Hipstreet 10" Android Tablet £59.99 @ Tesco

Hipstreet 10" Android Tablet £59.99 @ Tesco

Found 1st Dec 2015
Hipstreet 10" Tablet, Android 5.1 Quad Core cpu, 1gb ram, 8gb internal.

IPS screen, micro sd card support.

Swansea, Llansamlet branch.
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1, Hipstreet, Funkytown - that's my address
This could be a real honking deal!
these are slow sluggish and laggy as ****, no quality what so ever software and hardware wise.
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Just got one for my mother, pretty quick for the price, feels a little plastic but can't complain for £60, not expecting a Samsung.
its national in marryhill tesco too

Available online... … Available online... http://www.tesco.com/direct/hipstreet-10-pilot-tablet/350-5789.prd?skuId=350-5789&pageLevel=sku

Lol @ the was £119, on Hipstreet website it says £74.99 and no price reduction.

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Anyone get the apps to move to the sd card? Thinking of returning this. The lad can only get a few apps on and stating the memory is full.

Not very impressed. Screen is pretty poor to.
is this in store too?
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