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Hisense 55A6BGTUK 55" 4K UHD Smart TV £349 @ currys

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Posted 28th Aug 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Been looking at a few different versions of 55" for a while. Saw this and grabbed one. Thought others maybe interested.

I got Currys to price match it with a site here.......

Got it home, mounted on my wall.... Really happy with the picture and sound. Just need to go back and get a 4k firestick now. Job done for another few years.

Info added by @PD2K79

Price Guarantee

You won't get it cheaper. Full stop.

We'll price match any product against any other retailer, online or in store. We'll also match discount codes.


AI can be really helpful. The AI Picture Optimisation on this Hisense TV can recognise 11 real-time scenarios and optimises the image to suit them. That means that everything looks clear and vibrant.

It's got a UHD AI Upscaler too, which enhances lower definition content to near 4K quality, building it up using the pixels around it – it helps to give new life to old films. Everything from deep blacks to vibrant colours are handled by Dolby Vision, for lifelike images that are perfect for moody dark scenes.

Good to know

  • Forget blurry images – this TV delivers smooth motion by analysing and reconfiguring images to avoid juddering
  • Use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your TV – it's compatible with both
  • DTS Virtual:X technology is great for hearing dialogue without losing deeper bass noises
  • Game Mode helps to reduce input lag, perfect for fast-paced competitive games
  • Your TV will look stunning thanks to the elegant Floating Glass Display design

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  1. Avatar
    Does Currys price match with Costco warehouse price ?
    no they don't cos you have to pay a membership fee to join costco
  2. Avatar
    How responsive are these tvs? My TV back from 2016 has a bit of lag whenever I press a remote button, quite annoying.
    I'd say just as responsive as my lg... I press a button..... Menu comes up pretty much instantly, I wouldn't say there's a delay at all. Just been in to actually check it .... If you press menu.... Takes less than half a second for it to swipe inwards to the screen.
  3. Avatar
    Amazon at least seems to be only cheaper for the 2021 model, but more expensive than this deal for the 2022 model. No idea which version this Currys deal is though?

    I'm struggling with the dilemma of buying something like this or spending over £200 on a power supply repair of our 10 year old Sony W9. I know this is a budget set and the W9 was high end in its day, but over 10 years old is getting on and we don't have £1k+ to spend on a decent upgrade. Need to decide by tomorrow.
  4. Avatar
    good if currys price matches
    He looked at my link.... And discounted it.
  5. Avatar
    I have been using the 65" version for 7 months and it's been great until today, when it died. Looks like the screen has cracked behind the glass while we were out. Really weird. Hope Hisense replace it
  6. Avatar
    Sorry, the original title said Argos for some reason. It's from Currys.
  7. Avatar
    Would screen burn-in be likely on a screen like this?
    No, it's a VA panel I think, not AMOLED.
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