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Posted 22 July 2022

HiQuick 8 x AAA Rechargeable Batteries,1100mAh, Ni-MH 1200 Recycle Times - £6.12 (From £5.51 on S&S) Sold By HiQuick / FB Amazon

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Decent deal on these high power AAA rechargeable batteries.

76p per battery or as little as 69p per battery on maximum subscribe & save.

Excellent verified purchaser reviews (91% either 4 or 5 stars)

Not Prime? You can get these delivered free to your local amazon pick up hub (I have 3 within easy walking distance, very important with the price of fuel currently!)

Note: This item is eligible for FREE Click and Collect without a minimum order subject to availability. Details

About this item
  • 🔋[High capacity & Convenient packaging] HiQuick 8 x 1100mAh rechargeable AAA batteries are suitable for 1.2V devices, 4 in one storage case package is conducive to preservation.
  • 🔋[Rechargeable & Long-Life] HiQuick AAA batteries have special protective technology and material to extend the life of the battery to 1200 times. Recycling is beneficial for energy saving and environmental protection.
  • 🔋[Low self discharge] HiQuick batteries can keep 80% power after non-use for 3 years.
  • 🔋[Universal Compatibility] HiQuick batteries have prefect performance for multiple applications to support your device. They are widely used in digital cameras, toys, remote controls, hand held games, 2-way radios, flashlights, alarm-clocks, LCD-TVs, toothbrushes, shavers and portable audio players etc.
  • 🔋[Maximum performance] Please charge fully before use, as we only charge the battery to 20% for shipping safety purpose. Batteries will reach top performance after 3-5 time fully charge cycle. It is also suggested to charge once per 3 months when they are not in use.
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  1. Avatar
    1.2v are next to pointless. You'll be constantly recharging them till they die completely. (edited)
    Battery voltages are nominal.
    Most fully charged rechargeables are 1.4v dropping to 1.2v under load and most devices should happily cope with a constant 1.2v and are designed to do so.
    The capacity is what matters here. A higher capacity rechargeable will maintain that 1.2v for longer than an 1.5v Alkaline will do under heavy load, until drained. The voltage of Alkalines drops constantly until drained and is only 1.5v when new.

    I agree some power hungry devices do not like rechargeables, but everyday stuff like remotes should have no issue at all.

    Lithium is another story. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Rechargeable batteries on S&S? Are they really that bad? lol
    I was actually after some more AAA's and these will do nicely, thanks. (edited)
    Very welcome
  3. Avatar
    If AAA is usually 1.5v and say you put these in a remote at 1.2v the remote will probably work but it will think the batteries are flat. It looks like it slowly drops and runs at 1v till dead suppose depends if your device can handle being under volted. Some might not even power up or will work for a little bit then you'll be charging them when they are 60% full.
    My LG TV complains when it thinks it's "magic" remote batteries are low, I've used low self discharge NiMH (but not these, usually eneloop, recyko or tronic) in it for the last 6 years+ with no problem at all and they last yonks between recharges.

    In fact I use low self discharge NiMH in just about everything that takes AA or AAA with no problem at-all.

    Also NiMH have lower internal resistance than disposable 1.5v batteries, so tend to perform better than them with higher current devices as they can deliver more power.

    If you've got something that is very fussy about voltage, try eneloops.

    I've not tried these, but they appear to be an alternate branding for EBL batteries and amazon reviews don't look that good. (edited)
  4. Avatar
    These all tested to around 650-700, definitely not 1100, some are quite bad for self discharging too, my Amazon review was removed after I reduced the star rating and updated with the long term experience, okay if you are after basic standard AAA but not if you expect the high capacity
    What's the point in Amazon reviews if they remove your genuine review, whilst allowing all sorts of, er very questionable reviews ?

    Paying the extra for eneloops works out in the long run.
  5. Avatar
    I have 8 of these and won’t buy again. 2 of which stopped working and the rest don’t last like other brands. Also found them easy to dent and bend.
  6. Avatar
    Recyclable 1200 times, how are they going to know that they will be recycled 1200 times?
  7. Avatar
    Cheaper to stick to Alkaline disposables.
  8. Avatar
    I have these batteries and have them in several products. Don't seem to charge these any more than my other brands.
  9. Avatar
    I'd be reading the (well-informed) reviews before deciding (not) to purchase these. (edited)
    Have ordered an EBL battery tester/charger (bargain at £7.50 lol) to go with these batteries, so if the capacity is a lie they'll be going straight back to Amazon!
  10. Avatar
    I have these and have no problems with them. Used in remote, torch etc
  11. Avatar
    Good price, but don't expect the 1100mAh. I have the 800s and they're only good for 550-600.
  12. Avatar
    £5.50 on S&S
  13. Avatar
    Well these will be going back.
    If they tested between 800-900mAh I may have kept them, but this is a bit too much below what they claim -