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Posted 2 January 2023

Hisense 55U7HQTUK 55" 4K Smart TV 120hz 600nits HDR10+ - £467.98 - 5 Year Warranty - @ Costco in store

In store: Hertfordshire · Costco Deals
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From today 55" TV Only available in store at Costco

Believe this is nation wide.
You will need a a Costco membership to purchase this item. See here Costco Membership

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    The 55" TCL 2022 QLED on Amazon with ONKYO speakers is over 20% less and delivered: amzn.eu/d/dzI55YL (edited)
    This Hisense is comparable to the TCL 55c735K not the 635k you've posted here
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    £650 now on amazon
    Be careful with that £650 one on Amazon, its not sold by Amazon but a 3rd party, who have just launched (so no feedback).
    Amazon being the seller is £749 (edited)
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    Just updating on this main thread as well.

    If anybody has any juddering on 4K content (I had some on 4K 60hz on Netflix on my Firestick via the amp) see below:

    I have managed to sort out the juddering issue when playing 4K at 60hz on Netflix via my Firestick/amplifier.

    I replaced my 2.0 4K HDMI cable for a 8K 2.1 one (between the amp and TV) plugged into HMDI port 3 (120hz eARC one) and no judder now.

    This is the cable I got:

    Thats a great help thanks for sharing, does anyone else have any good recommendations for good HDMI 2.1 cables
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    Paid £500 for this 18 months ago. Surprised it isn't considerably cheaper by now. Good TV with minor niggles.

    Richer will beat Costco by £10 if you email them a photo of your Costco card. (edited)
    Richer Sounds would gave been good (especially with their 6 year warranty), but was on call and eager to get one first thing this morning.
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    The sign says 2x HDMI but I checked in store and it has 4, tempted to get one the picture quality looked good in store.
    Yeah, 2xhdmi ver 2.0, and 2xhdmi ver 2.1
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    49212835-F5Ce2.jpgNot at Farnborough?
    It's on the app if you download that,first couple of pages.
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    Has this expired now
    Should be up to 22 Jan
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    nice work, do you need a voucher for this. I'm planning to go to my local costco today
    No voucher needed - they were just on the shelf for that price (at Stevenage and believe people have got elsewhere straight off the shelf).
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    Just picked up one today from chingford18 left
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    Does anyone have any recommended settings for this? I’m noticing some juddering on 4k content and it’s really off putting.
    Have a play around with the settings - I’ve used a Fire TV Cube and Direct via TV and both have been fine.
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    Is it UK or US spec? The model numbering scheme of Hisense is deceptive
    Sorry not sure but here is the label.
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    Could this tv, and box, fit in a Vauxhall Astra hatchback. Whenever I go to Costco, it seems that these are just too big to take away in my car.
    I have just picked this up from costco in a vauxhall astra hatchback lol. The whole TV box fits in easy.
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    Would anyone who's bought one mind saying what it's like? Seems like great specs for the money but wonder how it looks in person (nearest Costco is an hour away unfortunately!)
    Picked one up yesterday - Seems decent for the price!
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    Pick me one up boss
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    Wish I had a costco and membership nearby
    Yes I know all of ours are just over 30mins away.
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    Would have snapped one of these up if they were available online, sadly doubt i’d fit in my car
    Can you strap it to the roof.
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    Good TV, shame I need a 50 inch though
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    Does anyone have any good settings for this TV??? I am currently on the default ones but am keen to know if anyone has found any good ones to change to. Thanks.
    I must admit I just had a play around with it.

    I found the picture settings for the terrestrial TV and built in apps (iPlayer/Netflix etc) were fairly bang on, but had to adjust the picture settings for the Firestick a fair bit (brightness, contrast and saturation).

    Really happy with this TV although do notice an odd "judder" on Netflix through the Firestick although I have heard this for a lot of TV's as it's something about the Firestick using 24hz (or something).

    I have the Firestick connected to the back of my amp although some people say this is sorted out connecting it directly to the back of the TV (although think I will only get Dolby Digital Plus and not Dolby Atmos although not sure if this makes too much difference as don't have the extra Atmos speakers although I'm sure it sounds better when I see Dolby Atmos on the amp ).
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    This model was £549 nearly everywhere a few days ago, Amazon had it at £529. Now its £749-£799, whereas Amazon have put it up to £569, although they're out of stock.

    It terms of specs for gaming it's got it all, 4K@120hz, ALLM, VRR, 2xHDMI 2.1.

    Going from other people's experiences with Hisense units though is putting me off, quality control being a worry.

    Scrap that, Amazon now £749 (edited)
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    Just picked one up from Costco. Will return if another good spec OLED 55inch comes in soon. 90 days to return.

    Thanks OP! (edited)
    No worries.

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    Saw this last night - Tempted but also unsure if to spend more on something else? 🙈
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    Tempted by this to replace my 5y old Costco Toshiba (vestel) 4k set
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    Have got this setup now and I must say I am really impressed for the price.

    The only thing that could be better is the built in speakers although this is not an issue for me as at least my 5.1 amp setup runs seemingly with the TV's eARC (volume working on the amp and powering on/off with the TV where I could not do this before with my old TV as was only ARC).
    Do you know if this is a VA or IPS screen?
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    Difference between this and uh8 and it worth the price increase?
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    Called the Thurrock store and they said it’s the wrong price and they need to contact head office
    Which is the wrong price? The higher or the lower?
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    Will Curry's or JL price match Costco??
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    How does this one compare from the same leaflet? I know refresh rate lower but 120hz only really needed for gaming with latest consoles?49213995-4bWWb.jpg
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