His Dark Materials Trilogy (Northern Lights / The Subtle Knife / The Amber Spyglass) only £3.60 delivered @ The Book People
His Dark Materials Trilogy (Northern Lights / The Subtle Knife / The Amber Spyglass) only £3.60 delivered @ The Book People

His Dark Materials Trilogy (Northern Lights / The Subtle Knife / The Amber Spyglass) only £3.60 delivered @ The Book People

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Join Lyra and Will on a harrowing adventure through parallel universes that they'll never forget!

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Forget the film, these books are fantastic. Highly recommended. [edit] And such a great deal, this is for all 3!!! Excellent deal. Great find Andy.


I always like it when people offer their own views as reviews on deals posted on this forum, so i'll give it a shot.

These are my favourite books, not just out of children's books but out of all of the books that I have read. The vibrancy and the tangibility of the world that Pullman creates in astounding and the characters are exceptionally well drawn and endearing as a result.

At this price it would be stupid to miss out.

seconded on the book goodness / movie badness

thirded ;-)

I read all three in three days shortly after The Amber Spyglass won the Whitbread Book Award. Highly recommended if you like fantasy fiction.

Fantastic price, I'm currently borrowing them and reading through them, great price to own them and give them back and stop worrying about bending the spine :P


+1 for previous comments. Excellent books, lousy movie.

Oh, and great price. Hot

Have Read Them And Enjoyed

Superb deal, thanks OP! Just ordered - had a little trouble adding the FREEWED code, but it worked after I used the 10% one first.

Read Northern Lights and found it turgid and overrated. Sounds as if most people enjoy it though.

Turgid - one of my favourite words.

Now showing as "Out of Stock" - I'll have to wait and see if they can fulfil my order....

I'll add a voice to the minority, and say that I found these books to be painfully overrated. There were plenty of nice touches, some good set pieces, and some decent characters, but the potential of the series was just never realised. The plot was ultimately the most disappointing factor. It was disjointed and had a terrible ending. In terms of fantasy series there are plenty out there that, in my opinion, are significantly better.

Then again it is a well known series that many will no doubt want to read anyway (as I did), and you can't beat this price.

i bought these last time they were this price before xmas, just a word of warning though, it took about 3 weeks before i got it, also this will be the paperback versions, happy reading

Out of stock :-(

I found the first book very good, but Pullman's hatred of all things religion shone through to make me go from an enjoyable book, to wondering why I read such dross! And that from a non-churchgoer, I am with the overrated crew on this, big time!

I found these books this morning and thought it was a good deal, so, the deal is hot

Voted warm because out of stock (and so quickly!)

Sold out. Been looking for these versions for years too.

The Book People earn my contempt once again, as well as everyone that got this deal.

Voted cold.

Having placed my order yesterday (after which it later went to "Out of Stock") I've now just had an "Order Cancelled" email through - no apology, just a box with a status of "Item Cancelled" in it. If I hadn't already voted hot I would obviously vote cold!

Damn - wish I'd seen this yesterday
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