 900B a very viable option as a NAS. NFS networking is also supported. The 900B will connect easily to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device by DLNA to allow streaming of your media to your HDTV. UPnP support allows you to stream content easily from popular PC / MAC applications like Windows Media Player + Hulu.

7.1 Channel HD Audio and Lossless FLAC The 900B offers total support for all HD-Audio standards. The 900B will downmix or bitstream DTS, DTS-HD MA, True-HD, AC3/Dolby Digital as either RAW or LPCM, and with 7.1 audio selectively downmixed to 5.1 or left alone. Virtually every digital audio format is supported including very high end audio such as 24bit 192Khz FLAC
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Well the spec's certainly impressive. Like a WD on speed...

Anyone actually have one?

Well the spec's certainly impressive. Like a WD on speed...Anyone … Well the spec's certainly impressive. Like a WD on speed...Anyone actually have one?

I think it may be helpful to research the 1186 chipset and look at a Sigma based device instead; certainly at the quoted price.
What's the UI like?
I had 2 of these. Sent them back waiting for sigma bases chip instead. Too many problems on the 900b seems it struggled with basic playback let alone 3d isos. May have better fw now but when I had one it was pretty bad but that was about 7 months ago.
I have older version 600b perfect, playing everything love hdd and torrent client, I don't know about 900 but 600 is superb for me and quality build is excellent
AVOID THIS COMPANY. I returned my item for a refund, only to find that two weeks later they posted a replacement. I then reviewed the poor service on Trustpilot and Futeko flagged my honest feedback it as fraudulant. Cheap products = CHEAP products, the after-sales customer service is appalling and their practice is underhand.
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