His Dark Materials Trilogy in Hardcover £12.49 delivered @ Amazon

His Dark Materials Trilogy in Hardcover £12.49 delivered @ Amazon

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Posted 10th Oct
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Highly recommend this if you've still got the trilogy on your shelf, this takes up way less spaceand looks fantastic
Just realised that book two of the second trilogy came out a week ago, "The Secret Commonwealth." That's my evening sorted.
Lovely looking edition at an incredible price (cheaper than the paperback, although I personally prefer paperback, and this must be pretty thick being three books in one) These are classics and would make a perfect Christmas pressie for a young person, or anyone who loves fantasy really. They do get quite dark though - as you might expect from the title!

All that said, I'm becoming more and more anti-Amazon as I've come to realise that their business model is literally to drive every physical bookshop (and other shop) out of business, and once they're gone they'll be able to charge what they like... Must resist
Great books, great author. Can't wait for the BBC series
Great price - looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing
Fantastic book and just in time for the BBC series coming out soon.
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